Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 20
Planet X.png
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Greetings from Area 51

Planet X is the 50th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at the G.E.I.T. Bravo Base at night. Inside one of the buildings, a scanner is seen. A diagram of a circular shaped object appears on the scanner as more diagrams start forming around it, forming an dashed curve from the object to a diagram of the Earth. After a short moment, an alarm goes off throughout the base. General Gates is then seen entering the building and approaching a series of computers and scanners which are being monitored by various G.E.I.T. scientists.

General Gates: What's going on, Richards?

Richards: It's our satellite, sir. We picked up an unknown mass approaching the planet.

General Gates, leaning against Richards' chair: Of alien origin?

Richards: It doesn't appear to be, sir. It almost appears like a meteor.

General Gates: Then it's a false alarm, Richards. Once that meteor passes through the atmosphere, it'll burn up, right?

Richards: Not this one, sir. This meteor, or whatever it is, is about, and our calculations may not even be close to actually knowing the full scale of this thing- is about three times the size of the moon. That's about 81% of the Earth. If this thing passes through our atmosphere, the planet will be destroyed including everyone on it.

General Gates, looking surprised, turns to the scanner which shows the unknown circular object approaching the Earth.

General Gates, unseen: My gosh...

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After the titles, the Interceptor is seen flying above the Bravo Base, coming in for landing. It then lands on one of their airfields, being directed to land by one of the G.E.I.T. ramp agents. The scene then cuts to the team being lead inside the building by two G.E.I.T. soldiers. General Gates is seen on the phone by the computer station with the scientists still monitoring and maintaining them.

General Gates, on the phone: Yes, sir. (listens) Of course. I'm having them on it right away.

General Gates turns and sees the team approaching him.

General Gates, on the phone: They're here now. (listens) Okay. I'll report back when I get results. (listens) Thank you, sir.

General Gates hangs up and puts his phone away.

General Gates, going to greet the team: You're here. I'm glad you managed to make it.

Brandon: Your message seemed pretty urgent. What's going on, General?

General Gates: Well, we just got word that a unknown... mass of some sorts has been set on a path towards the Earth. In non-scientific terms, It's pretty big.

Sarah: How big is this "mass"? If you don't mind me asking.

General Gates: Big enough to wipe out all life on Earth once it gets close enough.

Coco: (whistles) That is pretty big.

Brandon: So what can we do to stop it?

General Gates: I've already received authorization to use nuclear warheads with an upgraded guidance system. It'll pin point the weaknesses of the "mass" and blow it to smithereens. However, my scientists have confirmed that we can't just fire at the mass without knowing its weak points and programming them in to the warheads, otherwise it'll break into pieces rather than be destroyed.

Sarah: Accelerating the projectile rate towards the Earth.

General Gates: Exactly. I was thinking that since this seems to be your specialty and you kids even have your own spaceship which I would love to have my people examine and maybe even weaponize.

Coco: Not gonna happen. (waits a moment) What type of weapons are we talkin' here?

Sarah: How about we save this discussion for a later date?

General Gates: Right. Sorry. Anyways, since you're experienced in this and own a space vessel, you should be able to scan for the mass' weak points so we can program it into the warheads.

Brandon: So we just fly over there and scan it? Huh. Sounds easy enough. General Gates: Well that's what we're hoping for.

Sarah: I don't know, General Gates. What if the situation isn't what it appears to be? Perhaps we'll need a closer look at this mass.

General Gates: Hm... I suppose. (thinks about it) Richards.

Richards turns around in his chair, looking at General Gates.

General Gates: How long until the mass impacts with the Earth?

Richards, turning back to check the scanners: Uh... Approximately 5 hours, sir.

General Gates: Hm... I'll give you three hours. That should give you enough time to figure out what you need to figure out.

The scene then transitions to space where the Interceptor is seen flying from the Earth and past the view. On board, the team is seen in their positions with Coco piloting the spaceship.

Coco: Getting close to the mass-thing. Whatever it is.

Brandon: What is it anyways?

Coco: We won't know until we get there, genius. (turns back to the front)

Brandon doesn't look very impressed by Coco's answer as he slumps into his seat.

Sarah, noticing this: He's right, Brandon. There's no way of knowing what exactly we're dealing with until we actually see what it is. Based on G.E.I.T.'s data on the mass, it suddenly appeared on a trajectory path towards the Earth.

Brandon: What? Like it just teleported out of nowhere.

Sarah: There's no real conclusion that can be made from this data.

Coco: I bet it's a moon or something.

Brandon: Well, whatever it is, we've gotta stop this thing.

The Interceptor is seen traveling through space where a shadow starts to overcome the Interceptor. The team look up through the front window of the ship.

Coco: Whoa...

The mass is then seen as the view zooms away from the Interceptor, showing that the mass is actually a planet, getting closer to the Interceptor.

Brandon: That's no moon... It's a planet!

The Interceptor is seen flying around the planet, getting closer to its atmosphere.

Sarah, unseen: This- This is impossible.

On board the Interceptor, Sarah is seen checking readings through her computer station.

