Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date July 15, 2014
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"Pilot - Part 1"

"Pilot - Part 2" is the second episode of Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution. It is a continuation of the two-part series pilot that began in "Pilot - Part 1".



Scene of Humungousaur's defeat
42 Highlander Way, Northeast Bellwood Outskirts
June 20, 2014, 7:42 PM ET

(A few helicopters land at the scene. Two of them carry Gwen and Kevin in each one.)

(They are taken out to the scene, cuffed.)

[Captor 1]: Man, I'm surprised tough-guy here didn't ask for his friends or mommy anytime soon.

[Kevin]: (Grunts) Go to hell.

[Captor 2]: Calm down, Kevin, it's all over. Your friend is right here. (Gestures to the scene)

(Kevin's eyes widen.)

[Kevin]: What the hell did you do to him?

[Captor 1]: Don't ask me. They're the ones that did it.

[Kevin]: Aren't you a troop too?

[Captor 1]: Look, all I can tell you is that Big Ben over there is still alive and well.

[Kevin]: That piece of crap Harangue - using Ben as a background image to call someone else's victory his own.

[Captor 2]: I didn't know you cared about honor.

[Kevin]: I didn't know you DIDN'T! You don't even deserve to be in the army - you all should be executed.

[Captor 1]: OH, look at you! More death, huh?

[Gwen]: (From the distance) KEVIN!

[Kevin]: GWEN!!! (To captors): You have Gwen, too?

[Captor 1]: You can call everything dishonor, but we're still military. We can't risk anything.


[Captor 3]: Man, this one's pretty! Should we experiment on her, too?

(Gwen's expression turns extremely angry.)

[Captor 4]: We're gonna kill both of 'em afterwards. It's up to the general for what he wants to do with the dinosaur.


[General Briggs]: Alright, you guys ready?

[Barry (Will Harangue's assistant)]: We will be any second now.

[Gen. Briggs]: You know, we should use footage from this for a documentary. If I were you I'd call it "Ensuring Dinosaur Extinction: The Downfall of Ben Tennyson".

[Barry]: (Chuckles) What, you want me to do "stylish camerawork"?

[Gen. Briggs]: It's a joke, son.

[Barry]: Right. Okay, people! We're going live in 3... 2... 1...

(Will Harangue proudly walks in front of Humungousaur's unconscious body.)

[Harangue]: HELLO, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a special edition of Harangue Nation Live! Here I present to you: MENACE. My campaign has come to a close as our destination has been reached: Declaration, then Defeat. Right now, I stand before the defeated monster that is Ben Tennyson - some of you may be familiar with this dinosaur that destroyed your homes - no more being haunted! We've got him, nation! We've got him.

(Kevin and Gwen stare angrily.)

[Harangue]: Of course, I'm just a reporter. My only contribution here was the goal. The people to thank for this act of bravery and compassion for their country are none other than the United States Army themselves! The people we define as heroes have once again reinforced that title by taking down another so-called "hero" - the false identity of who, or what, is perhaps the greatest threat America has come across.

[Harangue]: Now, I did mention in a previous report that Ben Tennyson has poisoned the minds of this nation's residents - turns out that's not all, folks! He's also poisoned its protection!

(The camera turns to a nearby helicopter, where a handcuffed Captain Rozum is being escorted out)

[Harangue]: The Bellwood Police Department's very own Captain James Rozum, right here before your eyes, being apprehended after he too succumbed to the depths of police corruption. Rozum was found and caught while helping Ben Tennyson on his murderous escapades. It turns out his BROTHER happens to be in the military, but he's ignored that and proceeded to dishonor him, too.

(Harangue continues to talk, but it becomes a background narration as Ben and Gwen's families, Julie, Jimmy Jones, Cash, J.T., Grandpa Max, and Colonel Rozum all watch in horror)

[Harangue]: About an hour ago, the military prepared an ambush on Ben Tennyson - when asked to surrender, "Ben 10" instead retaliated in the most brutal of fashions - he reportedly used that WMD he calls a watch to transform into this hulking beast, and then monstrously kill nearly every soldier here! Unfortunately, the military was forced to get physical and deploy aircraft to subdue him, but Ben 10 refused, destroying each and every vehicle he saw.

(He begins walking)

[Harangue]: I'll let our heroes describe his final defeat - I'm now giving the spotlight to my good friend, U.S. General John Briggs.

[Gen. Briggs]: Thank you, Will. And yes, nation! This encounter was a grueling, difficult, and horrifying moment that we all have the displeasure of remembering - I thought vigorously for the quickest way to end all the carnage. Our secret ingredient came in the form of four helicopters, that deployed an incapacitating gas, which rendered our dinosaur unconscious.

(The camera shows Humungousaur before moving back to Briggs)

[Gen. Briggs]: And now, meet the Chain-Choppers, as I like to call them. (The camera looks in the air to see the helicopters, and then moves back to Briggs) Enormous, heavy, and EXTREMELY powerful chains made of chrome steel. This is kind of stuff we need to keep the monster at bay - Shortly, we're gonna use these choppers to take Big Ben back to our base for apprehension.

(He gives the microphone back to Harangue)

[Harangue]: And there you have it, folks! The Downfall of Ben 10! I'm Will Harangue and I feel SO happy to finally sign off with this line: enjoy a safe nation, Nation!

(Kevin cringes)

[Barry]: (Stops recording) And that's a wrap, gentlemen!

(Everyone cheers)

[Gen. Briggs]: Okay, sorry to kill the buzz so soon, people, but we need to get these Chain-Choppers moving. As we speak, transportation from the base is on its way to pick you guys up.

(He turns around to face Humungousaur)

[Gen. Briggs]: (Into radio): Alright, choppers! Lift off!

[Chain Pilot]: Roger that, general.

(The Chain-Choppers begin gaining altitude as Humungousaur's body is lifted off the ground)


Ben's House
June 20, 2014, 8:02 PM ET

[Sandra Tennyson]: (Breathes heavily) Wherever this monster Harangue is, I am going to KILL HIM!

[Carl Tennyson]: *(Sigh)* Calm down, Sandra.

[Sandra]: CALM DOWN? HOW THE HELL DO I CALM DOWN? Carl, my son has been ABDUCTED. OUR son has been abducted!

[Carl]: Look, Sandra, he can handle himself. You know how powerful he is, right?

[Sandra]: CARL. The MILITARY just took down the STRONGEST thing Ben can become. Do you really think that they aren't dangerous? Also, HOW can you be so out of hope?

[Carl]: I'm not at all-

[Sandra]: YES YOU ARE. You're acting as though there isn't a single other person in this world that we can go to.

[Carl]: Sandra? Sandra, listen to me. The only reason I'm able to keep myself from a mental breakdown is because there IS someone we can go to.

[Sandra]: Oh, really? Who is that?

[Carl]: Max.

[Sandra]: What?

[Carl]: Max! Come on, Sandra! You know that he works for some alien-police organization, don't you? If the cops don't have, you know, high-tech planes, he does.

[Sandra]: Well then how's Harangue gonna get arrested?

[Carl]: KIDNAPPING CHARGES, obviously! Of teenagers, for god's sake! (Holds Sandra's shoulders) Sandra, look. Get yourself together. You're not thinking straight.

[Sandra]: *(Sigh)* I'm just worried, Carl!

[Carl]: We're both worried, Sandra. You're just letting it get to you. Don't, and you'll be fine. I promise. (Kisses her forehead)

(Someone rings the doorbell)

(Carl goes to open it. It's Max.)

[Carl]: Dad? Man, speak of the devil!

[Sandra]: Carl, for real? The devil? (Goes and hugs Max) Max, you're the ANGEL! Carl was just telling me about how you can get Ben back!

[Max]: Well, yeah. That's sort of what I came here to talk about.

[Sandra]: Is something wrong?

[Max]: Well, it's just the difficulty. Wherever they're taking Ben - if they can contain him in there, then it's ought to be extremely armed. And ready to take out anything that comes close.

[Sandra]: Aw, don't give me that! You're CLEARLY better than the military on all levels!

[Max]: You'd be wrong if my men weren't the strong ones. All I came here to say was that I have a fleet of Plumber ships ready. Our technicians are doing the best they can to locate where Ben was last seen.

[Carl]: Then why should we be worried?

[Max]: I just thought I'd tell you, that's all. Why would I want to see you all tense?

[Carl]: It was Sandra, mostly. I knew I could rely on you, Dad. Honey, are you okay now?

[Sandra]: Yes! Of course! But no less angry.

[Max]: I'm gonna meet up with my associates now, so I better be off. You two are welcome to come along if you wish. The Plumber stations have some GREAT coffee. (Winks)

Gen. Briggs' military helicopters, en route to Gen. Briggs' secret base
June 20,2014, 8:02 PM ET

(The four Chain-Choppers carry Humungousaur's massive body over several barren fields full of large cliffs. They are flanked by several military helicopters. Briggs' helicopter flies directly left of the Chain-Choppers, and Harangue is with him as well.)

[Chain Pilot]: We are approximately two miles from the fort, sir.

[Gen. Briggs]: (Over radio) Copy that, Chain 1.

[Harangue]: Again, I'm sorry for all those deaths, General.

[Gen. Briggs]: Not your fault in any way, Will. Sure, I'm devastated, but at least we got the job done.

[Harangue]: So, about this fort of yours - what's its function? Did you build it just for Tennyson?

[Gen. Briggs]: Actually, I didn't. It was really just a factory and testing site for our vehicles, as well as a research base, funded by the government.

[Harangue]: When did you abandon it?

[Gen. Briggs]: Oh, a long time ago. We started operating again after you proposed the plan for Tennyson, but it still has to be considered "abandoned" if we can conduct any activities in secret.


