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Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution
Season 1, Episode 1
1x01 - Humungousaur Silhouette.png
Air date July 8, 2014
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"Pilot - Part 2"

Series Premiere. "Pilot - Part 1" is the first episode of Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution. It is the first half of the two-part series pilot.


Alleyways in south Bellwood
June 17, 2014, 10:55 PM ET

[3 alien smugglers are running between buildings in a shady part of town, carrying a bag with them.]

[Alien #1 is a Pisciss Volann (Ripjaws' species], Alien #2 looks like a human with a crab-like head, and Alien #3 is the same species as Magister Labrid.]

[The smugglers reach a doorway.]

[Alien #1]: This the place?

[Alien #2]: I'm sure of it. (Checks phone) Yup, these are the coordinates the dealer gave us, he should be here.

[Alien #3]: All right, you guys ready?

[Aliens 1 and 2]: Yeah. Do it.

(Alien #3 kicks down the door. Aliens 1 and 2 pull out their guns and search the place - it's an abandoned building with a relatively empty interior.)

[Alien #3]: Quite a place. What a shithole.

[Alien #2]: Our client's at the rooftop! Move!

(The aliens rush up the stairs through the building and reach the door up top.)

[Alien #1]: Here we are.

(They open the door and walk out into an empty rooftop. Aliens 2 and 3 look behind themselves to see if their client has arrived.)

[Alien #1]: What the hell?

[Alien #2]: Are you kidding me? We got ditched?

(Alien #3 heads over to the edge of the rooftop and looks out to the sky.]

[Alien #3]: Besides the view, I don't see anything. What time did he say he'd be coming?

[Alien #1]: Yeah, we could be early.

[Alien #2]: Nope, we're late. He was supposed to be coming at around 11 PM - it says here: "wait ten more minutes, and leave if I'm still not there." It's nearing 10 by now.

[Alien #1]: Well, he made it sound like there was a possibility of not coming. We can't blame 'em.

[Alien #2]: Yes we can! Have you seen what's in that bag?

[Alien #1]: We weren't supposed to, you idiot!

[Alien #2]: I didn't - I just heard that it was of "high value".

[Alien #1]: Sounds like bullshit if you ask me.

[Alien #3]: Guys, he's not coming. Didn't you say he had a helicopter?

[Alien #2]: Yes. And he's local.

[Alien #3]: And if what he's saying about the contents of that bag is true, he has no reason not to show up. I say this whole thing was a hoax.

[Alien #2]: Then what do you think we do with the bag?

[Alien #1]: Open it?

[Alien #2]: Oh, what the hell. A lesson learned for the no-show clients, I guess.

(Alien 2 unzips the bag - there is a massive assault rifle inside that appears to be very powerful.)

[Alien #2]: (Laughs) Aw, damn! What do we have here?

[Alien #1]: Not so fast, you greedy piece of-

[Alien #2]: There's only one gun in here.

[Alien #1]: Then what are you suggesting? That we fight like little rats for it?

[Alien #2]: The temptation for high value makes anyone opportunistic.

[Alien #1]: Very well said. Makes for great last words, you know?

(Alien 1 begins pulling out his gun)

[Alien #3]: WAIT!!!

(Aliens 1 and 2 look to their side, as Alien 3 is walking back to them.)

[Alien #3]: We all have money with us right now. We could auction this.

[Alien #1]: Bullshit! On the spot? I'm betting you want that gun too! You can hold it up like a prize and blow our brains out anytime! Hell, you could even use that to get the job done!

[Alien #3]: Not my style.

[Alien #2]: I doubt it.

(Alien #3 pulls out his pistol at them)

[Alien #3]: Or it could just not be for sale at all.

[Alien #2]: Ah, yes. That's the spirit. Play by our rules. Very good. Only thing is that your crappy gun probably can't even kill someone, let alone two people with heavier artillery.

[Alien #3]: Good point.

(Alien 3 now aims his gun at the bag)

[Alien #3]: We could just all walk out of here with nothing.

[Alien #1]: Not unless one of us shoots you first!

[Alien #3]: I die, one of you pulls a Han Solo on the other, ding ding we have a winner. Great suicide note, I guess. I really can't shoot both of you, can I?

[Alien #1]: Nope.

(Alien 1 now aims his gun at Alien 2 instead)

[Alien #1]: Also, two of us can't share one gun.

[Alien #2]: Oh, I see! So if I shoot him [Alien #3] first, then you shoot me and walk away!

[Alien #1]: Reverse Han Solo, buddy. [to Alien #3] You DON'T shoot first this time around.

[Alien #3]: Well, someone has to make a decision.

[Alien #2]: You know you're gonna die, so I suggest you do. Either way, I'm giving you both three seconds to pull the trigger. Ready?

[All three aliens]: THREE! TWO! ONE!


(The next shot shows Aliens 2 and 3 dead. Alien 1's corpse suddenly falls on the floor in front of the camera.)

(A sniper rifle's scope view from a distance watches the three bodies before being lowered - the shooter is a military soldier.)

(A military helicopter begins its descent to the rooftop.)