Sarah, typing at the computer station: According to these readings, it is a planet and it's still approaching the Earth. It has a breathable atmosphere, lively vegetation, clean water. It's conditions are almost similar to the Earth, itself.

Coco: Maybe they're connected somehow. Like a weird spiritual thing.

Brandon: I thought you didn't believe it that type of stuff.

Coco: Yeah but that doesn't mean it's not the answer, right?

Sarah, joining the two at the front of the cockpit: I've collected the readings. General Gates should know the weak points of the mass- I mean planet.

Coco, activating something: Alright then. Opening connection.

A screen then appears over the front window with General Gates on it.

Coco: Yo, Gates. We collected the readings you asked for, your warheads should be ready to launch.

General Gates: Thank you. I'll have the warheads programmed now. Remember three hours. Nothing more. If you can stop this thing without the use of nukes then that'll be just grand but I have my deadline. We all do.

General Gates' transmission then cuts off, removing the screen from the front window.

Sarah: Looks like we're done here.

Brandon: Like I said, way too easy.

Coco looks down and sees a red flashing light on the dashboard on the controls.

Brandon: Not that I'm complaining or anything. I could always go for an easy mission.

Coco gets up from his seat and goes over to Sarah's computer station, checking the scanners.

Coco: Guys, I'm picking up an S.O.S.

Sarah: Really? From where?

Coco: From the planet surface.

Sarah, turning to Brandon: Looks like you spoke too soon.

Brandon, ignoring Sarah: If there's someone on that planet then we've got to get them out of there before the warheads go off.

Sarah: General Gates gave us three hours, that should be more than enough time to locate them and bring them aboard.

Brandon: Right. Let's get to it then.

Coco sits back in the pilot chair and takes the controls. The Interceptor is then seen approaching the planet. The scene then cuts to the planet's surface which resembles a large forest. The Interceptor is seen making a landing on one of the clear patches of grass. Once the Interceptor lands, the cargo bay door opens up and the team exit the ship.

Brandon, looking around: Nice looking planet. Very foresty.

Sarah: What type of S.O.S. did you receive? Was it from a spaceship or a person? Maybe there's a wreckage or-

Coco: It was from a Mechanic Badge.

Brandon: Wait, there's a Mechanic here?

Coco: Yep. Somewhere in this tree infested dump.

Sarah, pulling out her Mechanic Badge: We can use our badges to track the signal.

Coco: Oh yeah, I kinda forgot we could do that.

Sarah, following the signal: How do you think I keep track of Brandon most of the time?

Brandon: Too bad I got my badge rights suspended with that prank call.

Brandon follows after Sarah, followed by Coco. The team proceed through the forest.

Brandon: How close is the signal?

Sarah: Not far away... We should be getting closer.

As the team pass through, a hustling noise is heard in the bushes. Coco stops and turns his head.

Coco: You guys heard that?

Brandon: Maybe it's just the wind.

The hustling intensifies. Brandon and Sarah now look over in the bush's direction. Coco approaches the bush slowly as the hustling continues. A dark figure then jumps from the bush and pushes Coco, knocking him onto the ground, in front of the others. Brandon and Sarah look up from Coco and sees a humanoid figure dressed in a black outfit with black pads around the arms and legs and armor for the chest. The figure is also wearing a black mask with red goggles. Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and Sarah readies her energy discs around her hands.

Brandon: Alright so it wasn't the wind. At least, it's one guy, right?

Suddenly a bunch of other figures, similar to the first one, jump from the forest and surround all three of them. They are armed with various weapons.

Sarah, looking around: Maybe you should stop taking.

Brandon, looking around: Good idea.

The figures get closer to the three.

Brandon: Why did it have to be ninjas?

The scene then shows the ninjas surrounding the team. The scene then cuts to a village camp where various other ninjas are seen gathered. A group of ninjas is seen bringing the team into the camp. One of the ninjas pushes Brandon to keep him walking.

Brandon: Hey, watch the jacket.

The ninjas then stop the team as they stop in front of a throne. A Mechanic in worn out, dirty armor is seen seated on the throne.

Mechanic, in female voice, muffled by helmet: Leave them.

The ninjas leave the team alone.

Mechanic: What are you doing here?

Brandon: We got your distress call. We're here to help you.

The Mechanic looks at them thoroughly.

Mechanic: You. (points to Coco) Bring him to me.

The ninjas grab Coco and lift him towards the throne.

Coco, struggling: Let go of me!

Sarah: What are you going to do to him?

Mechanic: Be silent. I just need to see for myself.

The ninjas hold Coco in front of the Mechanic. The Mechanic looks at Coco.

Mechanic: ...Coco?

Coco, stops struggling and looks at the Mechanic.

Coco: How do you know my name?

Mechanic: Because... it's the name I gave you.

Coco looks confused as the Mechanic starts to her remove her helmet, revealing that she is actually Coco's mother.

Mrs. Levin: Hello, son.

Coco, surprised: Mom?

