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Planetopterix are a species originated from the planet Aviaquila. They were once the predators of Aviaquilans.


Planetopterix have never been seen directly, and it is possible to imagine them only by examining Aviaquilan representations and myths.

They are probably giant in size, with a wingspan exceeding ten times that of an Aviaquilan.

Powers and Abilities

It is said Planetopterix have the ability of causing strong gusts of wind and be immune to cold, however this wasn't proven yet. They are also said to be very agile and impossible to escape from.

Scientifically, it has been proven only their ability to fly and survive in space. An assumption says that his crest may have been used as a weapon.


As Planetopterix have evolved to live in space, their abilities may have got either stronger or weaker. For example, since there is no air in space, their wind ability may have been removed by the process of evolution.


For unknown reasons, the Planetopterix left their planet and migrated into outer space. This made the Aviaquilans evolve faster and become fully sapient.


Planetopterix is a play on planet, referring to their impressive size and space survivability, and pteryx (remade into pterix), a suffix used for some prehistoric animals with feathers and ability to fly.


  • Planetopterix are based off Quetzalcoatles, prehistorical flying reptilians.
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