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The New Omniverse
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date 8/28/16
Written by Waybig101
Directed by Waybig101
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Four Times The Fun
A Cold War: Part 1

Ben arrives on Methanos to collect a Methanosian DNA sample and meets a strange Floranua in the process.

  • Return of Ben 10 alien, Swampfire.


Ben 10!

He's a kid and he wants to have fun

But when you need a superhero, he gets the job done!

Ben 10!

With the device that he wears on his arm, he can change his shape and save the world from harm!

When trouble's taking place, he gets right in its face!

Ben 10!

When lives are on the line, it's hero time!

Ben 10!

Ben: Thanks for the Methanosian DNA sample.

Unknown Floranua: Do you need my DNA sample.

Ben: Sure!?

Omnitrix: Floranua DNA Sample scanned'

Ben: Thanks.

Floranua: Your welcome. By the way can I see your Swampfire form.

Ben: Hits the Omnitrix Swampfire!!

Floranua: Ha Ha!

The Floranua transfroms into Infern

Infern: I need your Methanosian form.

Swampfire: Reverts back to Ben Never. Gets on Rustbucket III and it takes off

Infrn: Some day Tennyson. Sooome Dayyyyy!!!!!!

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  • Swampfire makes his The New Omniverse debut



  • Infern


Aliens Used

DNA samples added


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