Brandon and Sarah look surprised as well. The scene then cuts to later on with Coco's mother walking with Coco throughout the village camp.

Mrs. Levin: You're very quiet. Is everything alright?

Coco: I don't know. I just- I just found out my mom is still alive. (stopping) How?

Mrs. Levin, stopping as well: When I battled with Servonock, I overloaded the trans-warp device in my hand. I thought that it would destroy him, sacrificing myself for the greater good but instead it transported me here. To this planet.

The scene then transitions to a flashback where a younger Mrs. Levin is seen in her Mechanic armor, walking through the planet's forest with apart of her ship seen in the distance.

Mrs. Levin, narrating: I was lost, terrified and alone but being a Mechanic, I knew it would be only a matter of time before I was found. So I waited.

The scene shows Mrs. Levin camping inside the remaining part of her Mechanic ship, with a fire.

Mrs. Levin, narrating: Overtime I realized that no one was coming for me because I was in a realm where the Mechanics never existed. A dimension without you. I tried to make the best of it but it was difficult at times.

Coco, unseen: How did you survive all those years?

Mrs. Levin, narrating: I had a little help.

The scene shows the younger Mrs. Levin walking through the forest until she stops, seeing something. She comes across a wreckage with advanced technology scattered throughout the area.

Mrs. Levin, narrating: I discovered a chamber that was able to reproduce anything organic. I figured it was also from another dimension and that this planet was some type of pit stop. Anyways, I was able to reproduce food, materials from building... Then one day, I discovered that the chamber would accept my own DNA so I made copies of myself.

The scene shows Mrs. Levin entering the chamber after she put her hand print on the scanner. After the chamber activates, the door opens and smoke blows out. She then steps out of the chamber followed by a copy of herself, naked, smoke covering the majority of her body.

Mrs. Levin: They became my people. I taught them how to hunt, to farm, to fight for themselves. I even modified the chamber to automatically install these skills into the new batches. Then the world shook around and here you are.

Coco: Just like that?

Mrs. Levin: Just like that.

Coco: All these years, I've- I thought you were gone and here you were just- surviving.

Mrs. Levin: I missed you too, Coco.

Mrs. Levin then hugs Coco who hugs her back. The scene then shows the two walking towards Brandon and Sarah.

Sarah: You're back.

Coco: Yeah, we just- needed to talk.

Sarah: Did you tell her?

Coco: Tell her what?

Sarah: (sighs) Mrs. Levin, there's something important that we need to talk about. It's the whole reason why we're here.

Mrs. Levin: I thought you were here to respond to my distress signal.

Brandon: We did but we came here for something else. This planet is on a course for the Earth, we have to move everyone onto our ship and off the planet.

Mrs. Levin: That won't be necessary.

Brandon: ...Why not?

Mrs. Levin: The planet would be able to survive the impact.

Sarah: But what about the Earth?

Mrs. Levin looks at Sarah.

Mrs. Levin: I need to think about this. Uh- How about we talk about this somewhere more private?

Sarah looks at Coco who looks at Sarah, motivating her with his facial expression. Sarah then rolls her eyes and looks at Mrs. Levin.

Sarah: Yeah sure. Um, lead the way.

Mrs. Levin then leads Sarah to the trees.

Brandon: So, that's your mom.

Coco: Yeah...

Brandon: She seems different.

Coco: It's been a while, that's all.

Brandon: I guess so...

Brandon turns his head and sees Mrs. Levin talking to Sarah by the trees. They seem to be arguing.

Brandon: Hey, you think Sarah's gonna be alr-

Suddenly a large burst is heard, Brandon turns around quickly as a dim red/orange light overcomes him and Coco. The scene then shows a fire spreading over a village house where the ninjas are seen, trying to keep their distance from the fire.

Coco: Brandon-

Brandon: On it!

Brandon runs towards the fire and activates the Ultimatrix. Coco runs alongside him. Brandon then slaps down the face plate and transforms into Hydro-Man.

Hydro-Man, running towards the fire: HYDRO-MAN!

Hydro-Man then stops and blasts water from his arms at the villager house. Coco stops and sees a rusty metal vat of water. He runs over to it and puts his hands on the vat. He absorbs the metal material and gains his rusty metal form. He then forms big scoops from his arms and clamps the vat. He then pulls with all his strength and pulls the vat from the ground. He then chucks it at the fire, putting the majority of the fire out. Coco then drops the vat on the ground and falls on his arms. Hydro-Man then stops blasting water and looks at Coco.

Hydro-Man: You alright?

Coco, breathing heavily: Yeah... Just- (breaths) got to- (breaths) catch my breath.

Hydro-Man looks around and sees that Mrs. Levin and Sarah are gone. He continues looking and sees one of the ninjas sneak into the forest around the same area.

Hydro-Man: Coco. (no response) Coco!

Hydro-Man turns around and sees Coco patting out some of smaller fires on the house.

Hydro-Man: Coco! Coco, we- Oh never mind. I'll do it myself.

Hydro-Man turns around and runs towards the forest, slowly. He manages to make it the forest and looks around.

