Pizza Guy is a Pizzasapian and is up for free usage.

Pizza Guy
General Information
Species Pizzasapian
Home World Panemadoro
Body Flat
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pizzakinesis

Turn into different types of pizzas

Controls pizza, cheese, tomato and breads


Can roll in circle form

Shoot sauses and cheeses

Using pizza forms' powers

First Appearance Pizza Guy vs. Orange


Pizza Guy looks like a regular pizza with green eyes and an Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol. He is also slightly covered in peperoni.


Pizza Guy can control pizza and everything that makes it. He can also turn into different types of pizzas. And when attacked, Pizza Guy can regenerate. Pizza Guy can roll when he is in pizza mode and shoot sauses/cheeses. Also in each form of pizza, pizza guy gets different abilities such as fitting into small spaces as minipizzas or uses his slice pizza form as a boomerang.


He is flat, weak and . . . could be eaten.


The Random Wars

Pizza Guy vs. Orange

Pizza Forms

  • Regular Pizza - Regular Powers
  • Slice Pizza - Boomerang
  • MiniPizza - Fitting into small places, Duplicating
  • Square Pizza - Durability, Sheilding
  • Hot Pizza - Shooting Extremly Hot Cheeses
  • Frozen Pizza - N/A



  • This is Brandon 10's 1st free usage/random alien.
  • He can hide his arms and legs.
  • He might have a mouth.
  • Is up for free usage.

The Random Wars

Pizza Guy appears in The Random Wars as one of the contestants. He lost in his first battle to Orange in Pizza Guy vs. Orange, and will probably never appear again.

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