[Kevin]: You pigs are gonna be sorry after this is all over.

[Captor 1]: When it's all over? Eh, I doubt I'll feel guilty putting a bullet in your brain, you've been quite a pain in the behind. As for you over here, sweetheart, you can just feel lucky that I let you two enjoy each other's company during the ride. I doubt that graves are see-through.

[Gwen]: I could say the same thing, you creep!

[Captor 1]: Ooh, so you wanna talk dirty too, huh? Too bad you went for the wrong kind of that.

(Kevin glares at him murderously)

[Kevin]: You say something like that to her again and I rip your insides out through your throat, you hear me, you freaking PIG?

[Captor 1]: I'm trying not to. Your voice has turned into something of a noise for me.

[Kevin]: Good. 'Cause it's the last noise you'll ever hear.

[Captor]: We'll see to that.


[Chain Pilot]: One mile to go, sir.

[Gen. Briggs]: (Over radio) Tell your guys to start decreasing in altitude.

[Chain Pilot]: Copy that, sir.

(After a few seconds, the Chain-Choppers begin to gradually lower - the helicopters flanking them do so as well, followed by the rest of the fleet.)

(The fort is now visible. It is a MASSIVE black building built against one of the cliff faces.)

[Harangue]: Good lord, that place is huge.

[Gen. Briggs]: Some of it's actually inside the mountain. The labs, mostly. Quite an old building, never liked it much. It does serve some serious purpose, though.)

[Chain Pilot]: Alright, we're landing!

(The helicopters all land in unison, with the Chain-Choppers scraping Humungousaur's corpse against a large runway of an entrance as they land.)

(Several soldiers pour out of the choppers and stand in an organized array, with Kevin and Gwen being held by their captors at the back.)

(Gen. Briggs looks at the unconscious and chained Captain Rozum, who is at the back of his helicopter. He and Harangue exit.)

[Harangue]: You know, General, you talked about this place like you knew it extremely well.

[Gen. Briggs]: Son, I sure as hell know the place.

(He gets out a loudspeaker)

[Gen. Briggs]: Gentlemen, welcome back to Fort Briggs! For you newcomers here, this is our secret facility we use to carry out covert operations! Right now, as the Chain-Choppers return to the deployment zone, armored trucks are being sent in to carry the Chains on ground. We stay in the formation we are in, and as you know, steer clear of the yellow borders, unless you want to get run over!

[All soldiers in unison]: YES SIR!

[Gen. Briggs]: In 3... 2... 1... hit the lights!

(Several lights illuminate a massive hangar door, which then slowly opens. Four armored trucks drive along the lanes separated from the runway by the yellow borders, two trucks on each side. They stop at where the cuffs are on Humungousaur's body, and the chains are attached to the trucks' backs. The trucks begin driving ahead, and Humungousaur's body is slowly dragged into the hangar.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Alright, gentlemen! Get moving!

(He hands his loudspeaker to Harangue, who is standing next to him. The two walk as the soldiers march in unison, following them.)

[Harangue]: So, Fort Briggs, huh? No wonder you know this place inside and out!

[Gen. Briggs]: You think this place was named for me? Jesus, Will! Of course I have ancestors in the military!

[Harangue]: Well, I wasn't implying that, but oh well. (Pause) Which ancestor?

[Gen. Briggs]: Granddad. My father served in the Vietnam War, and when he built this place, he named it after his old man. He, on the other hand, served in World War I.

[Harangue]: That's amazing, you know? You must be proud.

[Gen. Briggs]: Of this place? Hell, no. Of them, well, I never really knew Granddad all that well, he passed around the time I was born, but my dad, boy, he became one grumpy fella following the war.

[Harangue]: Must have been real tough on him.

[Gen. Briggs]: Nah, he pulled through around his later years enough for me to miss 'em when he left this world. Only reason this place is still intact.

[Harangue]: I see.

(They reach the door, and the soldiers separate to create a path between two rows down the center.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Ladies first, of course.

(Gwen's captors take her into the building, followed by Kevin's. The rest of the soldiers regroup and follow.)

(Briggs takes Marks aside.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Marks, you go keep an eye on Rozum back in my chopper. Once he wakes up, you interrogate him on everything he had to do with Tennyson. Once he's done talking, you put two in his brain, understand?

[Marks]: (Salutes) (Reluctantly) Understood, sir. (He jogs off to the chopper with his gun)

Plumber Station, West Bellwood
June 20, 2014, 8:27 PM ET

(The Rust Bucket arrives in the open lot where the ships are parked.)

(Max, Sandra and Carl get out.)

(Cooper comes to greet them.)

[Cooper]: Right on time, Magister Tennyson.

[Max]: How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Max?

[Cooper]: Our technicians have mapped Ben's last known location to be somewhere far in northeastern Bellwood.

[Max]: Man, that far down the outskirts?

[Cooper]: We've sent drone scouts down for a scan of the area. Results should be coming in shortly.

[Max]: What about Will Harangue and John Briggs?

[Cooper]: Their records are all we've gotten so far - they've somehow managed to evade location tracking. We're doing our best to get break all the encryption.

[Max]: What have you gotten so far?

[Cooper]: Close to where Ben was last seen. Here, I'll take you to the lab. Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson, can I get you anything?

[Sandra]: My goodness, you have some nice manners! I wish Ben was like you! I mean-

[Carl]: Just coffee, please. And you can call us Carl and Sandra.

[Cooper]: Will do.

(They all head to the lab)

[Max]: (While walking) Welcome to our lab. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Carl and Sandra, Ben's parents. I thought I might bring them along to oversee the operation, make sure their son, and my grandson, is safe.

[Techs]: Hello.

(Carl and Sandra look all shifty, Cooper brings them coffee)

[Max]: (Claps) Well then, get back to work! I need updates, people! (Walks over to a wall covered by four screens, similar to the Bourne series) I don't want to see just records on this screen, (gestures to the left-hand screen) I need locations. Use these records to find links! Come on, we're talking better-than-NSA technology and we still can't find him?

[Tech]: Found something, Magister.

[Max]: Yes, Thomas?

[Thomas]: Briggs' unit - a man named Trent Marks is one of them - his name showed up among the suspects in that shooting that happened on the 17th. He was the gunman.

[Max]: Well I'll be damned. The military was behind that shooting, too?

[Thomas]: Their motives are currently unknown, but tracking the victims, I can't exactly find any records on them. They were never prisoners back at HQ and most potential links are either erased or invalid.

[Max]: Interesting.

[Thomas]: Oh, and another thing: any evidence proving that Will Harangue falsified evidence in his news report went missing, too. And Harangue is in league with the corrupt troops, so...

[Max]: The smugglers were working with the military?

[Thomas]: They were probably eliminated after their usefulness was served.

[Max]: Excellent work, but what links does this have to Ben's location?

[Thomas]: Currently, none.

[Max]: Well, that's not too good, is it?

(Suddenly, the door opens. Gwen's parents walk in.)

[Max]: Frank? Natalie? What are you doing here? I thought you were going to the cops!

[Frank]: We decided we wouldn't.

[Max]: Fine, then how the hell did you get in here?

[Female voice]: I got them in here.

(Grandma Verdona enters, in Anodite form.)

[Max]: Verdona?

[Verdona]: Hello, Max, darling, I know exactly where they are.

Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 8:31 PM ET

(Humungousaur's chains are now drilled into a massive hangar wall. There is a large, bulletproof-glass barrier around him - he is wired up to large machines, being operated from a small overhead room overlooking the hangar.)

[Doc 1]: Alright, general, the machinery is ready.

[Gen. Briggs]: Excellent. Let us begin.

[Doc 2]: Injection 1 supplied now.

(The doctors use the giant wiring to inject Humungousaur with amphetamines. He takes a deep breath, as his chest is seen bulging and retracting. He fails to wake up, however.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Give him more.

(The doctors slowly turn the knobs on their control pad to the right.)

[Harangue]: Uh, general? If I may ask, what exactly are we doing here? Wasn't our goal to interrogate him? Not risk the destruction of this whole facility?

[Gen. Briggs]: Hold on, son. (To doctors) Is it working?

[Doc 1]: Almost... (Turns the knob a bit more)

(Humungousaur's breaths become faster, and slowly turn to growls - he opens his eyes, gasping in pain and looking up.)

(Gwen and Kevin are watching from behind the fences on the side in horror.)


[Captor 1]: Shut up.

[Gen. Briggs]: Come on, dammit.

(Humungousaur's eyes widen - he looks up and opens up his mouth.)


[Gen. Briggs]: ...And... Stop.

(The doctors turn the knobs down to zero and Humungousaur stops roaring.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Alright, big fella, you're awake.

[Harangue]: What now?

[Gen. Briggs]: We'll see.

[Harangue]: WHAT?

(Humungousaur's veins begin to glow a bright green. The glow starts to vanish as it is pulled towards the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. As the green creeps inwards, his body begins to slowly shrink and his skin starts to become less tough. His Ultimatrix symbol starts to glow.)

[Gen. Briggs]: He's changing back! I need men down there RIGHT NOW!

(Two soldiers rush across the hangar floors and position themselves side-by-side under a shrinking Humungousaur.)

(The Ultimatrix glow becomes more immense as the green glow and color in Humungousaur's eyes begins to fade. His scales begin to vanish and his skin lightens as his head shape changes. His jagged frame becomes smoother and smoother.)

(His limbs thin out and loosen him from his enormous shackles - a shirtless Ben falls to the ground, being caught by the two soldiers.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Take him to the interrogation room! Everyone else, clean up over here and return to the labs - get ready there. (He starts exiting the room over to the catwalk)

[Harangue]: Hey, general? How did you know that would revert him?