[Soldier 1]: (Into radio) Target located, hostiles successfully neutralized. Landing now.

(The helicopter slowly lands and five soldiers come rushing out.)

[Soldier 2]: (Looks at bag) Target is secure.

[Commander]: Has it been tampered with?

[Soldier 2]: Negative, sir.

[Commander]: Grab it and get going! No one's gonna care for these sorry anyway.

(Soldiers 1 and 2 take the bag and load it into the helicopter. The commander boards last following a quick scan of the area, and then closes the door.)

(The helicopter flies away into the night.)


Rooftop of smugglers' shooting
June 18, 2014, 2:30 PM ET

(An animated logo of Harangue Nation pops up on TV with "BREAKING NEWS" added to the title.)

(A picture of the crime scene is shown with a headline at the bottom: "BREAKING NEWS: 3 dead in shooting)

[Will Harangue]: Good evening, nation, I'm Will Harangue and we're live at the brutal shooting that took place last night.

[Harangue]: The victims are indeed extraterrestrial - this appears to be the casualty of a multi-faceted gang war - the subject of the theoretical conflict has yet to be determined.

[Harangue]: Or, better yet, judging from the likelihood of a smuggling operation or weapons deal gone terribly wrong, I think that said contraband could have something to do with a particular piece of technology belonging to a particular suspect, who is a frequent subject of matter on Harangue Nation...

[Harangue]: ...and yes, for newcomers to the show, this is indeed Ben Tennyson I am implying. For you regular watchers here, besides thanking you for your dedication to the program, I am acknowledging your familiarity with my strong opposition to the young man's activities, and worse, his justification of his actions coming in the form of celebrity status! What does this tell you, nation? It says that he's poisoned the minds of this good city! Disgusting, isn't it?

[Harangue]: Well, back to you viewers - I am eternally grateful for your support for my cause, and for those of you folks among that crowd who haven't already, I strongly recommend taking part in my campaign to eradicate this lunatic's waves of destruction - I call it "Ben 10: Threat or Menace?" And yes, observe that I am in fact proposing that question to you, nation. You decide!

[Man in the distance]: Excuse me, Mr. Harangue?

[Harangue]: (Turns around) Yes, Captain?

[Police Captain]: I'm just a bit confused here as to whether this is a news report or just one hell of a promo for whatever campaign you've got going on here.

[Harangue]: Well, I just thought I'd mention it in my report.

[Captain]: What report? Are you sure this is real news you're doing here, and not some excuse to turn your "mentions" into rambling on about your televised street protests?

[Harangue]: Well, uh, that's... not exactly how I'd describe what I do. Oh, and with all due respect, Captain, you do realize this is a bit embarrassing on live television, don't you?

[Captain]: Embarrassing, huh? You should be the one who's embarrassed, for going through all this pain to conjure up your ridiculous conspiracy bull just for a quick paycheck, don't you think?

(Harangue glares at him, and looks at his badge: it says "Captain J. Rozum, BPD")

[Harangue]: Rozum... you wouldn't happen to be related to the army colonel down in NASA, would you, Captain?

[Capt. Rozum]: I actually happen to be directly related to him. Buddy, I'm his brother.

[Harangue]: Hmm.

[Capt. Rozum]: (Puts his hand on Harangue's shoulder) *(sigh)* Look son, I'm not here to try and arrest you, or stop what you're doing - no charges in regards to the former, 1st Amendment violation in doing the latter. All I'm pointing out is that there's a big difference between news and tabloid gossip.

[Harangue]: Uh...

[Capt. Rozum]: Ah - wait. Just - just don't get me wrong here, I'm a cop, and being a civil servant I appreciate your ambitions to help the city. My advice? Rely on actual evidence this time and stop falsifying footage of other threats. You could actually get some genuine investigative journalism going.

[Harangue]: (Takes Rozum's hand off his shoulder, pats down his suit) Well said, Captain, but I do in fact have some real evidence handy, besides this crime scene, which I plan to make use of. Please know that I am nevertheless dedicated to stopping Tennyson's rampage.

[Capt. Rozum]: *(Exhale)* Believe and do what you must, Mr. Harangue, I just sure do hope to God that it doesn't get your ass landed in my car's backseat any day, you understand me?

(As he is saying this, Harangue has made his way into his helicopter. It is taking off.)

[Harangue]: (From the helicopter, in a taunting tone) I SURE DO, CAPTAIN! I SURE DO!

(Rozum angrily watches the chopper fly away before returning to the scene.)

Streets of central Bellwood
June 18, 2014, 2:45 PM ET

(A Techadon with crablike legs is terrorizing the city, smashing its way through a street.)

[Civilians]: AAAAH!!! HELP!!!!

(A car drives up near the intersection the Techadon is heading towards. The car belongs to Ben Tennyson.)

[Kevin Levin]: Is that... a Techadon with crab legs?

[Ben]: Well, whatever the hell it is, it's gonna wreck the whole city.

[Kevin]: ...Unless we stop it. Gotcha.

[Ben]: (Gets out of car) See, you are getting the hang of this!

[Gwen Tennyson]: (From backseat) Wait - why are you unsure if that thing is a Techadon?

