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Plante Rocher is a Pleiospilos Nelii from the planet Kwaggavy in Plumbers. He is scheduled to appear in Plumbers: The Movie as a new character, guiding them thorugh the forests of Selva. He is based on Indiana Jones and Buck from Ice Age 3.


Plante is a very brave character. He has been living in Selva for 20 years every since his spaceship crashed there. He is also quite crazy since he wasn't with anyone for 20 years.


Plante is like Rockplant, but he has blue eyes, a whip, and a Indiana Jones-like hat.


  • Super strenght
  • Indestructble because of his hardness
  • Controlling stone and rock
  • Shooting stone spikes
  • Controlling plants
  • Stretching plant vines from his arms


  • Plumbers: The Movie
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