(Briggs continues to walk. And stays silent for a few seconds before stopping and turning to look at Harangue.)

[Gen. Briggs]: I didn't.

(He resumes walking, reaching an intersection to the path hugging the wall. Here he joins the men carrying Ben. Harangue looks shocked.)

(He walks over to the voice scanner.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Briggs, John H. Bunker ID 0374.

[Scanner]: ID Confirmed. Entry Authorized. Welcome, General.

[Gen. Briggs]: (To his men and Harangue) It's Howard, if you're curious.

(He opens the door and gestures everyone in.)

(Inside, soldiers McAllister and Peters, who were assigned the guards to the doors on either side of the room in Part 1, stand in their positions.)

(The soldiers carrying Ben sit him down on the chair. A nearby soldier next to Briggs tosses a black T-shirt to one of Ben's captors, who then places the shirt down in front of Ben. They cuff his hands to the desk before leaving.)

(Harangue is given a folder by a guard.)

(Harangue and Briggs enter and sit down in the two chairs opposite Ben.)

[Gen. Briggs]: (In a calm tone) Wake up, Ben.

[Harangue]: (Leans over and talks quietly) John, this is a dangerous criminal we're dealing with. With all due respect, would you mind speaking with a higher sense of command?

[Gen. Briggs]: My command was established a long time ago after his huge self hit the ground.

(Ben feels the cold of the metal desk, and it wakes him up. His vision is all hazy.)

[Ben]: W-wh... wha? What? W-where am I?

(Gen. Briggs takes off his hat and uses his hand to fix his hair.)

[Harangue]: Welcome to your new home, menace. I do feel proud to finally be able to classify you as that.

[Gen. Briggs]: Will, calm down. (To Ben in a calm tone) Hello, Ben. My name is John. John Briggs.

[Ben]: Y... y-you! YOU! I refuse to refer to you as "General".

[Gen. Briggs]: That's perfectly alright, son. You can call me "Doctor" instead.

[Harangue]: John, what the hell is this? We're in an interrogation room!

[Gen. Briggs]: Ssh, quiet, Will. Peters and McAllister don't like the whiny ones.

[Harangue]': Peters and- wait, are those doors they're guarding?

[Gen. Briggs]: You say one more word, Will, and I-

[Ben]: What the hell is he doing here? (Turns to Harangue)

[Harangue]: It's great to finally sit face to face with the menace, (turns to Briggs) though I now doubt our time together will last any longer!

[Ben]: That's good. I'm not answering crap.

[Gen. Briggs]: Calm down, Ben. It's okay. You won't have to. You know that nothing he asks you is related to the truth, right?

[Harangue]: JOHN!

[Gen. Briggs]: Peters, get Will out of here.

[Harangue]: No! Wait! What the hell- (Peters grabs him and takes him out the door. Outside, he is seen keeping his gun aimed at Harangue.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Ah, Ben, now where were we?

Cooper's Ship, en route to Ben's last-known location
June 20, 2014, 8:46 PM ET

[Cooper]: Man, this place is in the middle of nowhere, isn't it?

[Verdona]: (She's piloting) Secret places always are. Though I must agree, the setting is a bit odd for my tastes.

[Cooper]: Yeah. Hey, can I ask you a question? About your species?

[Verdona]: My "species" is quite difficult to explain. Its anatomy and history relies on purely magic, there's no science involved. I'm sorry, handsome, but you can't study me for your labs.

[Cooper]: I bet-

[Verdona]: Yes, Max has tried to. It never got him anywhere, he probably has a blank folder lying around labeled "Anodite".

[Max]: Of everyone I met in my life, Verdona was... she was different. In a good way. That, my friend, is essentially the definition of appeal - I know it's hard to stay in touch, but she's indeed a lovely woman.

[Verdona]: (Sarcastically) You say the nicest things, Max. Flattery was always your strong suite.

[Cooper]: GUYS! Mrs. Tennyson, stop the ship! I see something!

[Max]: What is it?

[Cooper]: It's the Rust Bucket 3! Down there! On the left of the road!

[Max]: Verdona, land the ship.

(She lands and they get out. They run over to the ship, whose ramp is still open after Gwen and Rozum were ambushed.)

(They slowly walk in, while Verdona walks ahead of Max and Cooper.)

[Verdona]: It's safe, boys. Come in.

[Max]: See anything suspicious?

[Verdona]: Here: this door is open.

[Max]: That's a car compartment.

[Cooper]: You guys can fit a car in here? Sure, I've been on here once, but I didn't know that!

[Max]: When were you ever on this ship?

[Cooper]: Ben and friends rescued me from Tokyo after I got kidnapped and wired up to some weird machine.

[Verdona]: I've found the car. It's current location. It's same place I traced Ben. Oh! And I'm picking up new traces! Gwen's! She was here too!

[Max]: Alright, now time to head to your original destination.

[Verdona]: That's just right down this highway.

[Cooper]: Let's get going, then.

(They board their ship and fly off.)

Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 8:42 PM ET

[Ben]: Don't think that your sweet-talk will get me to join your side.

[Gen. Briggs]: Oh, I don't think that at all! I'm just trying to calm you down after all those amphetamines we had to give you.

[Ben]: Do you even hear yourself right now? Literally everything you've mentioned is your fault.

[Gen. Briggs]: For a good cause, Ben. See, let me show you.

[Ben]: Do you plan to experiment on me or something?

[Gen. Briggs]: We were planning to, but after seeing how simple and open you are, we thought we might just ask nicely.

[Ben]: Excuse me? Ask nicely for what? You blasted me with gas bombs, dammit!

[Gen. Briggs]: We, or at least I, personally, wanted to ask for your help.

[Ben]: My help?

[Gen. Briggs]: For a project we're working on, that will undoubtedly improve this country's defense, with your cooperation.

[Ben]: Man, you change your mind fast! First Harangue, and then all the way to his polar opposite?

[Gen. Briggs]: *(sigh)* I know this sounds strange to you, Ben, but the reason we had to antagonize you is because of Harangue. As you may have noticed, he's a longtime friend of mine, and he came to me looking to take you down through more legal measures.

[Ben]: What, all this was a favor for a friend? And now you just stabbed him in the back.

[Gen. Briggs]: You know what? I don't really know what we're doing in this room. You're confused, you want answers. Let me show you what I mean by all this. McAllister, show Ben the way.

(McAllister gets out of the way of the door)

[Ben]: Right this way, Ben.

42 Highlander Way
June 20, 2014, 8:45 PM ET

(The Plumber ship lands and Max, Cooper and Verdona exit)

[Max]: Good god, what the hell happened here?

[Verdona]: This, boys, is where that news report took place.

(They walk further to get a clearer view of the wreckage)

[Cooper]: The shape of that crater... all of that actually happened.

[Max]: I don't believe it.

[Verdona]: I don't either. Well, I'm referring to how many traces I'm picking up.

[Cooper]: I'm guessing that includes Ben's?

[Verdona]: Well, obviously that huge, monster-shaped crater is the work of some artist, right?

[Cooper]: Where's Ben, then?

[Verdona]: It's quite some distance from here - most of the material here is metal, which makes up vehicle wreckage, and these massive chains.

[Max]: From those "Chain-Choppers" or whatever was being shown on the news.

[Cooper]: He was being carried by helicopters to some base, wasn't he?

[Verdona]: Which I have managed to locate. Judging by the nauseating speed of your craft, I'm betting on roughly 20 minutes from here.

[Max]: Well, what are we waiting for?

(Max and Cooper get into the Rust Bucket 3)

[Max]: Verdona, are you coming?

[Verdona]: I have other work to do.

[Cooper]: Wait-

[Verdona]: It's magic stuff. I'll see you soon.

(She vanishes. The Rust Bucket 3 begins taking off.)

Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 8:48 PM ET

(Ben walks in on a massive, gigantic lab lit by tubular blue LED's lining the tops of the walls. Nearly all the technology and glass cubical-like stations are lit blue.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Welcome to the Fort Briggs Research Facility. Sorry it doesn't come in green, but I find it to jump out at me every time I enter this place.

[Ben]: So you are experimenting on me.

[Gen. Briggs]: I told you we need help. Also, cheer up, son! What do you make of this place?

[Ben]: From my perspective, absolute hellhole.

[Gen. Briggs]: (Sarcastically mutters) That's the spirit.

(He begins walking)

[Gen. Briggs]: This way.

(Ben follows him over to an operating station consisting of a bed, a chair, a few computers, a scanner, and some testing stations)

[Ben]: Ah, perfect. Frankenstein's birthplace.

[Gen. Briggs]: Now, look, we're not restraining you and wiring you up to anything like before - I'm gonna ask you a few questions, that's all. Simple advice.

[Ben]: You did have an interrogation room.

[Gen. Briggs]: It's scientific inquiry. We're conducting an experiment - not on you, but we heavily rely on your consultation.

[Ben]: You want information on my watch, don't you? See, I bet Harangue is just waiting for his queue outside, chatting up his "captor", and he's gonna be walking in on "The Stalker" 2.0.

[Gen. Briggs]: Ben, we're not making use of this, "Ultimatrix" or whatever it's called against you - we simply need to understand how it works.

[Ben]: I could give you a demonstration of how I break out of here.

[Gen. Briggs]: You have a blast doing that, you hear me? Have all the fun you please - this place is your playground. A little obstacle course just for "Humungousaur", or whatever else you have in that thing.

[Ben]: You sound so confident. Your only problem is that this can't be tampered with. It works.

[Gen. Briggs]: Oh, I bet it works fine.

(Ben selects Spidermonkey on his watch and hits the dial, but his veins only partially glow green before fading. The Ultimatrix's holographic interface flickers.)