[Ben]: Aren't we all unsure at the beginning? (Starts walking towards the robot)

[Kevin]: (Looks out window) I... don't follow.

[Ben]: (Looks down at Ultimatrix and turns the dial) We know what that thing is once we... (Slams dial)

[Kevin]: Once we do what? (Sees green flash) *(Sigh)* Damn it. (Gets back into his seat)

[Kevin]: Gwen, you stay here until I go find out what he's up to.

[Gwen]: You know I'm still coming, right?

[Kevin]: (Smiles) Yeah.

(They get out of the car)

(Kevin walks up over to Ben)

[Kevin]: So, how exactly do we know what it is?

[Swampfire]: It's quite simple, actually.

(He leaps up at the robot and punches it hard in the face - he is knocked back upon impact with an unimpeded Techadon and lands hard on the ground)

[Kevin]: Techadon?

[Swampfire]: Techadon.

(They both laugh as Kevin pulls Swampfire up)

(Swampfire looks at the Techadon and sets his aim at the jet thrusters behind its legs)

(His hand begins to smoke)

[Swampfire]: Okay, when I say "action", Gwen, you get it's arms, and Kevin, you tear its head off.

[Kevin]: You sure it's that easy?

[Swampfire]: (Gets two fireballs ready) Nah, I think it's a bit easier. (He hurls fire at the boosters)

(The boosters explode, blowing off the Techadon's legs and immobilizing it

(Swampfire throws a few seeds on the ground and they grow into large vines that restrain the Techadon by its torso)

[Swampfire]: Action!

(Gwen uses her powers to harness the Techadon's arms, while Kevin absorbs a nearby car, leaps at the Techadon and grabs its head)

[Kevin]: (Grunts) It's not coming off!

(He yanks harder and the Techadon loses balance - its arms go into a flurry and fire all over the place)

[Swampfire]: Gwen! Bring your hands together!

[Gwen]: I know! (She brings her hands together, yanking the Techadon's arms to aim at each other - they fire and the Techadon is left with its restrained, dysfunctional torso)

(Civilians cheer)

[Ben]: (Changes back) A job well done, don't you think?

[Kevin]: I think that thing was a prototype - these guys usually don't take any hits at all.

[Gwen]: It's still high time these guys got a taste of their own medicine.

[Ben]: Then a job well done it is. (They high-five each other)

(The camera focuses on the Techadon's broken body among a ton of wreckage. The scene switches to the same shot, but on a computer screen.)

Harangue Nation News Office
June 18, 2014, 7:00 PM ET

(The Techadon then vanishes from the photo and is replaced by a picture of Swampfire - Harangue finishes editing the image on Photoshop)

(He emails it to his assistant Barry and then phones him)

[Harangue]: Barry, I just sent you a photo - get it on the screens before we start broadcasting.

[Barry]: Got it.

Captain Rozum's House
June 18, 2014, 7:28 PM ET

[Capt. Rozum]: Honey! It's me!

[Mrs. Rozum]: (Comes over, gives him a hug and kisses him on the cheek) How was work?

[Capt. Rozum]: Good. It was just this one case...

[Mrs. Rozum]: Was it bad? Tell me what happened.

[Capt. Rozum]: Not anything too gruesome, it was... two things. One of which I'm allowed to tell you about.

[Mrs. Rozum]: Fine. Tell me then.

[Capt. Rozum]: See, it was enough to get that reporter started off on more of his protesting nonsense.

[Mrs. Rozum]: Oh, you mean Will Harangue? You told me you'd do something about that! It's upsetting to see that boy get harassed like that, especially to Henry.

[Capt. Rozum]: I know. The thing that worries me is that he probably knows he's linking that kid to crimes he didn't commit. I tried telling him nicely but he made it clear he wasn't listening.

[Mrs. Rozum]: *(Sigh)* You should talk to the child.

[Capt. Rozum]: He's gotten himself into too many risks to be a "child" now - I doubt he even cares. But I think Harangue is trying to take matters into his own hands now.

[Mrs. Rozum]: By matters you mean the law? Well, you are a cop.

[Capt. Rozum]: I'll see, honey. (Turns on TV)

[Reporter]: Yet another attack - from the mechanized monsters having been identified as "Techadons" - has been stopped by none another than Ben Tennyson, again.

(A picture of the Techadon's incapacitated torso is shown.)

[Reporter]: This attack was reported to have been neutralized fairly fast compared to previous attacks from the rather powerful Techadon army - in one past interview Tennyson described his said opponents as "nearly unbreakable." It was-

(Channels switch through)

[Capt. Rozum]: Let's see what our friend has to say about this...

[Harangue]: Ben Tennyson's carnage once again took its toll in central Bellwood this evening, with a generally populated street in the commercial district having gotten a taste of the wrath of "Ben 10". The commerce, the happy feeling of walking through a richly active part of town - GONE. Just like that. It really shows how ruthless this fugitive can be - I apologize for upsetting victims, but for viewers' curiosity, here are images of the attack:

(Harangue's Photoshopped picture of the crime scene without the Techadon is shown)

[Capt. Rozum]: Well I'll be damned. That's the same exact picture from the real report.