Hydro-Man, looking around in the forest: Sarah? (bumps into a tree) Uh- Maybe I should switch a better form.

Hydro-Man slaps the face plate on his chest and transforms into Agilmur.

Agilmur: AGILMUR!

Agilmur climbs up a tree and looks around from the branch of the tree. He sees the ninja moving through the forest quickly. Agilmur then leaps from the branch to the next tree and the next tree, making his way towards the ninja. Agilmur then makes it to one tree and looks down. He sees a group of ninjas surrounding the cloning chamber. Two of the ninjas is seen placing Sarah's unconscious body in the chamber. Mrs. Levin seals the chamber and activates it using her hand print which it scans.

Mrs. Levin, to one of the ninjas: Make sure the process is successful. This is the first time I'm dealing with DNA other than my own. Anything could happen.

Ninja: Yes, leader.

Mrs. Levin then retreats into the forest and the procedure already begins as smoke starts filling the chamber.

Agilmur, to himself: Sarah.

Agilmur leans in further, causing the branch to make a slight breaking noise. One of the ninjas looks up and sees Agilmur.

Ninja: Outsider!

The other ninjas look up, seeing Agilmur.

Agilmur: Great...

Agilmur then leaps from the branch and kicks of the ninjas in the face. The other ninjas ready themselves and charge for Agilmur. Agilmur then blocks some of their attacks and counter them with his own but is hit in the side a few times, knocking him to the ground. The ninjas approach them. Agilmur then performs a back flip over one of the ninjas, kicking him in the back and into the tree, knocking them out. Agilmur then punches the other ninja in the chest three times, pushing him back with the final punch, and roundhouse kicks the third ninja into the chamber control panel, busting it. The final two ninjas retreat into the forest. Agilmur notices this but ignores it when he sees the chamber. Agilmur then transforms back into Brandon who attempts to override the control panel to stop the procedure. 

Brandon: Sarah! (types at the control panel) It's busted...

Brandon continues his attempts while the procedure continues.

Brandon: Come on, come on!

Brandon manages to get the panel open and sees some wires. He detaches two wires from each other and a pulse of energy transfers from one end to another. Brandon to jams both ends into the side of the control panel, causing it spark up in electricity. Brandon is then electrocuted and energy overcomes him.

Brandon: AHH!

The Ultimatrix flips out, skimming through the available transformations, including Loch Ness, Heal X, Crusher, Flex, Wildpup, Size Man and Freezefire. After the shock, Brandon is thrown away from the chamber and onto the ground. The door to the chamber also pops off, landing on the ground. Sarah gets up weakly and emerges from the chamber, leaning against the door. Brandon gets up from the ground and goes over to Sarah.

Brandon: Sarah. Are you alright?

Sarah, weakly: I'm fine...

Brandon grabs onto Sarah and helps her up, moving away from the doorway. When they get a couple of feet away, a grunting noise is heard behind them. Brandon stop and turns around. He sees a humanoid figure through the smoke. The figure starts making its way through the smoke, until it is fully seen. Before them is a teenage girl with black hair and green eyes. She's wearing one of the ninja outfits however it looks incomplete, it has fewer pads, shorter sleeves and no mask.

Brandon, surprised: Who's that?

Sarah, seeing her: I don't know...

Suddenly more ninjas arrive, jumping from the forest surrounding the chamber. Brandon turns around, with Sarah, seeing the ninjas surround them. They are armed with weapons unlike the previous group and there are more of them. Brandon attempts to activate the Ultimatrix while holding Sarah but it is unable to activate. Brandon looks up from the Ultimatrix and sees Mrs. Levin emerge from the group of ninjas.

Brandon: You...

Mrs. Levin, to the ninjas: Lock them up. All of them.

The ninjas then rush the three of them, including the new girl, and hold them. They then escort them away into the forest. Mrs. Levin looks at the damaged cloning chamber.

Ninja: Leader, the chamber is in terrible condition. Repairing it may take too long.

Mrs. Levin: Relax. I don't think we'll need it. Earth is approaching fast, our plans need to advance.

The scene then cuts to a holding cell where Brandon, Sarah and the cloned girl are seen. Sarah is seated on a thick branch, acting as a bench for her. Brandon is seen leaning against the cell's wall while the girl is seen standing, looking out of the cell bars. Brandon is looking at the girl. After a short moment, the girl notices this and looks at him.

Girl: What?

Brandon, slightly taken aback by her talking: Nothing. It's just- Who are you exactly?

Girl: I'm- Uh- I'm not really sure.

Brandon: I guess that makes two of us.

Girl: I know the procedure, it's just feels different.

Brandon: What procedure?

Girl: The cloning procedure. I was designed to be a trained copy of Melinda Levin but I feel different.

Brandon: Cloning... Wait, how do you know what it feels like to be a clone?

Girl: It's apart of the download. The chamber downloads skills, information, reflexes. Anything into the newly created mind.

Brandon: Sounds very smart.

Girl: Well I got it from her (points to Sarah) Most of the warriors here are focused on fighting and surviving.