[Ben]: (Glares at Briggs) What the hell did you do it?

[Gen. Briggs]: Nothing. It's just that all toys run out of battery!

[Ben]: (Into Ultimatrix) Power level.

[Ultimatrix]: (Its voice command has a ton of static) Power at 3.2%. Warning: auto-recharge initiating in 2 minutes.

[Ben]: You used the amphetamines to drain every last bit of energy out of this, didn't you? You knew incapacitating me internally would leave my DNA untouched! My aliens use up a lot more of this energy!

[Gen. Briggs]: *(Sigh)* It was the only way I could keep you calm and gain your cooperation. And your trust.

[Ben]: (Chuckles) Haha, WHAT? My trust? You expect that after trying to pry it out of me? Look where that got you. Kill me now. It's the only way I'll budge.

[Gen. Briggs]: Oh, come on, that's not the Ben I know!

[Ben]: The Ben you know? You've only known me for an hour as your hostage, old man. What the hell do you know about me?

[Gen. Briggs]: Energetic, outgoing, lover of milkshakes and French Fries, rebellious...

[Ben]: They're called Smoothies and chili fries, and yes. Rebellious. Especially against people like you. Can you at least tell me what you plan to do? If I can trust you, I need to know you as well.

[Gen. Briggs]: Good point. (He walks over to the safe near the entrance and uses the retinal scanner to open it. He takes out the gun.)

[Ben]: Oh, so now you want to kill me!

[Gen. Briggs]: No I don't. Move aside!

(Ben takes a step to the right. Briggs presses a few buttons on a nearby control panel, and three holographic blue targets appear behind Ben. They hover in the air.)

[Ben]: Target practice? With your personal gun?

(Briggs shoots at the targets and hits them dead in the center. The target holograms then dissolve and an image of a statistics table shows up. The results are pinpoint precise.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Spot-on aim, spot-on accuracy, spot-on force.

[Ben]: And spot-on shooter. Despite how corrupt you are, you're still a war veteran. So are your soldiers.

[Gen. Briggs]: And as "corrupt" as they may be, so are they! Imagine the trained-to-the-peak "honest" soldiers fighting with these! Our army would be unstoppable!

[Ben]: Take that thing apart, learn how to reproduce it and manufacture away. If you want to share your income with me, I have no interest.

[Gen. Briggs]: No. I like this thing intact - what I like even more if it were enhanced.

[Ben]: And you want the Ultimatrix for that? Well, guess what? I didn't create this thing. I'm not the expert. I'm not telling you the name of its builder - I still don't trust you. And also, you just killed this thing's power. You can't extract any DNA samples.

[Gen. Briggs]: We got Humungousaur's.

[Ben]: You've seen him fight! Use him as a template, and seek to improve, if you think you're so much better than me. If this is your plan, I don't see what my role is here besides you reaping my powers.

[Gen. Briggs]: Harangue needs you alive.

[Ben]: Come on, he's gotten enough coverage! Does he want me to stage interviews and stuff? Because there's no way in hell that's happening.

[Gen. Briggs]: Harangue is irrelevant.

Gen. Briggs' Helicopter outside Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 8:53 PM ET

(Captain Rozum begins to wake up. His vision is all hazy. Marks stands guard outside the helicopter.)

[Capt. Rozum]: W... w-where am I?

(Marks notices this and goes over to Rozum.)

[Marks]: Rise and shine, Captain. You and I are gonna have a chat.

[Capt. Rozum]: Go to hell.

[Marks]: (Makes his way towards Rozum) That's not the spirit, is it, Captain?

(Rozum spits on the ground. This angers Marks.)


(A group of armed men make their way along the rock faces towards Fort Briggs.)

[Man 1]: Alright, almost there.

[Man 2]: (Into radio) ..And we have a clear line of sight. There's a helicopter stationed outside.

[Man at the other end of the radio]: That's him, alright. Take out the hostiles and alert me. That's when we call it.

[Man 2]: (Into radio) Understood.

Fort Briggs Research Lab
June 20, 2014, 8:54 PM ET

(Gen. Briggs holds up a vial of Vaxasaurian DNA.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Humungousaur in a bottle. Or at least the energy extracted from the sample we got. We need more samples, but I guess this can serve as a prototype.

[Ben]: Do I just stand here and watch? Or are you gonna keep me here until you can collect more samples?

(He stays quiet)

(He takes the vial and mixes it with some plasma-based fluid. He pours it into a small canister.)

(He then takes out a similar canister in the gun and replaces it with the DNA canister.)

[Ben]: Are you sure that's gonna work?

[Gen. Briggs]: I've done similar experiments elsewhere - this is child's play. Just for a bigger cause.

(He presses buttons on his control pad again, and this time, physical dummies pop up. Barriers also get raised around them.)

(Briggs fires the gun. The dummies all explode violently. A brief fire starts but automatically-activated extinguishers are activated to suppress them.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Happens all the time, nothing to worry about. THIS, on the other hand, we have a real beauty right here. Works perfectly. Now excuse me while I go make a call.

(As he takes out his phone, he shouts towards the interrogation room above.)

[Gen. Briggs]: MCALLISTER! Keep and eye on Tennyson for a few minutes!

[McAllister]: Coming, sir.

(He comes down the stairs from the interrogation room and keeps his gun on Ben.)

Exterior of Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 8:56 PM ET

(Marks punches Captain Rozum in the face for roughly the tenth time - Rozum's face is bloodied and bruised.)

[Marks]: TELL ME! What is your affiliation with Ben Tennyson?

[Capt. Rozum]: You're scared of me.

[Marks]: Excuse me?

[Capt. Rozum]: I know that body language. From criminals. You swallow before every sentence. You pull your punches every other time and the emphatic tone of your voice falters every few seconds. You don't feel in command.

[Marks]: I have a superior and I'm relatively new here. I clearly have the upper hand over you.

[Capt. Rozum]: Do you? Trent Marks? Nice to finally meet you. I don't tell jack to criminals. Especially trash like you. You need to tell me what you did with Ben's friend.

[Marks]: That kid is DEAD. And also, I'M the one interrogating you. You hear me?

[Capt. Rozum]: Oh, I hear your fear fine. I mean, you seem like an experienced marksman and interrogator - you're asking all the right questions. It's just me you're scared of.


(The men have advanced closer towards the fort. They now have a clear view of the helicopter's interior.)

[Man 1]: We have a clear shot.

(They see Marks aiming his gun at Capt. Rozum)

[Man 2]: He's about to shoot! Take him out now!


[Marks]: You want to see fear, you little piece of crap? Here, experience it yourself!

(He aims at the space between Rozum's legs)

(A bullet whizzes out of nowhere and gets him straight in the head - he fires a split second before getting killed, and the impact of the hit he takes causes him to misfire. He hits Rozum's shackles)

[Capt. Rozum]: AAH!! (Sees his wrist - there's a bit of blood but his left cuff has broken) (Pants) (Looks at Marks' body) Good riddance.


[Man 1]: (Into radio) We got him, sir. The hostage is secure. Retrieving him now.

(Their superior at the other end is none other than Colonel Rozum. He's standing atop a mountain on the opposite end of the field.)

[Col. Rozum]: Get him as quick as you can! I'm sending a helicopter down for retrieval - fighter fleet 1 in on standby.

(A helicopter is seen and heard in the background)

Fort Briggs Research Lab
June 20, 2014, 8:58 PM ET

(Briggs is in the interrogation room, on the phone with someone.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Yes, yes. This is just a prototype - same gun with a different load of ammo. It's still very powerful.


[Gen. Briggs]: Yes, both you and my army will profit from it. (Pause) I'm sorry, what's that? No, what the hell are you talking about?


[Gen. Briggs]: WHAT? My men should have known about that by now! (Pause) What do you mean "not your problem"? Aren't you gonna- (Pause) NO! No, no! Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with you? I'm a general, for god's sake, you can't just take advant- (Pause) You can't expect to keep calling it my responsibility if you're gonna just... (The phone hangs up) ...kill my men.

Fort Briggs Exterior
June 20, 2014, 8:59 PM Timezone

[USAF Troop 1]: (Into radio) Alright, we got the hostage. He appears to have been put under physical harm during the interrogation.

[Col. Rozum]: (Into radio): We'll get him cleaned up. The chopper's coming.

[USAF Troop 2]: Roger that, colonel.

[Col. Rozum]: (Into radio, to the other men): You guys can return here now. I've sent out a second helicopter.

(Another helicopter begins flying down behind the mountain. Col. Rozum is in the helicopter he sent down for his brother. That helicopter lands.)

(The two troops in Briggs' chopper take Capt. Rozum with them - he is conscious and fine but has to lean on their shoulders.)

[Col. Rozum]: Alright, that's it. (He picks up his brother as the troops hand him over, and he lifts him over to his chopper. The two troops board as well.)

(The helicopter takes off and makes its to the mountain Rozum was on.)

[Col. Rozum]: I need a First Aid kit! Hey, James, you okay?

[Capt. Rozum]: You think I can't take a few punches?

[Col. Rozum]: You look like you were tranquilized.

[Capt. Rozum]: I was. For an extended period of time. That piece of crap Harangue, calling me corrupt, saying I dishonored you, that goddamn son of a-

[Col. Rozum]: Calm down, James. They're all in there, we're gonna take them down. You don't appear to be in shock or anything.

[Capt. Rozum]: I was punched in the face a few times and came in contact with a gun at close range. I'm a cop. You think I can't handle that?

[Col. Rozum]: Always the tough guy, huh?

(The helicopter lands. Col. Rozum steps out and looks out from the mountain as his troops keep an eye on his brother.)