[Mrs. Rozum]: The... one with the fallen robot?

[Capt. Rozum]: Yes, exactly. It's been modified.

[Mrs. Rozum]: Oh my god.

[Capt. Rozum]: Honey, I have to actually go now - I'll be back in roughly an hour, but this is important.

[Mrs. Rozum]: Is it about Harangue?

[Capt. Rozum]: Unfinished case, can't talk about it.

(Rozum gets into his car and drives to the precinct)

Bellwood Police Department (BPD) Precinct
June 18, 2014, 7:40 PM ET

(Rozum's car pulls up and he gets out, running in)

(He heads over to his office, opens up his computer, and enters "Ben Tennyson" into the search box)

(Several casefiles with his name mentioned show up - Rozum opens up several and prints out pictures)

[Capt. Rozum]: Alright let's see here...

(Rozum goes to HarangueNation.com and looks at news report videos corresponding to the dates from the crime scenes.)

[Capt. Rozum]: I have you now.

(The pictures shown, however, match the ones from the actual report.)

[Capt. Rozum]: SHIT! 

(An officer walks in on a nervous Rozum)

[Officer]: Everything all right, Captain?

[Capt. Rozum]: Yeah, it's fine. Thanks.

[Officer]: Okay. You- you just looked a bit nervous, that's all.

[Capt. Rozum]: *(exhale)* Well, it's just this one case that's been bugging me, that's all. I'll tell you if I need any help.

[Officer]: Sounds good, thanks.

[Capt. Rozum]: Thank you.

(Officer leaves)

Ben's House
June 19, 2014, 6:30 AM ET

(Alarm rings)

(Ben slightly opens his eyes and sees "06-19-14" on the clock, before he sleepily knocks it off the stand. He then suddenly opens his eyes and gets up a little to look at the alarm on the floor.)

[Ben]: (Mouths) June nineteenth... (His eyes widen)

[Ben]: OH MY GOD.

(A quick montage of Ben opening the shower water while brushing his teeth shirtless, before lunging at the shower, and later getting dressed while walking down the stairs.)

[Sandra Tennyson]: Well, this is a first! You woke up early!

[Ben]: Last day of school, Mom! Early start, early finish!

(Takes out his watch)

[Sandra]: Uh, Ben? What are you doing?

[Ben]: Mom, you've told me to be efficient before when I'm lazy. And because the last day is practically preparation for a new year, it's gonna be my resolution for 11th grade.

(Turns into Swampfire)

[Sandra]: AAH!!!! BEN!!

(Swampfire takes out a large plate, and places bread, a frying pan with egg yolks, and an unheated cup of coffee in that sequence.)

[Sandra]: (Covers her mouth and nose) Ben! You just took and shower and both of us are about to eat!)

[Swampfire]: Correction: We're about to eat efficiently.

(Swampfire slowly casts fire over the three dishes)

[Sandra]: BEN!!!!!

(This wakes up Ben's dad Carl, who is still asleep upstairs)

(Ben changes back)

[Ben]: Neat, don't you think? (Sees his mom's expression) *(Sigh)* Look, if it makes you feel any better, I'll make food for you like that tomorrow morning. Deal?

(Ben's mom continues to glare until she slowly cracks a smile)

[Ben]: (Finishes his food and coffee) That's the spirit.

(He hugs his Mom and gives her a kiss on the cheek before running out the door)

[Sandra]: Ben! You forgot your backpack!

[Ben]: No backpack on the last day, Mom! (Gets into his car)

[Sandra]: (Increases in loudness as Ben's car drives away) Have a great day, honey!

(She goes back inside, and Carl Tennyson shows up in a bathrobe and a cup of coffee.)

[Carl]: Well, did I miss anything?

Julie Yamamoto's House
June 19, 2014, 6:45 AM ET

[Julie]: (Begins leaving house) Bye, Ship! I'll see you soon, okay?

[Ship]: (Jumps up happily) Ship! Ship!

[Julie]: Good boy.

(Just as she exits her house, Ben's car pulls up and revs loudly)

[Julie]: (Grins) What exactly are you doing here?

[Ben]: (Lowers window) Well, I need to give a ride to a special someone on the last day.

[Julie]: We never booked a ride, driver.

[Ben]: Well, "ma'am", I did. I just have to.

[Julie]: Whoever said we play by your rules? You're the driver!

[Ben]: ...With this car. And with that, I wait for (and dare) you to say no.

[Julie]: (Gets in the passenger seat) Just shut up and drive. (Buckles seat belt)

(Ben stares at her seat and back to her. She notices this and realizes she's obliged with his request)

[Ben]: ...and I win. My rules it is.

(Julie looks at him and slowly smiles - Ben grins back and looks back ahead. He accelerates.)

Bellwood High School
June 19, 2014, 6:55 AM ET

(Ben's car pulls up, and he and Julie run out into the doors. The next shot shows the minute hand on the clock reaching twelve to declare 7:00 AM.)

(Ben and his friends have parties in every class.)

(Ben watches his friend do moves on the teacher's desk while sipping a smoothie. Gwen and Kevin walk into the classroom.)

