Pizzor is a planet that is home to the Pizzos, is slippery and sticky at the upper layer. The layer under it is made up of dough. This planet is spherical in shape and divided into four equal parts.


Pizzos follow many cultures and traditions here. They work hard and help each other. They work in fields, factories, shops. They travel by flying, skating, swimming and jumping. They don't have any means of transport. They are dependent on themselves.

The climate of Pizzor is mostly raining. Cheese fall from the clouds. Sometimes, the weather is hot. The heat does not come from sun, Pizzos belive that there is a heating machine at the core of the planet which makes the weather warm.


This planet was an asteroid, the king of Pizzor had founded the asteroid and ruled over it.

The king of Pizzor was the first one who formed the other Pizzos. He had created the planet, the clouds and many things of Pizzor.

The heating machine found at the core of Pizzor which Pizzos belive is unknown till now. The scientists of Pizzor researched on it and started digging but they stopped doing that the other day because they were afraid that something wrong does not happen and the rumour spread through the whole planet.

Pizzos are formed by the rain on the dough of Pizzor.

Known Inhabitants

  • Pizzos

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