Sarah, looking up from the ground: Wait... You were cloned from me?

Girl: I guess. I mean I was supposed to be.

Sarah: What's that supposed to mean?

Girl: I was designed to be a clone of Melinda Levin but I was modified to be a clone of you. But something- (looks at Brandon) or someone, interfered with the genetic transference process so I got their DNA instead.

Brandon: Which means...

Girl: I'm your copy.

Brandon, surprised: Wow.

Girl: Well I say copy but I mean like half copy. Well more than half but there's still your DNA in me. (looks at Sarah) And Melinda's.

Sarah: Wouldn't that make you a genetic anomaly?

Brandon: Well, whatever she is, that's a terrible name to go by.

Girl: We don't really need names. We're just born to fight.

Brandon: Well I'm not gonna call you genetic anomaly whenever I need something so how about Jessica?

Girl: Nah.

Brandon: Cindy?

Girl: Catchy but not my style.

Brandon: Gwen?

Girl: Seriously?

Sarah: What about Lucy?

Girl: I like it.

Brandon: Really?

Lucy shrugs.

Brandon: Whatever.

Sarah: Names aside. You mentioned that the clones were born to fight. Why would you need to fight on an uninhibited planet?

Lucy: We're not fighting anyone on the planet, we use our skills to overcome intruders and to conquer others that we encounter.

Sarah: Why would Coco's mother do that?

Brandon: We won't find out by standing around here. We have to get out of this cell before we run out of time.

Brandon attempts to activate the Ultimatrix but it's still offline.

Brandon: Ultimatrix isn't working.

Sarah: And I'm too weak to use my powers.

Lucy: What about me?

Brandon: Do you even have powers?

Lucy: Let's find out.

Lucy puts her hands out and closes her eyes. A pink glare covers her hands until fire sparks from them. She opens her eyes and looks at her hands in surprise. Brandon and Sarah look at Lucy, also surprised. Lucy grabs the cell bars and the fire melts through the bars, causing the door to unlock. Lucy then extinguishes her hands and pushes the cell door open.

Brandon, looking at her hands: How did you do that?

Lucy: I dunno, it just happens. Come on.

Lucy exits the cell followed by Brandon and Sarah. They make their way through a burrowed tunnel where there are more prison cells in the walls. Brandon turns his head while walking with Sarah and Lucy and sees some empty cells while others have strangely shaped skeletons or actual alien creatures, looking weak and standing still in their cells.

Brandon, walking: You take people captive?

Lucy, walking: Not all of them. Just some. Creatures from each dimension Planet X passed through. To observe them, learn from them. Make us better fighters and learn new skills.

Brandon, looking at Lucy, walking: Isn't that a little inhumane?

Lucy, walking: We do what we can to survive.

Brandon, walking: Doesn't sound like something you would say?

Lucy, walking: How would you know what I would say? Even I don't know who I am.

Brandon, walking: I know that you're better than this.

Lucy, walking: What I am is a fighter. Sorry if that conflicts with what you want me to be.

Suddenly three ninjas come out from a side tunnel and face the team and Lucy. Both sides stop and look at each other.

Ninja: Prisoners escaped!

Lucy: Hold your orders! I'm a warrior as well. I am unprocessed and am going to speak with the leader.

Ninja: What about the others?

Lucy, walking towards the ninjas: They are with me.

Ninja: Do you have the authority to take these prisoners?

Lucy, still walking towards them: Like I said, I'm a warrior like yourself.

Ninja: That doesn't qualify as an answer!

Lucy, stopping: But I'm one of you.

Ninja: You're nothing like us, not until you're processed.

Lucy: Well the way I see it, you want me processed but you're not letting me get processed.

Ninja: If you were one of us, you would know how the procedure works.

Lucy: I know how the procedure works. I just... see it differently.

The ninjas look ready to use their weapons.

Lucy: Well then. I guess I should just prove it to you then.

Lucy smirks. The ninjas look at each other, confused. Lucy then charges for them and jumps for one of the ninjas. She chokes the ninja with her thighs and slams them onto the ground. The other two ninjas look down at her, and prepare to use their weapons. Lucy, quickly, places her hands on the ground above the head of the ninja she just attacked, lifts her body upwards and spin kicks both of the ninjas in the head. She then performing a landing on the ground and gets up, looking down at the fallen ninjas.

Lucy, looking at Brandon: So, what were saying about being less violent?

Brandon, slightly annoyed: Just come on.

Brandon walks by followed by Sarah. Lucy walks with them, smirking. They then come across a cell and pass by it. Brandon take a quick look inside and walks away. He then stops and walks back, looking more closely into the cell.

Brandon: Guys, take a look at this.

Sarah and Lucy walk back and look into the cell. Inside the cell is Mrs. Levin.

Lucy, confused: Melinda?

Sarah: I don't understand. Why would she be in here?

Melinda: That's because I'm not. Or at least, I'm not who you think I am.

Brandon: You're a copy of her.

Melinda: Actually, she's the copy. I'm the real thing.