[Ben]: Oh, hey guys! Any... purpose you wish to serve at the moment?

[Gwen and Kevin] (In unison, very sarcastically) HI.

(They both turn around at the same time and walk away. Ben looks confused.)

(The next montage of scenes shows Ben getting a bunch of certificates from his teachers and giving a student speech at the end-of-year assembly, finishing it by throwing a bunch of Omnitrix symbol badges at the cheering audience)

Bellwood High School
June 19, 2014, 11:35 AM ET

(Ben runs out of the school and shuts the doors, placing a few bricks in front of them and running to his car)

(As he's getting in, Julie, Gwen and Kevin run out into the parking lot through the side door)

[Ben]: (Panting) Julie! *(pant)* *(gasp)* Get in! I... *(pant)* I need to save you!

[Julie]: (Runs over to him) Dammit, Ben! Can't you go anywhere with me?

[Ben]: I willingly did this morning.

[Julie]: Fine! Do it again, will you!

[Ben]: Yes, of course.

(They get in)

[Gwen]: (Yells from a distance) What about us?

[Ben]: You two have a car! Do whatever you want in it, I need to get the hell out of here.

[Julie]: Uh, Ben?

(A gigantic storm of students with yearbooks and pens burst through the door's blockade and run towards Ben's car)

[Ben]: Oh, crap...

(He begins to back out of the lot)

[Students]: Guys, go! Get in your cars!

(Ben drives off and at least a dozen fancy cars follow)

[Julie]: Faster!

[Ben]: I thought you get nauseous.

[Julie]: YOU get nauseous! Now step on it!


(Captain Rozum is driving to the school in his police car. He suddenly sees Ben's car speed by, followed by the army in pursuit.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Oh, dear lord.

(He makes a U-turn and follows them)

(In a student's car)

[Driver]: Come on, come on... there's no way in hell he's getting away.

[Friend]: You know, there is next year...

[Driver]: Are you KIDDING ME?

(They hear sirens behind them)

[Friend]: Are those the cops?

[Driver]: Of course it's the cops, bozo! Aw come on, dude! I actually thought I'd get a signature this year!

[Friend]: What do you think yearbook signing time was for?

[Driver]: I looked all over the place for him! I couldn't find him!

(Capt. Rozum's car begins nearing the other vehicles. He gets out his loudspeaker.)


(The cars begin to slow to a halt, though a few remain in pursuit.)

(In another car)

[Cash]: You think we should stop?

[J.T.]: No shit! Hit the brakes!

(Cash stops)

[J.T.]: Also, did you really think he was gonna sign your book after our history with him?

[Cash]: Aren't we his friends now?

[J.T.]: Like hell we are.

(Meanwhile, Ben's car has stopped.)

(Capt. Rozum pulls up next to him.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Follow me, son.

(He begins driving towards a nearby neighborhood - Ben follows along.)

[Cash]: Holy shit, he's the one getting busted! Not us!

[J.T.]: What, does he want to preserve his tickets?

[Cash]: Don't ask me.

(Captain Rozum stops after some distance and gets out on the sidewalk. Ben pulls over.)

[Julie]: What is this about, Ben?

[Ben]: I honestly don't know. Stay here, okay?

[Julie]: Fine.

(Ben gets out of his car.)

[Ben]: Something wrong, officer?

[Capt. Rozum]: It's Captain, actually.

[Ben]: Oh, my apologies. Well, sorry for speeding, I'm willing to pay any sum of money.

[Capt. Rozum]: Son, I'm a police captain. Do you really think I'd come this far to give you a speeding ticket?

[Ben]: Well, I suppose not. What's the issue then, Captain?

[Capt. Rozum]: My name.

[Ben]: I beg your pardon?

[Capt. Rozum]: (Shakes Ben's hand) Captain James Rozum, BPD 10th Precinct.

[Ben]: Wait, so you're-

[Capt. Rozum]: Yes, I'm the brother of your Colonel Rozum from NASA.

[Ben]: Well, pleasure to meet you!

(Rozum pauses to take an analyzing look at Ben)

[Ben] Something wrong, sir?

[Capt. Rozum]: No, it's just that you're nothing at all like I expected.

[Ben]: Well, surprisingly enough, Captain, I've never gotten that one before, so I guess I can say the same about you.

(Capt. Rozum smiles)

[Ben]: Well - what's the surprise? My height? Age? Oh, I know: the fact that I have manners?

[Capt. Rozum]: (Chuckles) You're funny, kid. Well guess what? You would indeed be correct on that last one if I were a fan of Will Harangue.

[Ben]: (Eyes widen) So that's what we're here to talk about?

[Capt. Rozum]: What can you tell me about the man?

[Ben]: Besides the fact that he's actually tried to target me? Well, he's a real pain in the behind.

[Capt. Rozum]: You're sure right about that one. But wait - he's actually come after you before?

[Ben]: It wasn't too much of a problem, but I figure he caused more property damage than the stuff he puts on TV. It started as a simple scam for motion-capturing me into some video game they were making, but it was really to study my moves to create some robot to attack me, and later frame me.

[Capt. Rozum]: Good lord.

