One can have both form AND function, after all.

Window Shopper: Part 1

General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Unknown
Home World Earth
Alias Ōshanburū (as a pop star; literally translates to 'Ocean Blue')
Age 43
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Water Breathing
Associated Tarot Four of Cups
First Appearance Window Shopper: Part 1

Pisces is a key member of the Zodiac Organization in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Pisces was born in Japan, eventually growing up and becoming a famous pop star that fell from her fame and fortune after a particularly controversial incident.

She later joined the Zodiac Organization, desperate to regain her fame through any means possible. She was then fused with alien DNA, gaining several flashy abilities.


Pisces is an average-sized Japanese woman. She has light, yellowish skin, deep blue eyes, and black hair with a blue streak through it. She wears a and black one-piece swimsuit.


Before being fused with alien DNA, Pisces had no special abilities to speak of.

After the hybridization process, Pisces gained the ability to breathe water, generate and sense electricity, glow with bioluminescence, and change the texture and color of her body (which, though intended for camouflage, she uses to create extravagant patterns that serve to shock her opponents in combat).


Pisces lives for glitz and glamour, attempting to recreate her glory days. She acts extremely pompous and arrogant, showing off the flashiness of her abilities at any opportunity, especially her fins.

In spite of this, she is incredibly insecure, using her glamorous attitude to cover up her insecurities. While fighting, she mainly aims to stun her opponents, then go in for the final strike, seeing as how she isn't particularly suited for hand-to-hand combat.


  • Pisces' Tarot is the Four of Cups, which represents emotional boredom, being stuck in a rut, depression, a need for new interests, fear of love, emotional scars, and a fear of being alone

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