Sarah: How can we be sure?

Melinda: Well for starters, I'm not the one who's bent on taking over the Earth or whatever her plan is.

Brandon: Can you get her out of here?

Lucy: Yeah, of course.

Lucy activates her fire hands and melts the lock of the cell open. Brandon then opens the door and goes inside the cell. He helps Melinda up and walks her out of the cell.

Melinda: You look familiar. Have we met before?

Brandon: Actually yeah. Only a couple of times.

Melinda: Let me guess. Brandon from down the block? My gosh it's been so long. What are you doing here?

Brandon: It's a long story.

Melinda: You joined the same occupation?

Brandon: Huh. I guess it wasn't that long after all.

Sarah: How did your clone get so much power over the planet?

Melinda: She was the first copy. I was experimenting with what I could reproduce with the cloning chamber I had discovered a while after I crash landed in the other dimension. We got along really well surprisingly. We worked together, learned together. She was like the sister I never had. At one point though, she sort of lost herself. She questioned her reality until she finally realized that she was born to survive. Unfortunately, she took it way too far and felt like we needed to militarize things like in the Mechanic academy. Our opinions clashed and she betrayed me and locked me away after making more versions of herself which copied her beliefs rather than mines.

Lucy, curiously: And what are your beliefs?

Melinda: To act rationally. It's about survival but that doesn't mean we need to take over every region. We should look out for each other.

Lucy takes a moment to register this.

Melinda, turning to Brandon: We need to get the Warp Drive.

Sarah: I'm sorry but did you just say warp drive?

Melinda: We're underground right now. The clones have been digging down here and installing a warp drive engine for the entire planet in order to escape the other dimensions.

Brandon: Guess that explains how the planet just appeared out of nowhere.

Sarah: But what about the crash course for Earth?

Melinda: Planet X must be tracking the signal from my Mechanic badge. Now that we're in the right dimension, the planet must be approaching the source of the signal which is Earth.

Brandon: Let's get to the warp drive engine before we run out of time. Come on.

The four of them continue through the cell tunnel. The scene then shows them come across a giant machine which has a column in the center with a device attached on top. It's sending out a source of energy through the column which travels down a deep hole.

Brandon: This must be the warp drive engine.

Voice: That's right, Brandon.

Brandon and Sarah turn around and see Melinda's copy standing on a platform.

Brandon: It's over, Melinda. We know about your plans.

Melinda's Clone: I am no longer Melinda. Call me Facsimile.

Brandon: Doesn't matter what we call you. We're not going to let you destroy the Earth for your own selfish reasons.

Facsimile: Is it really selfish? To destroy a planet for my own child?

Melinda, coming into the open: Yes. It is.

Facsimile: Melinda... I see that you've escape your cell.

Melinda: You need to stop this. Our son would not want any part of this.

Facsimile: That's not true! I've dedicated this whole thing to him. He wants his mother again.

Coco, unseen: I do.

Facsimile turns around and sees Coco walking onto the platform.

Coco: But I'm not going to let my feelings make these type of decisions for me. Not again.

Facsimile: How did you find this place?

Coco: You think I wouldn't figure it out? I might not have known my mother for too long but I know her long enough to know when something is wrong and I need to step in.

Facsimile: It matters not. If you won't join my side, then my ultimate warrior will. Come to me, warrior.

Lucy steps forwards, towards Facsimile.

Brandon, putting his hand on Lucy's shoulder: You don't have to do this.

Lucy: It's what I was made for.

Brandon: You and I both know that's not true. You can be anyone you want to be. That's what makes you so different from the others. You are your own person. You can do whatever you want to do like us. Just think about it.

Facsimile: Join me, warrior. Finish your destiny.

Lucy stands between Facsimile and Brandon. She looks at both sides. Facsimile: Did you make your choice, warrior?

Lucy: I did. And I chose to be my own person, Facsimile.

Facsimile: Gah! You'll pay for your betrayal. Warriors!

The ninja clones start entering the engine room, ready to attack. Coco grabs the railing of the platform and absorbs the material, gaining his metallic form. He then leaps over the railing and slams down into the ninjas below, knocking them over. Sarah tries summoning her energy and manages to shoot out a couple of energy discs at some of the ninjas.

Lucy: What is it that you do exactly?

Brandon: What?

Lucy: You said I can do whatever I want like you so what do you do?

Brandon: Now? Basically, uh- fight bad guys, travel around and save the world.

Lucy: Oh... How's your device-thing coming along?

Brandon, trying to activate the Ultimatrix: The Ultimatrix. And it's still not working right.

Lucy: Then it looks like I have to take over again.

Lucy then charges for some of the ninjas. A couple of them start firing small blasters at Lucy. Lucy, however, starts getting thicker arms and a wider back. Her arms and back form into a yellow rock material which blocks the blasts from harming her. She then smacks the blasters out of their hands and strikes them down. Coco continues fighting the ninjas until Lucy knocks some of the ninjas attacking Coco out.

Lucy: You alright?

Coco, seeing Lucy, taken aback: Yeah...