[Ben]: This was also quite a while ago and I was fine. No need to worry.

[Capt. Rozum]: *(Sigh)* I wish I could agree. Only problem is that it seems he's back at it.

[Ben]: What? Didn't jail teach him anything?

[Capt. Rozum]: It would appear not. Persistent son of a gun, he is. First he tries and frames you for that shooting that happened two nights ago, and then to cross the line, he edits an image of what was actually your saving of a street!

[Ben]: Wait, he's saying I shot those guys?

[Capt. Rozum]: On the roof, yes. And he edited out the broken Techadon or whatever it was and puts a picture of you in that wreckage.

[Ben]: No one's gonna believe him. Most people watch the actual news.

[Capt. Rozum]: I can't find any proof to arrest him.

[Ben]: Why?

[Capt. Rozum]: I checked this morning - the report of the Techadon thing was erased! Off of all records! Even recordings of the segment! Erased somehow!

[Ben]: There's people all over the globe who watch the show! Surely there should be witnesses!

[Capt. Rozum]: I'm gonna need actual evidence. As for that shooting, he thinks it was some smuggling operation over your watch.

[Ben]: WHAT?

[Capt. Rozum]: I know how ridiculous it sounds, but it's clearly not the truth.

(Rozum gets a text on his phone from another officer. He looks at it and his face goes pale.)

[Ben]: What was it, Captain?

[Capt. Rozum]: I... h-have to go. I'll stay in touch, tell you if I've found anything.

[Ben]: I think you already have.

(Rozum gets into his car and backs out.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Have a great summer, Ben!

(He drives off)

(Cut to Ben and Julie in their car.)

[Julie]: What did he tell you?

[Ben]: I wasn't in trouble or anything, he was just asking me something about a case.

[Julie]: I saw his face at a text he got. He looked... scared.

[Ben]: Well, we're both out of luck on that one. He's clearly trying to hide something and I don't know what it is.

(They reach Julie's house)

[Ben]: Have a good summer, Julie!

[Julie]: You too. (Kisses him on the cheek and goes into her house, where Ship is waiting for her)

(Ben drives back home.)

Undisclosed location outside Bellwood
June 19, 2014, 6:22 PM ET

(The military soldiers walk into a bunker, where they meet their superior)

(They place several recordings and casefiles on his desk.)

[General]: Is that all of it?

[Soldier 1]: Affirmative, sir.

[General]: Good. Remember, we can't let anyone get close to Tennyson. Even Harangue.

[Soldier 1]: Agreed, sir.

[General]: You two, come with me.

(Soldiers 1 and 2 come with him)

(The general heads over to the back wall and hits a switch on the wall - a hidden door opens to an elevator)

(The general and his two men ride it down)

[General]: Here we are.

(They are in a very dimly lit hangar.)

(They walk across over to a a fence and open a door there. There is a set of metal stairs they take up to an overhead catwalk.)

(They go along the path hugging the back wall - the wall is flat until the end of the path, where there is a door.)

(The general heads over to a voice-activated ID scanner.)

[General]: Briggs, John H. Bunker ID 0374.

[Scanner]: ID confirmed. Entry authorized. Welcome, General.

(The door opens and inside is a spacious interrogation room with two doors on either side.)

[Gen. Briggs]: From here on, you two are officially the guards for these two doors. This room has no signs of tampering so far, and reports tell me that neither does the room next to it. Your job is to keep it that way. Understood?

[Soldiers 1 and 2]: (In unison) Yes sir!

[Gen. Briggs]: During non-operational hours, you will patrol the catwalks here and make sure that not one SINGLE intruder sets foot inside. Is that clear?

[Soldiers 1 and 2]: (In unison) SIR YES SIR!

[Gen. Briggs]: That begins now. I will keep you informed.

(The general walks away and heads down a few stairs, and uses another ID scanner to get through a door.)

(Inside is an entrance to the area he was talking about behind the interrogation room. In this hallway is a safe.)

(He uses a retinal scanner, this time, to open it. The gun stolen from the smugglers is inside.)

Ben's House
June 20, 2014, 8:02 AM ET

(Ben, still mostly asleep, reaches for his alarm but finds that it isn't there)

(He wakes up and sees that his alarm is actually gone)

[Ben]: Oh, so it was real.

(He walks out of his room and goes downstairs)

[Ben]: Mom, what did you do to my alarm?

[Sandra]: Ben, the reason there are no batteries now is because it's summer. Go get some sleep! Aren't you tired?

[Ben]: Not really.

[Sandra]: I'm not convinced. School's over, young man. You need some rest.

[Ben]: Mom, come on, you make this sound like serious jetlag or something. I want to spend my first day of summer, you know, spending it. Not sleeping in.

[Sandra]: Then why do you complain every time you wake up?

[Ben]: You know me, Mom! It's school, not sleepiness.

[Sandra]: Well then, are you going somewhere?

[Ben]: Smoothies. (Sees his mom looking at him with a "really?" look) Oh, right. Breakfast.

(His mom is still looking at him)

[Ben]: Oh, wait! For you! Breakfast for you! You're actually serious?

