General Information
Species Nebulan
Home World Nebulantis
Body Rocky Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shooting Tiny Comets, Enhanced Strength
Equipment User's Omnimatrix
First Appearance Alight
Planetesimal (pronounced plan-ee-tess-e-mole) is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nebulan from the planet Nebulantis. It is an alien made specially for Mack 10, a series by Rob.


Planetesimal has a star-shape for his head, with seven planets and one moon surrounding his head. His hands are disconnected from his body but manipulate gravity and can still be controlled with sensors on the side of his body (similar to how Goop works). He wears a red belt, and under the belt are it's also rocky brown body with two toes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shoot miniature comets
  • Fire on head can get really big and hot
  • Enhanced strength


  • Water, if dumped on his head or hit on his head, can harm or even disable Planetesimal.
  • If you are able to snatch one of his hands and pull it away from his bodies gravitational pull, it is rendered useless.
  • The eight orbital bodies surrounding his head supply his powers. They work the same way as his hands, but if one is removed, it limits his powers a little bit.


Mack 10


  • Planetesimal has his own miniature gravitational pull, only strong enough to have tiny things orbit around him, and not strong enough to pull things towards him.
  • Smarter people sometimes are worried about Planetesimal's head imploding, replicating the Big Bang Theory and just leaving a black hole where his head used to be.
  • His miniature comets work like the Salt and Ice challenge, where it is actually ice but can burn your skin.
  • Most of his planets orbiting his head are from or based on planets or moons in the Milky Way Galaxy.
    • The Earth, the Moon, and planets based off things like Saturn and Neptune are in there.
  • The idea for the disconnected hands were taken from Rayman, but I decided to keep attached legs to make it look better and more plausible.
  • His name originates from the earth-space science word Planetesimal, which is a tiny ball of gas that is part of a largely accepted theory. In that theory, it is said that planetesimals form planets.


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