Melinda: I can shut down the warp drive from here.

Facsimile: NO!

Facsimile grabs a blaster from one of the fallen ninjas and fires at Melinda. Melinda dodges, causing the blast to hit the warp drive engine, making it go unstable.

Melinda: The warp drive is unstable! I can't stop the planet!

The support beams of the warp drive engine start collapsing. The remaining ninja warriors retreat from the collapsing tunnel.

Facsimile: Where are you going? We must survive! We must fight!

Coco: You really don't understand what it means to actually survive, do you?

Lucy looks up and sees the support beam start to fall with Melinda underneath. She looks in surprise then reaches out her arm with turns slightly grey and stretches across the room, grabbing onto Melinda and pulling her out of the way before the support beams crash down. The scene then cuts over to the G.E.I.T. Bravo Base. Inside the building, General Gates is seen looking at the monitor with Planet X approaching the Earth quickly.

Richards: Sir. It's time.

General Gates: (sighs) I hope you kids made it out of there.

General Gates pulls out his phone and punches in a number. He puts the phone to his head and waits.

General Gates, on the phone: Yes, sir. We already programmed the warheads. You're ready to launch... Yes, sir.

General Gates then lowers the phone from his head and looks down at the ground. The scene then cuts to nuclear warheads firing from their launch pads, towards the sky. Back on Planet X, the underground tunnels are still collapsing. Coco is seen holding Facsimile while Lucy is helping Melinda up.

Brandon: You guys have to get out of here.

Sarah: What about you?

Brandon: I'm gonna try and stop the warp drive from doing whatever its gonna do.

Lucy: Be careful.

Brandon: Always am.

Everyone then leaves the tunnel except Brandon, who stays behind. The whole area shakes as rocks start falling from above. Brandon turns around and looks at the collapsing warp drive engine. He looks straight ahead and sees the actual core of the engine which is shooting down into the center of the planet. He goes over there and looks down at his Ultimatrix.

Brandon: Come on. Come on.

Brandon continues trying to activate the Ultimatrix until it actually activates.

Brandon: Yes! Finally!

Ultimatrix, in cybernetic female voice: Warning. Ultimatrix power supply is extremely low. Power availability is limited to one transformation.

Brandon: Whatever. Just give me a good one, alright?

Brandon slaps down the Ultimatrix face plate, a green flash overcomes him and he undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge and his muscles increase. His stomach starts to split open, with a black void filling it and a green substance appearing within. Armor plating starts covering his shoulders and a helmet forms around his head, finishing the sequence with the visor lowering from the helmet, covering his eyes. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into a New Alien.

New Alien: NOVA!

Nova looks down at his hands pulse with energy. The engine room shakes again causing Nova to look up and examine the situation. He then look down at the core and attempts to sap the energy from the device however it burns out after a short moment.

Nova: Burnt out! I'm going to have to stop this thing manually.

Nova then runs out of the engine room which collapsing completely, blocking the exit, as soon as Nova leaves. Nova continues running down the tunnel. The scene then cuts over to the surface where Coco, Sarah and Lucy are seen helping the ninja warrior clones, Melinda and keeping Facsimile contained. A green streak then shoots out from the ground and makes it way towards the sky. Everyone looks up at the streak. The Earth can also be seen from the sky along with small yellow lights over it. In space, Earth is seen with Planet X approaching extremely close. Nova is seen flying out of Planet X's atmosphere and approaching the Earth as fast as he can. He looks and sees a thin blue field. He then charges his hand and forms them into fists, pushing forwards. He then passes through the field, penetrating it and making it to the other side. He continues forwards, approaching the Earth. Nova then turns around, seeing Planet X. He turns back and sees the nuclear warheads leaving Earth's atmosphere and approaching the planet. Nova is in between the warheads and Planet X, both approaching fast towards each other. Nova then charges up, with bright green energy pulsing all around him. The energy starts intensifying. From Earth, G.E.I.T. soldiers are seen looking up from the Bravo Base, seeing Planet X in the sky as well as the green light. From Planet X, Coco, Sarah and Lucy see Earth in the sky as well as the green light. Back at the Bravo Base, Richards is seen monitoring the warheads and Planet X.

Richards: Prepare for the aftershock, sir. Warheads are about to impact. In 3. 2. 1.

General Gates looks up after a short moment of silence.

General Gates: Well?

Richards: Well what, sir?

General Gates: Where's the aftershock?

Back in space, Nova is seen absorbing the power of the nuclear warheads as they impact with his energy barrier. He then quickly turns around and sees Planet X approaching him. He then sticks his arms out and and then impact with the blue field. On the planet surface, everything shakes as if the planet stopped suddenly. Back in space, Nova is seen literally pushing the planet using his nuclear energy. He continues pushing until Planet X is far away enough from the Earth and it's moon. He then lets go and Planet X starts drifting away on its own, in another direction. The scene then cuts back to Bravo Base.

Richards, monitoring the scanners: Sir, I don't know how this happened but the planet is pushing away from the Earth!