[Sandra]: As scared as I was, in the moment, I realized how much I've been trusting you lately, and since you're alive and well, I figured it was working for me and I should start actually appreciating these things that you do. You know, your antics?

[Ben]: Wait - you think my aliens are cool?

[Sandra]: Of course I think they're cool! But OUTSIDE, YOUNG MAN.

[Ben]: Breakfast barbecue, huh?

[Sandra]: That's a nice name for it, but don't think we're making a routine of it, okay honey?

[Ben]: Of course. I don't want my food tasting like grass anymore.

[Sandra]: Wait a minute! It tasted like grass? Why didn't you tell me? My god! Guess what? You have to take that table back in now, young man.

[Ben]: (Smiles) Fair enough.

(He brings the table back)

[Sandra]: You sounded so casual, as though it wasn't a problem for you at all.

[Ben]: I thought you said you never really had a reason to give me "punishments". (He begins backing out the door)

[Sandra]: Oh, that's certainly true, you're soon to be a junior in high school! It's just as though you were happy to not do it - you lied about the grass taste, didn't you?

(Ben has already run out into his car)

[Sandra]: (Takes a deep breath in frustration and goes to the porch) Come back here, young man! Right now!

(Ben's car drives off)

Gwen's House
June 20, 2014, 8:16 AM ET

(Gwen is making tea for herself when the doorbell rings.)

[Gwen]: Coming!

(She opens the door. It's Kevin.)

[Gwen]: Good morning.

[Kevin]: Hey. Do you... uh, wanna get smoothies? (Makes a hitchhiking gesture towards his nearby car)

[Gwen]: Actually, I'm having tea right now, so sorry. Come in, actually.

(Kevin steps inside)

(Gwen's mom comes down the stairs)

[Natalie Tennyson]: Oh, hello, Kevin! Would you like some tea?

[Kevin]: No thanks, Mrs. Tennyson. I just came by to, uh, ask Gwen if she wanted smoothies.

[Natalie]: Gwen, you wanna-

[Gwen]: I told him no. But, if you're allowing it...

[Natalie]: Oh, sure! Go ahead! (Sips tea) Oh, and happy first day of summer, you two. (Smiles)

[Kevin]: You too.

(Ben's car pulls up in front of their house)

(Gwen and Kevin go out into the porch)

[Ben]: (Opens window) Wow, Kevin! I didn't know you started staying nights here!

[Kevin]: (Glares) I DIDN'T. I just came by to ask if Gwen wanted to go to Mr. Smoothy's, that's all.

[Ben]: Well, guess what? I told my mom the same thing! Now hop in if you wanna know what happened with the cops the other day.

[Gwen]: Do your parents know?

[Ben]: As far as they're concerned, I took my friends to a Smoothy Marathon yesterday.

[Gwen]: And should they know the truth about your speeding ticket?

[Ben]: Again, I was wondering the same thing. Turns out I was wrong.

[Kevin]: Well, what did happen?

[Ben]: As I said before, hop in and you'll know. I myself am only partway through answering that question.

(Gwen's mom comes to the porch)

[Natalie]: Oh, good morning, Ben!

[Ben]: Hi, Aunt Natalie. I'm just taking Gwen and Kevin for Smoothies, thought I might spare them of the drive.

[Natalie]: That's nice of you. You guys have fun!

(Ben raises his window and drives off.)

[Gwen]: So, now that we so willingly "hopped in", would you mind telling us where we're really going?

[Ben]: Smoothies. (Pause) Kidding. BPD Precinct.

[Kevin]: THE BPD???

[Ben]: Bellwood Police Department is what that stands for.

[Kevin]: YEAH, I GET THAT. WHY are you going to the police?

[Ben]: Well, I did once yesterday, I might as well do it again.

(Kevin leans over and slams his foot on the brakes)

[Ben]: WHOA, watch it! Do you wanna kill us?

[Kevin]: I wanna know what the hell is going on.

[Ben]: *(Sigh)* If you insist. (Gets the car going again)

[Gwen]: Okay, go on.

[Ben]: (Takes a deep breath) Yesterday, the police car pulled up merely to call off the rabid fan army chasing me. He pulled me aside for reasons far from a speeding ticket.

[Kevin]: Why?

[Ben]: Because he was the police captain. He was also the brother of Colonel Rozum, from NASA.

[Gwen]: He has a brother?

[Ben]: Captain James Rozum of the 10th precinct.

[Gwen]: Well, did he tell you anything?

[Ben]: Will Harangue is back at his game.

[Kevin]: I don't remember him stopping.

[Ben]: I mean his game of trying to frame me and come after me.

[Gwen]: Oh god.

[Kevin]: Come on, don't worry! Last time he failed rather hilariously.

[Ben]: Ever heard of improvising? He's trying to link me to that shooting that happened a few nights ago. He also Photoshopped a picture of the broken Techadon from the day before yesterday to make it look like I was the perpetrator.

[Kevin]: That's not surprising, is it?

[Ben]: You'd think, but going over all the other bull he's been spouting out, it's all verbal theories. He's never falsified evidence or gone out of his way to frame me. He always says that I could be the mastermind, he never finds ways to prove it. All his previous crap has been for his dumb campaign.