[Col. Rozum]: (His hands are on the back of his head with his elbows out) That chopper should take off any second now...

(He sees five more aircraft coming from the distance.)

[Col. Rozum]: (Drops his arms) What the hell?

(The other rescue chopper begins taking off, but one of the five incoming aircraft fires something at it.)

[Col. Rozum]: JESUS CHRIST. (Gets out his radio)

(Too late. The helicopter violently explodes on its side and its burning remains plummet to the ground.)

[Col. Rozum]: (Into radio) FLEET 1! DEPLOY! We have five unidentified aircraft heading for the fort and one of them just destroyed a rescue chopper with six men in it!

(A formation of fighter jets flies above Rozum and the planes rush for the Fort. The incoming ships make their way there as well.)

[USAF Pilot 1]: Aircraft spotted. Engage!

(The planes begin firing their guns at the ships. The ships fire back and graze the wing of one of the planes.)

[USAF Pilot 2]: I've been hit! I'm losing control here!

(His plane accidentally flies to the left - this opens a window for the enemy ships to get another clear shot. They take the chance and the plane sets on fire entirely.)

[USAF Pilot 2]: I'm going down!

(He tries to get out, but the plane crashes into Fort Briggs and crumbles with a small explosion.)

Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 9:08 PM ET

(Everyone inside Fort Briggs hears the collision as a loud, muffled boom.)

[Ben]: What the hell was that?

[McAllister]: Probably a plane, even though that's near impossible!

(Briggs comes running out of the interrogation room.)

[Gen. Briggs]: We all have to evacuate this lab! I'm sending men out there to take down the enemy planes!

[McAllister]: Planes, sir?

[Gen. Briggs]: I got a call telling me that enemy troops were stationed outside the fort. I have no idea how the hell they got here.

(Briggs gets the gun and starts walking up the stairs.)

[Ben]: Who'd you get a call from?

(McAllister grabs Ben and takes him with Briggs out of the lab. They exit the interrogation room as well.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Peters! Grab Harangue and take him to the hangar! I'll join you momentarily. I just have to quickly go do something.

[Peters]: Understood! (He grabs Harangue and gets going)

[Harangue]: You're gonna regret this, John, you old piece of crap.

(Briggs ignores this and runs over to the secret entrance to the lab.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Briggs, John H. Bunker ID 0374.

[Scanner]: ID Confirmed. Entry auth-

(Briggs abruptly opens the door. He goes over to a computer and types the password "Thomas", in his father's name. The computer displays a message.)

                        EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN
                       ACTIVATE      CANCEL

(Briggs hits "Activate" and runs out the door. All the lights in the lab turn off, followed by the lights in the hangar they're in.)


[Gwen]: What's going on?

[Captor 1]: Emergency shutdown. We stay right here.


(They all run behind the fences and into the main hangar. Since the emergency shutdown forces all machines to be manually operated, Briggs heads over to a monitor on the back wall. He hits the power button on a generator and the main hangar is the only room with power. The lights turn on.)

(Soldiers flood the room and surround the center of the hangar.)

(Briggs slams a switch. The giant hangar door opens. Outside, a large battle is going on between planes and ships.)

[Gen. Briggs]: I NEED UNIT 4 OUT THERE ONLY! Everyone else stay here!

(A large group of soldiers rushes out of the hangar and into the runway. They don't fire.)

(Rozum is watching this from afar.)

[Col. Rozum]: (Into radio) I need Fleet 2 down there right now!

(In the hangar, the soldiers keeping Gwen and Kevin step out and head to the empty center of the hangar. They drop their hostages to their knees and keep guns aimed at their heads.)

(McAllister drags Ben to the center as well and keeps him held the same way. Peters comes from the opposite end of the crowd and holds Harangue hostage.)

[Gwen]: Ben!

[Kevin]: Tennyson! Where the hell have you been?

[Ben]: It was-

[McAllister]: QUIET!

(The enemy ships finish off the last plane and land one by one.)

(Briggs walks forward and out into the runway. He has the gun with him.)

(Rozum sees this from afar.)

[Col. Rozum]: (Into radio) Fleet 2! Pull back right now! Pull back! It's a hostage situation down there and I can't risk anymore men! We're outnumbered!

(The incoming squadron of planes retreats.)

Fort Briggs Runway Standoff
June 20, 2014, 9:22 PM ET

(It is dead silence. Soldiers from Unit 4 are separated into two groups on each border on the runway. Their guns are out.)

(The five enemy ships don't move. Briggs, with the prototype gun, continues walking towards them and stops halfway down the runway.)

(Suddenly, all the ships except the one in the center are opened. Short figures with guns and pickaxes flood out and walk forward.)

(The center ship opens.)

(Out steps Vulkanus.)

[Ben]: (Whispers) HIM? What the hell is Vulkanus doing here?

[Kevin]: (Whispers back) Don't ask me.

(Kevin's captor knees him in the back to shut him up. He and Ben turn back to face the runway.)

[Vulkanus]: I told you I'd kill your men.

[Gen. Briggs]: Those weren't my men.

[Vulkanus]: Yeah, I figured. Your cop got rescued by them.

(He starts walking down the runway and Briggs follows)

[Gen. Briggs]: Rozum.

[Vulkanus]: I know who he is. "Depths of police corruption" and all that crap.

[Gen. Briggs]: The other Rozum. You just took out part of the Air Force.

[Vulkanus]: Yeah, yeah, Air Force, Ground Force, they're all just a bunch o' shooting targets.

[Gen. Briggs]: *(exhale)* Well...

[Vulkanus]: Yes, and speaking of shooting, I believe you have something for me?

[Gen. Briggs]: Right here. (Hold out the gun)

(Vulkanus shoves him back.)

[Vulkanus]: Screw that, I can get it any day. Those were my smugglers your trigger-happy minions killed off. They're all over the news now.

[Gen. Briggs]: Well, if you came for Tennyson, I have him in a silver platter.

(Vulkanus has made it far enough down the runway to see the hostages on display.)

[Vulkanus]: Ah, Ben! It's been a while, but you remember me, right?

[Ben]: Hello, Vulkanus.

[Vulkanus]: Yeah, you were always the alien type, weren't ya? I doubt you ever called old Gramps here "general".

[Ben]: You got that right. So, you want an army of Humungousaurs, correct?

[Vulkanus]: I want an army of Humungousaurs, Big Chills, Small Chills, whatever you have in there.

[Gen. Briggs]: Excuse me?

[Vulkanus]: Shut up.

[Gen. Briggs]: No! First you threaten to kill my men, and now you make use of my army's technology for your own? I should kill you!

[Vulkanus]: If you can. Hell, you don't even come up to my shoulder, old man!

[Gen. Briggs]: You son of a-

[Vulkanus]: Why are these three alive?

[Gen. Briggs]: We kept them here because they were co-conspirators of "Ben 10" over here.

[Harangue]: NOT ME! You two make use of whatever tech you want, you're both menaces. You two deserve each other.

[Vulkanus]: Ah, you. Glasses the Wannabe Reporter. Man, you really never do shut your mouth, huh?

(Harangue spits on the ground.)

(Vulkanus walks over to him and punches him hard in the face three times.)

[Vulkanus]: I needed to do that. Your goddamned news report gave me a headache. I wonder how many TV screens people broke when your face showed up.

(He walks back to Briggs)

[Vulkanus]: Now you give me the gun.

[Gen. Briggs]: No.

(Vulkanus backhands Briggs' face and takes the gun. Briggs stumbles, gets back up, and takes a swing at Vulkanus.)

(Vulkanus grabs Briggs' arm, twists it, then knees him in the right hip. He uses his arm to pick up Briggs by the collar. He then turns to the runway.)

[Vulkanus]: One of you, come on over here!

(One of the Pickax Minions runs over to him. Vulkanus hands him the gun.)

[Vulkanus]: Go put this back in my ship.

(The minion runs back.)

[Vulkanus]: Alright. (Drops a limp Briggs to the ground) You, my friend, hand Ben over to me.

(McAllister picks Ben up and shoves him over to Vulkanus.)

(Vulkanus wraps his arm around Ben.)

[Vulkanus]: As for all of you! I am more powerful than your superior. However, I have no intention of inflicting any harm upon you! You all seem like fine soldiers and loyal men standing to protect your country! Or whatever you stand to protect after this guy (looks at Briggs) entered your life.

[Vulkanus]: I have no intention of coercing you into joining my side despite the fact that you will all be handsomely paid, and will go on more... exotic escapades that extend beyond the planet you currently stand on. I doubt you trust me, and that's perfectly understandable. I will leave in peace and leave you unharmed - I just have one command on behalf of John Briggs.

(He takes out his pistol and shoots Briggs in the head. Blood splatters everywhere, and Vulkanus begins backing out into the runway.)


(Gwen's, Kevin's and Harangue's captors aim their guns.)


(A small explosion happens behind Vulkanus, startling him and throwing off the soldiers before they can kill the hostages.)

(Several Plumber ships fly overhead, circling around Vulkanus. The Rust Bucket 3 comes in from the distance and lands.)

[Vulkanus]: Well what do we have here?

(The Rust Bucket 3 opens. Cooper runs out with a gun aimed at Vulkanus, followed by Max. The Plumber ships overhead open up and several Plumber troops extend ropes to slide down. They pull out their weapons. Vulkanus is surrounded.)

[Vulkanus]: Well I'll be damned. Max Tennyson picking up all his weight to come this far. How many old men do I have to kill tonight?

[Max]: We're not here to arrest anyone! Just to make a deal!

[Vulkanus]: Bullcrap.

[Max]: Give us your three hostages and we walk away. You can keep Ben.

[Vulkanus]: Are you kidding me? The loving grandpa making a deal like that?