Everyone in the control room then gets up and cheers. General Gates sighs in relief.

General Gates: They did it. They actually did it. (chuckles to himself)

The scene then cuts to later on Planet X's surface with the team standing by the Interceptor.

Brandon: I tried my best but that field around the planet is going to implode pretty soon and send Planet X back to its original dimension.

Coco: Are you sure you want to stay behind?

Melinda: I have to, Coco. You're my son and I love you with all my heart but these are my children too. To leave them here would break my heart and I don't know how I would live with that. At least I know that you did pretty well without me and I know that you'll do even better in the future.

Brandon, leaning against the Interceptor: What about you? Want to come along with us?

Lucy: And be someone other than a fighter? A hero like you who saves people?

Brandon shrugs.

Lucy, smiling: I think I'd like that.

Brandon smiles too. Meanwhile, Facsimile is seen struggling which starts to untie her hands from the rope she was tied up in. She then manages to break free and sees a Mechanic blaster on a crate next to her. She grabs it and aims for Brandon.

Facsimile: You!

Brandon looks up and sees Facsimile. He then looks surprised. Lucy turns around and has the same expression.

Facsimile: You ruined everything! I'll kill you!

She then fires the blaster.

Lucy: No!

Lucy then pushes Brandon out of the way and takes the shot instead.

Brandon: Lucy!

Lucy falls on the ground. The ninja warriors then grab Facsimile and hold her down, taking the blaster away from her. Brandon then gets down and comforts Lucy.

Brandon: Lucy? Lucy. Talk to me. Lucy.

Lucy, coughing: Brandon-

Brandon: It's gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine.

Lucy: I don't think I'll be able to go with you after all.

Brandon: Just stay with me, Lucy.

Lucy: Brandon, you have to go. You have to go so you can keep doing what you do. Fight bad guys, (gasps for air) travel around and- save the world. Do it for me, alright? Do it for me...

Lucy then closes her eyes.

Brandon: Lucy. Lucy...

Brandon then lets go of Lucy. The planet then shakes slightly.

Sarah: The field is starting to collapse. Brandon, we have to go.

Brandon: We can't just leave her.

Melinda: I'll do what I can here but you really do have to go or else you'll be stuck here forever.

Brandon then looks at Melinda then looks back at Lucy's body. He then closes his eyes. The scene then cuts forwards with the Interceptor leaving Planet X's atmosphere. When the Interceptor is far away enough, the field around the planet expands then decreases over and over until the planet shrinks from this dimension and vanishes. On the Interceptor, Brandon is seen seated silently, looking outside. Coco is piloting and Sarah is at her computer station. The scene focuses on Brandon's face, which looks sad. Footsteps are then heard approaching and a hand comes onto his shoulder. Brandon looks up and sees Sarah standing next to him.

Sarah: Hey. You did the best you can.

Brandon: Yeah. I know. I just wish I could have done more.

Coco: You're not the only one feeling like that, Tennyson.

Brandon: You're right... I'm sorry about your mom, Coco.

Coco: It's fine. It was her choice, she made it and I respect her for that. At least I know she's alive. That's all that matters to me.

Sarah: So now what?

Brandon: Now we do what we should be doing. Fighting bad guys, traveling around... and saving the world.

The scene then shows the Interceptor returning to Earth with the sun seen appearing from behind the planet. The scene cuts over to the cloning chamber back on Planet X which has been repaired already. The ninja warrior clones are seen placing Lucy's body in the chamber and sealing it. Melinda changes the procedure and activates the chamber.

Ninja: Are you sure this will work, leader?

Melinda: No but we have to try. For her sake. Let's just give it some time.

Melinda and her clones walk away from the chamber. The procedure commences and a smoke fills the chamber. Green particles are then seen moving throughout the smoke. The chamber then shuts down and the doors opens widely. The smoke exits the chamber and a foot exits the chamber. Lucy then emerges from the smoke. She looks at her hand with resembles the hand of Heal X. She then cracks her bones and reforms her hand back to normal.

Lucy: Alrighty then. Time to get to work. (smirks)


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Coco's Mother is revealed to be alive.
  • Lucy is created from Brandon's DNA.
  • Brandon unlocks Nova.

Minor Events

  • Lucy dies but is revived without the team's acknowledgement.



  • Facsimile (First Appearance)
  • Ninja Warrior Clones (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • This episode is the Season 3 finale of Ultimate Hero.
  • This episode was originally going to be called Lost and Found.
  • Nova and Lucy make their debuts.
  • Melinda Levin makes her first re-appearance since Alien Force.
  • The three names that Brandon gave, Jessica, Cindy and Gwen, were a reference to the three Spider-Women of Marvel: Jessica Drew, Cindy Moon and Gwen Stacy.
    • Lucy's reaction to the name Gwen was an allusive joke towards Gwen Tennyson being in Brandon 10.
    • Lucy also had a more positive reaction to the name Cindy because she was inspired by Cindy Moon.
  • The name, Facsimile, means perfect copy.
  • This episode has set up concepts that will be used in Season 4.
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