General Information
Species Dextrosian
Home World Otteri
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flying

shooting sweet-smelling sugar that transforms into sticky gunk on contact

Pixystuck is an alien from the series KrisTen, and is one of the aliens that Kristen can first transform into.


Pixystuck is able to shoot a free-floating cloud of crystalline, sweet-smelling powder into the air through any of the pipes on her body, which turns into a super sticky gunk on contact with a solid surface. Her body is covered with a special mucus that makes the gunk slide right off of herself. She can also fly.


She is very frail physically, and needs to ingest at least a quart of sugar every two hours to survive. This is typically not too much of a problem, but if she stays in this form too long she will begin to grow very weak. This is probably one of the worst of Kristen's forms to get stuck in

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