[Max]: Cooper, drop your weapon.

[Cooper]: Magister...

[Max]: I said drop your weapon.

(Cooper complies)

[Vulkanus]: So you are serious.

[Max]: We'll pursue you another day. Right now, at least a hundred people will die on the spot. I can't risk that.

[Vulkanus]: Oh really? How many people have you killed in your life, old man?

(Max just walks past him.)

[Ben]: Grandpa, please...

[Max]: I'm sorry, Ben.

(Ben glances at the Ultimatrix - there's a green ring around the dial that appears to fill a quarter of the perimeter.)

(Max goes over to the hostages, unarmed.)

[Max]: Please give them to us. You're military. My organization has authority over the whole planet. You're better off following real orders rather than make deals with criminals. In fact, I'm still allowing for that. Your activities with him are free to continue - I will take these three into custody elsewhere and leave Ben Tennyson at your disposal.

(The captors look hesitant)

[Max]: You're trained to follow orders. Follow them.

[McAllister]: You're not military.

(They hear a helicopter in the distance. It comes around behind the facility and lands nearby.)

[Col. Rozum]: I AM! (he steps out and begins walking)

[Max]: Rozum?

[Col. Rozum]: You people have no superior! I'm Colonel Rozum of the United States Air Force! Max Tennyson is a friend, and he has authority over this planet. I can confirm that. I, on the other hand, have authority over the military! Hand over the hostages! I'm unarmed, and I have called off my men.

[Max]: Rozum, you're agreeing to this?

[Col. Rozum]: I am. Ben Tennyson is able to handle himself, and that can happen elsewhere. You officers hand your hostages to me right now.

(The captors wait)

[Col. Rozum]: I said right now.

(After a long pause, the captors shove Kevin, Gwen and Harangue in front of them and put their guns back.)

[Col. Rozum]: Thank you. Max, you take these people on your ship. I'll be off now. My men have returned to their base.

(He walks back to his helicopter and flies off)

(Max takes the three over to the Rust Bucket 3 - Kevin and Gwen board, but Harangue stays put.)

[Max]: Mr. Harangue, you're gonna have to come.

[Harangue]: There's no way I'm coming with you people. I'll let them kill me. Everything I've organized has turned into another goddamn conspiracy. I'll die knowing that Ben 10 is a menace.

[Max]: Mr. Harangue...

[Harangue]: NO!

(Ben looks at his watch again. The meter is at about 40%.)

[Vulkanus]: Looks like someone's not cooperating.

[Ben]: Include me in that!

(Vulkanus looks at him startled and puzzled - Ben slams the Ultimatrix.)

(Max grabs Harangue and runs into the Rust Bucket 3. Vulkanus staggers back at the green flash.)

(The soldiers in the hangar rush forward, only to all stagger back as Vulkanus and the soldiers in front of them go flying backward.)


(A bunch of smoke and dust goes everywhere - Vulkanus comes running back.)

[Vulkanus]: Kill them all!!!

(Cannonbolt comes flying out of the dust and lunges at Vulkanus, slamming him into the ground.)

[Max]: Cooper! Go!

(The Rust Bucket 3 begins hovering up. The other Plumber ships fly around too, firing at Vulkanus.)

(Several soldiers engage Cannonbolt. He becomes a ball again and knocks down a large line of soldiers like bowling pins.)

(He jumps up and becomes normal again. He uses his large hands to backhand several soldiers rushing at him.)

(Vulkanus uses his chance to escape and run into his ship. He flies off.)

[Max]: Vulkanus is escaping! One of you, go after him!

(One of the Plumber ships begins pursuit.)

(Down on the runway, soldiers take out rocket launchers.)

(Cannonbolt does another burnout and knocks down six more soldiers. A soldier at the other end of the runway waits with a rocket launcher.)

(Cannonbolt comes rolling straight at the guy, but he fires a rocket, that sends Cannonbolt flying back.)

[Cannonbolt]: AAH!! (He lands hard on his back)

(Cannonbolt then jumps in the air and slams into the ground, creating a giant area effect. The number of soldiers continues to decrease.)

[Gunner]: Get more grenades!

(Soldiers rush back into the hangar. They pry doors open and grab stuff from weapons storage.)

(Cannonbolt jumps again, dodging the gunner's rocket. He lands right in front of him, becomes normal, and hits him, sending him backwards. Cannonbolt then does a left uppercut to take the man down.)

(He advances further, but soldiers toss grenades at him. He is sent staggering backwards. He is in the hangar now.)

(The soldiers make their way towards him, but he becomes a ball and charges through a door, crumbling part of the wall and sending scaffolds crashing down. Some of the debris lands in front of the door, walling off Cannonbolt inside the hall he just went into.)

[Soldier 1]: This place is coming down!

[Soldier 2]: Use another grenade! It'll bring him out! Tell Unit 5 to evacuate!

(Soldier 1 hurls a grenade through the crumbled clearing. It explodes, but more debris just falls.)

[Soldier 1]: Dammit!

Vulkanus' ship
June 20, 2014, 9:33 PM ET

(Vulkanus opens up a map on his ship interface. He places his destination marker on Bellwood.)

[Vulkanus]: Let's see where this takes him...

(The Plumber ship continues shooting, but Vulkanus only makes attempts to evade it. This goes on for another six minutes.)

[Plumber Pilot]: (Over radio) Magister Tennyson? I think I know where Vulkanus is heading. His flight path is rather clear.

[Max]: Where?

[Plumber Pilot]: The city.

[Max]: Dammit. We have to get Ben.

Battle in Fort Briggs
June 20, 2014, 9:41 PM ET

(The soldiers are aiming their guns at the debris that blocked off Cannonbolt, waiting for him to come out.)

[Soldier 1]: You think he escaped out the back?

(A green flash suddenly happens.)

[Soldier 2]: Oh, he's here alright. One more grenade.

(The other soldiers stand back while Soldier 1 tosses a grenade.)

(The grenade deflects and hits the ceiling, exploding and making more lights and scaffolds collapse. The grenade was deflected by Ultimate Cannonbolt, whose armor is far stronger - he burst out of the debris right as the grenade was about to land.)

[Soldier 1]: What the hell just happened?

(Ultimate Cannonbolt charges into many more soldiers and knocks them over. He stops and stands up.)

[Ult. Cannonbolt]: I improvised.

(Soldier 1 throws his last grenade - Ultimate Cannonbolt charges and deflects it - it hits a power generator attached to a great deal of wiring and machinery. The entire left side of the hangar explodes, and this triggers extreme collateral damage.)

(The Rust Bucket 3 is hovering close to the ground outside the Fort - Max and the others see the Fort's left side collapse.)

[Gwen]: Oh my god.

[Harangue]: See? I told you he's a menace.

[Kevin]: Shut up!


(Scaffolds and cables swing back and forth, and several fires start. Four soldiers get crushed by falling debris.)

[Soldier 1]: Move! Move! The door's gonna get blocked off any second now!

(Soldiers 1 and 2 make it through the door - Ultimate Cannonbolt is looking around for anyone else, and turns to see debris about to block the doorway.)

[Ult. Cannonbolt]: NO!!!

(He tries to make it to the door, but the debris collapses.)

[Soldier 1]: (While sprinting) I'll be damned. He didn't make it.

(Gas tanks inside the factory topple over. They begin to leak.)

[Ult. Cannonbolt]: Come on, something... (he sees his Ultimatrix symbol on his chest - the power ring is at roughly 15% and is decreasing a lot faster due to the fact that he's gone Ultimate.)

(More generators and boxes start piling up around him. Fire and electricity from generators reaches the doorway.)


(A large wave of fire violently shoots out of the entrance and takes Soldiers 1 and 2 with it. Debris collapses and slides through the doorway as the fire subsides nearly instantly.)

(Max and the others watch in horror.)

(Fort Briggs' is now a gigantic pile of debris main hangar. The wreckage reaches parts of the lab, though the back of the building is still partially intact.)

(Kevin and Gwen stare at the wreckage through the window. Cooper looks stunned.)

(Suddenly, a tiny section of debris crumbles. Out flies a giant, spiked ball of metal - Ultimate Cannonbolt lands his palms on the Rust Bucket 3's front window and smiles happily. He waves at the stunned Max and the others as though nothing happened.)

(Max glares and silently presses the button to open the hangar door. Ultimate Cannonbolt crawls up the window and the passengers of the ship feel his weight on the top.)

(He lands and rolls up the ramp - the Ultimatrix power runs out halfway up and Ben stumbles and falls over. He gets back up.)

[Ben]: Hey, guys! What's wrong?

(He looks at Harangue)

[Ben]: Well, dammit, you're here. Grandpa, how did Rozum know about the ambush?

(The ship begins flying again to Bellwood)

[Max]: (In a solemn tone) I told him about it. I also told him to intervene if the soldiers didn't comply.

[Ben]: Yeah. Hey, sorry for scaring you, though I have no idea why that's a surprise.

[Gwen]: You just destroyed a whole military facility!

[Ben]: I took down a crime ring made of corrupt soldiers. You should have seen Captain Rozum in the precinct and his lecture on how much he loathed military corruption.

[Kevin]: Well you just proved him right! (Gestures to Harangue)

[Harangue]: What'd I tell you?

[Ben]: I watch your show, you know?

[Harangue]: Is your TV set still intact?

[Ben]: I find it entertaining, actually.

[Harangue]: Yet you stand here like kidnappers.

[Ben]: We took you to safety!

[Harangue]: I said I didn't want to be rescued!

[Ben]: Assisted suicide is still murder. We can't afford getting charged with that.

[Harangue]: It's high time you afforded at least some consequences, kid.