[Kevin]: I haven't seen a single rally or march for this. You think it's a front for something else?

[Ben]: I doubt it. This is him taking a new step, probably due to no fans from before.

[Kevin]: Now I don't have to be surprised, do I?

[Ben]: Nope. We're here by the way.

(They get out of the car and walk towards the precinct)

[Gwen]: Wasn't Julie with you?

[Ben]: I told her practically nothing. Stayed as vague as possible.

[Gwen]: Why are you here?

[Ben]: If the drive had been longer I could have finished my story. I don't have time to explain now - context clues in my conversation with the captain should tell you enough.

[Kevin]: Why not afterwards?

(Ben stays quiet and opens the door into the busy office.)

(They walk up to an officer.)

[Ben]: Excuse me officer, I'm looking for Captain Rozum. He's a friend of mine.

[Officer]: Aren't you just a teenager?

[Ben]: What do you think?

[Officer]: I think you should get out before I arrest you for trespassing.

[Ben]: Whoa, so fast? Do you even know who I am?

(The officer takes a look at Ben and notices his wrist. Ben notices where he's glancing.)

[Ben]: Oh, sorry I didn't show this to you earlier. I thought it wouldn't be worth much compared to the flash of your badge.

(The officer inspects the Ultimatrix, and his eyes widen.)

[Ben]: Yes, this is quite real.

[Officer]: Then you're the kid from the news, aren't you? The one that keeps getting bashed on by that annoying reporter guy?

[Ben]: Yes, exactly. Now, if you're fan, I don't feel this is the right place to demonstrate this thing. And that reporter you mentioned? Captain Rozum talked about him with me yesterday and told me to come to him with any new leads. It's a bit of a private case he's working on.

[Officer]: Right this way. (To himself) Man, Ben 10 walking into this office...

(He opens the door into Rozum's office)

[Ben]: Captain, I have a new lead on Will Harangue.

[Capt. Rozum]: Excuse me, who are you? Tracey, escort these people out of my office! I don't know who they are!

(Officer Tracey takes Gwen and Kevin and his arm goes in front of Ben)

[Ben]: (To Officer Tracey) STOP!

[Tracey]: I'm sorry, Mr. Tennyson, but you can't give me orders.

[Ben]: Then why is he acting like he doesn't know us? Or me, at least? (Moves Tracey's hand) You! Captain! Something spooked you when you got that text yesterday! Your face went white and you ignored all my further questions! What did you get? A threat? A shocking lead? What was it? This is about ME, you understand that, right? Harangue appears to be targeting ME. Tell me that it was personal and that's all I'll need to walk out of this office calmly, but if this is about the case, I just don't have the right to know, I NEED to know. It's the only way I can protect myself when you're not around. You do stand opposed to Harangue's theories, don't you?

[Capt. Rozum]: (Deep breath) It was not personal.

[Tracey]: Wait, so you know him then, Captain?

[Capt. Rozum]: Tracey, leave us, Ben come in here, close the door.

(Both people comply)

[Capt. Rozum]: Sit down.

(Captain Rozum runs his hand through his hair and then rests his cheek on it as he leans against the desk.)


(Rozum wipes his face and eyes with his palm and rests both hands on the arms of his chair. He leans back.)

[Capt. Rozum]: *(Exhale)* Tell me what you found.

[Ben]: Nothing, tell me what you found.

[Capt. Rozum]: Then what the hell are you doing in here? I should arrest you for trespassing!

[Ben]: Look, captain. I actually think I may have found something. A conclusion I came to that narrows your search down.

[Capt. Rozum]: Go ahead.

[Ben]: If you've seen past episodes of Harangue Nation you'd know he's constantly promoting his "Threat or Menace" or whatever campaign against me, correct?

[Capt. Rozum]: Very. I in fact called him off for rambling away about his campaign during his so-called "report" at the shooting scene.

[Ben]: Well, I bet his reaction was a bit... sour.

[Capt. Rozum]: Obviously.

[Ben]: Well, if that makes him look suspicious: true, just not about the campaign. It's not a cover for any "secret operations".

[Capt. Rozum]: What makes you say that?

[Ben]: Have you noticed that all this while, he's never gone out of his way to actually link me to the crime? He's always suspecting me, coming up with theories as to how I could have, let's say, broken this street, or killed this guy. Only verbal theories. The images he uses are verbal lies, not falsified evidence. They're just wreckage from the opponent's destruction with no traces of the perpetrator. Everything he says is a theory.

[Capt. Rozum]: Your point?

[Ben]: I thought you'd know that already. You discovered this yourself - Harangue took a picture of a fallen Techadon, then went through the trouble of actually editing the Techadon out of the picture and putting a picture of one my aliens in it. Of course there'd be at least a hundred other pictures of the wreckage - why choose that one? That is the new question I'm proposing to you.

[Capt. Rozum]: There were no other pictures. They were erased.

[Ben]: Ah, but that was following the TV broadcast. Your files and the episode's traces were erased because he obviously doesn't want any evidence to prove that he's been falsifying photos. