"I'm can control gravity? Sweeeeet." -Planetoid.

Alex's (AL 12's) Galilean form.


Same appearance as Gravattack

A humanoid planet with large arms and regular legs. His head is bigger than his torso body and the arms and the shoulders are attached to the head. Its red core is on the center of the body.

First appeared in Alien Warriors, he wears orange shorts.


Same personality as Alex.

But the Galilean side of him is more peaceful, kind, compassionate and gentle. But Alex's rage can make him aggressive.



Black Hole Generator:

Space Survival:




If large amount of damage from his core can go to a meltdown, it'll kill him and the area he is at.

A enemy that can change its mass to take him down.



(Alex Turns Into Planetoid) (1st Time) Planetoid: "Whoa. New big guy. Kinda heavy but loving the rock texture. Wonder what this is?"

Planetoid: "Guys chill out already. Can't we just be buds? Fighting doesn't solve anything." (Jordan and Michael look at him in confusion) ".....don't ask me why I said that, even I don't know why I said that?"


(Planetoid VS Ryan Earlson) (Alex Turns Into Planetoid) Ryan: (Mocking Voice) "A Galilean?! HA!! Those 'gentle giants' are nothing but peaceful softies. They never fight" *PUNCH* (Planetoid punched Ryan with Ryan flying up and came falling down hard) Planetoid: "Except For Me!"

Planetoid (Alex): "So these Galilean, Planetoid's species, their wise?" Planetoid: "I don't feel it? But I might let instincts do the work. Since every alien I turn to has its own personality. Literally. No joke."


(From Power Switch)

(Rachael turns into Planetoid and Francis turns into Arburian) (The car combust not from fire and explosion but from the two heavy built aliens.) Rachael: "Ah Frick!!" Francis: ".....Great, I'm fat, again." Rachael: "...You were fat?"



(Only Appears In Alien Warriors)

  • Alien Fury.


  • I'm having David Kaye reprise his role.
    • I like how David Kaye voiced Gravattack.
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From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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