[Ben]: What the hell can you say? You know that Briggs stabbed you in the back, right?

[Harangue]: Fine, he tried to experiment on you, but that doesn't make you any less of a menace.

[Ben]: Fine, I'll play along with your campaign. Except I'm not a menace, I'm just a threat.

[Harangue]: You're damn right.

[Ben]: To your popularity. You're a grown man and your key motivator is jealousy. What's wrong with you? Do you actually think you'd make money off of announcing dead-obvious lies with a straight face? That's not even close to a feat worth barely a dime!

[Harangue]: You criticize it because it sways your "cult". Your way of thinking is fueled only by narcissism.

[Ben]: It's not narcissism for a celebrity to acknowledge their fans.

[Harangue]: I could have this argument all night, you little piece of crap! Your watch is out of battery, anyways!

[Ben]: Uh, Kevin doesn't need batteries to turn his fist into metal, and Gwen doesn't need batteries to send you to the other end of the continent.

[Harangue]: Thanks for the idea! I should be more explicit when talking about your "co-conspirators". These two over here are equally as much of a threat!

[Ben]: Good luck making anymore news in a prison cell. I pity your cellmates for two things: the headaches from your talking, and the extended sentence after they try and murder you.

[Harangue]: Answer this: how'd you turn from serious and brooding to a cocky a-hole that fast?

[Ben]: I feel relaxed. The threat is over.

[Max]: BEN!

[Ben]: Yes? (Pauses) Fine. I'll try out you "fried squid intestines".

[Max]: LISTEN. The threat is anything BUT eliminated. Vulkanus is heading to Bellwood!

[Ben]: (His expression goes serious) Did you send anyone after him?

[Max]: Plumber scouts. They mapped his flight path.

[Ben]: Those ships have guns on them, don't they? They can get his ship and his parachute in one shot!

[Max]: They haven't reported to me yet.

[Ben]: You think they're dead?

[Max]: You take that so lightly, you know? These are MY men.

[Ben]: Hey, speaking of our people, are my parents doing fine?

[Max]: Last I heard, your mom wants to "kill" Harangue.

[Harangue]: And that makes a family of freaks. Perfect.

[Kevin]: Can you shut your mouth? Ever?

[Harangue]: Whistleblowers don't shut up.

[Kevin]: You're not a whistleblower, you're the prime example of what the word "moron" means, except with a money-grabbing side.

[Harangue]: And you're the stereotypical punk.

[Ben]: Was.

[Kevin]: Ben!

[Harangue]: Oh, come on! You really think I wouldn't know you were a criminal?

[Ben]: He also became a hybrid alien monster. Twice, actually. Then a black market dealer, then a monster made of different kinds of rock... (Kevin glares) ...but that's not the point.

[Harangue]: Haha, what did she become, an "evil sorcerer" or some crap like that?

[Ben]: Unwanted trespasser in uncharted magical realms. And enemy to wizards. And a childhood rival of mine. Not really any form of criminal, though. But as I said before, that's not the point. I need to know-

[Harangue]: And did oldie over there become a space smuggler at one point?

[Ben]: SHUT THE HELL UP! (Exhale) Okay, we need to know what you did with the records of that news report. With the falsified evidence of the Techadon?

[Harangue]: Oh, you mean that broken robot?

[Kevin]: Busted! Someone record this!

[Ben]: No need.

[Harangue]: You're gonna have to ask Briggs what he did with it - his men were spies around the city. They stole it from the Captain's office in the BPD.

[Ben]: Briggs is dead.

[Harangue]: That's my point. I have no goddamn idea.

[Ben]: Not a problem. We still have evidence to arrest you.

[Harangue]: Do you?

[Cooper]: Guys? We're here.

(They head to the window - the city is seen in the distance.)

[Ben]: Turn on the news.

[Harangue]: Happy not to see me on there anymore?

[Ben]: Very.

[Harangue]: But I thought you said you found it-

(The radio frequency detector on the ship pops up with a breaking news report. A terrified man is reporting live.)

[Reporter]: A heavily armed man is currently making his way through central Bellwood right now. The destruction level is appalling, and his carnage is making its way towards the commercial districts right now! I don't know how long I'll be on this set, but the news building isn't far from his reported current location! Ben Tennyson chose the wrong time to get himself kidnapped because this is-

(Max turns it off)

[Max]: What did I tell you?

[Ben]: Your Plumber ships! What happened to them?

[Max]: Vulkanus probably managed to evade them.

(Ben looks at his Ultimatrix. 30% energy has been restored.)

[Ben]: This is enough for about 20-ish minutes without going Ultimate.

[Kevin]: Cannonbolt managed to show him who you are without the spikes. You can handle this.

[Cooper]: I see him!

[Ben]: What? Where?

[Cooper]: He's right at the commercial district! We have to land now!

[Ben]: In the city? Open the cargo door right now!

Streets of central Bellwood
June 20, 2014, 10:19 PM ET

(Vulkanus is on a rampage through the streets, firing his gun at random cars and people. He occasionally uses grenades.)

[Vulkanus]: Come on, over, Ben 10!

(The cameras are watching this and the feed is being broadcast to the news station.)

[Reporter]: This criminal appears to be threatening Ben Tennyson - we can only hope his captors release-

(The feed vanishes.)

(Vulkanus has just shot a security camera. He fires at another car.)

[Vulkanus]: Where are you, Ben? I'm right here!

[Ben]: And so am I! (Gwen has flown him and Kevin down in her pink shield.)

[Vulkanus]: I was waiting for you to show up!

[Ben]: Well, you're in luck. (He hits the dial on the Ultimatrix.)

(Ben grows increasingly hairy and his teeth sharpen. His muscles begin to bulge, and green electricity from his glowing veins reaches his neural sensors. His brain's Limbic System is electrified and enhanced, intensifying his emotions in the process. His vocal cords bulge as well and his fingernails darken and extend. A claw protrudes from his knuckles and the hair that has now turned into fur encloses around it.)

(Rath lunges at Vulkanus and knocks him to the ground. He punches him three times in the face and then picks him up by the collar.)

[Rath]: LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, VULKANUS!!! It's always a bad idea to threaten me on live TV! It makes me come over and beat the hell out of you! Because you asked for it! And guess what? IT'S TOO LATE NOW! I HAVE YOU!

(He throws Vulkanus into a nearby car and jumps up. Vulkanus fires his pistol three times at Rath's stomach - Rath flips over midair and lands hard on his back on the edge of the car.)

[Rath]: AAH!!! (He places his hand on his back, and looks at it - it's stained with blood. A bloody gashed wound on his back is seen.)

[Vulkanus]: That looked like it hurt!

[Rath]: IT DID! But unlike you I can get over it! (He begins running towards Vulkanus in a catlike manner.)

[Vulkanus]: Here, kitty kitty! (He has a grenade ready)

(Vulkanus is about to throw the grenade, but it gets knocked out of his hand. Vulkanus turns and sees Gwen's arm extended towards him.)

(Vulkanus suddenly yells in pain. Rath has stabbed him in the back with his claw. He pulls it out forcefully and as a result, tears a large gash in his armor.)

(Vulkanus turns and backhands Rath across the face. He knees his stomach and grabs his head, throwing it and hitting it on a nearby building.)

(Rath roars.)

Rust Bucket 3
June 20, 2014, 10:26 PM ET

(Harangue sees the plane nearing the news building, with a large antenna-like scaffold structure protruding from the top.)

(He uses all his strength to stand up, since he is handcuffed. He sneaks over to Max and steals his gun.)

[Max]: Hey!

(He gets up, but Harangue slams the gun against a window repeatedly, eventually breaking it. He aims the gun at Max.)

[Max]: Put the gun down right now! Cooper, give me your gun. (Cooper hands Max a Plumber's pistol)

(Before Max can aim it, Harangue fires his own gun at the floor near Max, making him stagger back.)

[Harangue]: Too slow, old man! (He jumps out the window.)

[Max]: NO!

(Harangue falls towards the news building. He extends his arms - the chain between the cuffs wraps around the pole coming off the building they were approaching. He slides down, but as he reaches the bottom, the chain snaps and his cuffs come loose.)

(Harangue begins to fall, but he catches himself by holding on to the edge of the metal cylinder at the base of the pole. He pauses to catch his breath, before letting go and falling a mere two feet before landing upright on the rooftop.)

(He sees that his gun has landed nearby. He picks it up and goes to the edge of the roof, where he can see Rath and Vulkanus fighting on the street below.)

Capt. Rozum's House
June 20, 2014, 10:32 PM ET

(Rozum sits watching TV, with a bandaged wrist. The news suddenly shows Rath and Vulkanus fighting. He turns up the volume.)

[Reporter]: ...return of Ben Tennyson has been confirmed. He has been spotted as a tiger-like creature, engaging in a brutal fight with the criminal who was terrorizing the streets just several minutes ago.

[Capt. Rozum]: (Leans forward) Well I'll be damned. He made it back.

(Rozum gets up, and runs out the front door.)

(He gets into his car - his wrist aches slightly when holding the steering wheel, but he ignores the pain and backs out of his driveway.)

(His wife comes into the living room with a cup of coffee.)

[Mrs. Rozum]: Honey, here's your coffee.

(She sees that he's not there and her expression turns to distress. She sees the door open and runs out just as the car drives off.)

[Mrs. Rozum]: JIM!

(She looks back at the TV and sees the report.)

[Mrs. Rozum]: Oh my god.

Rath vs. Vulkanus, Central Bellwood
June 20, 2014, 10:36 PM ET

(Rath jabs Vulkanus in the face. Vulkanus swings at him, but Rath blocks it and hits him another time. He jumps and does a 540° Hook Kick at Vulkanus's face. Vulkanus goes staggering back.)

