Planetary Defense
Series Brandon 10: Alien Force
Genre Action/Adventure
Platforms PC
Modes -Start



Created By Brandon 10
Game Guide
Earth Invasion
Fall of Abraxo

Planetary Defense is an online game for the series, Brandon 10: Alien Force.


Help stop an alien attack on an alien planet by transforming into alien heroes like Loch Ness and newcomers like Magnet Man. Put their abilties to the test and save the planet. Play Planetary Defense now.

Playable Characters

Playable Aliens

Non-Playable Characters


The team are relaxing at the Juice Shack.

Brandon: -and then BOOM!

Sarah: No way...

Brandon: Yep. Lucky thing I was there to save the day.

Coco: Again?

Brandon: Well I do save the world every now and then.

Mechanic Badge activates.

Mechanic Badge Hologram: Trouble at Sector T-49. Requesting Full Assistance.

Sarah: Sounds like trouble.

Coco: Just when I was enjoying my milkshake...

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

Level 1

Coco: We're here

Brandon: Seems familiar

Sarah: That's what you always say. Coco and I should check this area out.

Brandon: And I go explore the unknown?

Coco: Pretty Much.

Gameplay begins.

Level 2

Alien: Please help.

Brandon: What's wrong?

Alien: Our planet is under attack.

Brandon: I noticed. Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 3

Brandon: More Planet. More Aliens.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 4

Brandon: These aliens have to be connected to something. Something big. I have to find out what before this whole planet is overrunned by aliens.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 5

Final Boss: Who are you?

Brandon: I was just about to ask you the same question.

Final Boss: I am Commander Dux. This planet is ours.

Brandon: It belongs to these aliens.

Commander Dux: They are our prisioners.

Brandon: We'll see about that. It's Hero Time!

Gameplay Starts.



  • This is the third Alien Force online game
  • This is the fourth Brandon 10 online game
  • This was planned around the creation of Earth Invasion
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