(A metal-clad Kevin comes rushing in and lands a punch in the back of Vulkanus's head. Vulkanus grabs him and shoves him through the window of a cafe restaurant.)

News Building
June 20, 2014, 10:37 PM Timezone

(Harangue keeps his gun concealed and runs down the stairs of the building. The 20th floor is where the report is taking place.)

[Reporter]: Currently, residential areas of the city are unharmed. We can only hope that Ben Tennyson will keep the upper hand and-

(Harangue runs across the room, in front of the camera.)

[Reporter]: (Stands up) Hey, who the hell was that? Come back here!

(Several audiences are seen laughing.)

(Harangue goes running down more stairs. He makes it to a large atrium that takes up several floors - the floor of this place is also the lobby. He runs down the escalator, shoving aside several people. The place is being evacuated.)


(Rath continues attacking Vulkanus as they near a large outdoor plaza in which the News building located. Harangue sees this from inside.)

(Vulkanus hits Rath in the face and pulls out his gun. Rath grabs his arm, which causes him to misfire at the glass doors and windows at the entrance of the News building. The panes shatter violently, and Harangue ducks behind a nearby wall.)

(Rath twists Vulkanus' arm, and then hits him multiple times in the chest. His armor eventually gives way and breaks. Rath kicks him in the collar, which breaks part of it off and causes it to come loose.)

[Vulkanus]: No! NO!

(Rath tackles Vulkanus and brings him to the ground. Bystanders cheer and Rath pulls Vulkanus's real body out, and holds up his infantile form to the crowd like a trophy.)

(Several police sirens are heard in the background. Rath continues to hold up Vulkanus while placing one foot on his armor.)

(Harangue, meanwhile, slowly gets up from his hiding position and starts sneaking up on Rath with his gun out.)

[Bystander]: GUN!

(The civilians panic as Harangue then aims his gun at Rath. Rath drops Vulkanus and faces Harangue.)

[Harangue]: I have you now, menace! Retaliate and I will shoot! This is your grandfather's gun! Designed for beasts like you!

(The police cars pull up and Capt. Rozum and several other officers get out. They make their way through the crowd and hold their guns at Harangue.)

[Capt. Rozum]: (Through loudspeaker) Will Harangue, drop the gun and put your hands in the air! Or we will shoot!

[Harangue]: I'm fine with dying! I'm gonna shoot first! (Rath steps down from Vulkanus's armor) You make one move, beast, and I kill you. You're my hostage.

(Rath continues walking over to him and stands right in front of him.)

[Rath]: Rath doesn't like being a hostage!

[Harangue]: I'm going to shoot!

[Rath]: No you're not.

(Rath grabs Harangue's arm, making him drop the weapon. He then inhales.)

[Rath]: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Harangue's hair is blown to one side)

(Rath stares at him for a few seconds, and looks at the crowd. He smiles, and then looks back at the stunned Harangue.)

(After a few more seconds, Rath makes a brutal uppercut to Harangue's face, which sends him flying and bouncing upon landing on the ground.)

[Rath]: He's all yours!

(The civilians cheer as the police run over to Harangue and apprehend him.)

(Rath looks at the crowd proudly.)

(Vulkanus suddenly starts running away.)

[Rath]: What? You come back here right now!

(With his small size, Vulkanus manages to briefly outrun him - suddenly, he is stopped as something right in front of him hits the ground.)

(Cooper comes rushing in with his gun, that he just fired. He then picks up Vulkanus and puts a small brace around him.)

[Cooper]: Vulkanus, you are under arrest on behalf of the Plumbers, on charges of murder and intergalactic weapons trafficking.

[Capt. Rozum]: (Continuing the arrest dialogue to Harangue) You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you.

(He starts taking him away)

[Capt. Rozum]: Also, don't tell me I didn't warn you this would happen. You made it quite clear that you understand my terms.

(Rath turns back to Ben, who is then joined by Gwen and Kevin.)

(As Harangue is dragged away, several news cameras look at him. He turns around to face them.)

[Harangue]: As Harangue Nation is coming to a close, I end with this: Nation, you have not seen the last of me. Neither has Ben Tennyson. You hear that, menace? (He is placed inside the police car) YOU HEAR ME? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF- (The door is shut.)

(The car begins driving off, but the scene freezes in a freeze-frame, which then minimizes to a pane on the top-left corner of a news report screen.)

[Reporter]: And those were the closing lines of corrupt news reporter Will Harangue, whose antagonizing of Ben Tennyson has finally ended with his being proven wrong on the spot earlier tonight. Harangue is estimated to spend up to two years in prison for orchestrating the kidnapping of Ben Tennyson, as well as conspiring with corrupt members of the U.S. Army.

(Ben's parents are watching this report.)

(Ben suddenly walks into the house.)

[Ben]: Well at least he'll be off the screens from now on.

(Ben's parents look in shock and reduce their TV volume. They run and hug Ben.)

[Ben]: Ow! Mom, what have I told you about hugs?

[Sandra]: What have I told you about keeping yourself safe?

[Ben]: Nothing happened to me. They just killed my watch's power because they wanted to make a gun out of it.

[Carl]: Why didn't you tell us you were traveling so far?

[Ben]: Captain Rozum told me to keep it a secret.

[Sandra]: Isn't that police irresponsibility?

[Ben]: He was the one that ended up getting hurt more than I did, so, I can't really answer that.

(The doorbell rings.)

McDuffie Penitentiary
June 20, 2014, 11:07 PM ET

(Harangue, now in an orange T-shirt, is getting escorted into a prison cell by a guard, who asks him if he needs to make any calls to family before his phone is confiscated.)

[Harangue]: I never expected any form of support. (He hands the phone to the guard.)

(The guard closes the cell, locks it, and leaves.)

(Harangue sighs, and then turns around to see two other inmates. One of them cracks his knuckles.)

[Harangue]: Wait, what? Who the hell let you in here? Come on, I never criticized any of you, I don't even know who you are!

[Inmate 1]: Yet your voice managed to annoy the crap out of us on TV...

(The thugs approach a terrified Harangue.)

Plumbers' Holding Cells in their space base
June 20, 2014, 11:23 PM Earth Time

(Vulkanus, in his infant-like form, is placed inside a special cell designed for him. He is given a holographic communications device by a Plumber prison guard.)

[Guard]: Any friends to call?

[Vulkanus]: Yes. (He is given the device. He runs over to the corner of his cell and opens up the caller menu.)

(He waits a few seconds before the device's interface begins to flicker. Static and distortion appears before the screen returns to normal.)

[Guard]: What just happened to it?

[Vulkanus]: I don't-


(Vulkanus picks up the call and holds the device to his ear.)

[Vulkanus]: Hello?

[Distorted, Modified, Deep Voice]: You know who this is, don't you?

[Vulkanus]: Oh, um, yes. Kind of a bad time to make a call, don't you think?

[Voice]: It's last-minute, I have no choice.

[Vulkanus]: Is it important?

[Voice]: You were reckless.

[Vulkanus]: Listen, I'm not another one of those damn bounty hunters of yours! I don't like getting my hands dirty, it gets me into situations like these!

[Voice]: You're quite disposable. Hopefully my other agents can carry out the job better than you can.

[Vulkanus]: The mix-up with the reporter wasn't my idea!

[Voice]: You should learn to choose better associates then... and so should I. You have righteously taught me that lesson and I thank you for it.

[Vulkanus]: You actually took such lengths for this call just to chew me out?

[Voice]: When the "authorities" revisit our last conversation together, they can learn of your failure as well. After all, no one gets to me.

[Vulkanus]: You- (The call hangs up, and Vulkanus looks at the phone device.)

[Guard]: Your time's up, buddy. Give me the phone.

(Vulkanus looks at the guard for a moment, before hurling the device at the cell wall and breaking it. He slides the broken pieces to the guard.)

(The guard continues to glare at him.)

Ben's House
June 20, 2014, 11:09 PM ET

(The people at the door are Gwen and Kevin.)

[Sandra]: Oh, hello, you two! Come on in!

(They walk in.)

[Ben]: Hey, guys.

[Kevin]: Yeah, hi. We, uh...

[Gwen]: We thought we might celebrate Ben's safe return.

[Ben]: And yours.

[Kevin]: We got beat up.

[Ben]: Whatever. Do your parents know you're safe?

[Kevin]: Hers do. That doesn't apply to me.

[Carl]: Aw, Kevin, don't make us all sad after this.

[Ben]: I'm betting my sadness will be worse. Because two specific people probably don't trust me now.

[Sandra]: Honey, you were kidnapped and nearly killed!

(Ben begins slowly walking to the door.)

[Ben]: Mom, I've been beaten, kidnapped, shot, electrified, restrained, and nearly killed. Yet here I stand today. You're only surprised because you never knew that until today. (He leans against the doorway and looks out at the sky.)

[Sandra]: It's still a very dangerous life you're living.

[Ben]: It's also a ton of fun. Hey, have any of you seen the full moon today? Nice, isn't it?

[Carl]: Ben, we understand that it's an amazing thing you're doing, but you're still our son.

[Ben]: Who you should trust to dangerous things. I recommend that.

[Sandra]: Because what you just said was absolutely ridiculous, I have to ask: what's your point?

[Ben]: That you should stop being scared.

[Everyone else in the room]: Why?

[Ben]: (Smiles and looks back at the sky) Because hero time is never over. It's summer, people! You should know that it's just starting again.

[Kevin]: Like it ever stopped.

(Ben exits the house and opens his car door.)

[Ben]: Exactly.

(He gets into the car and sees everyone staring.)

[Ben]: Oh, right. Midnight Smoothies, anyone?


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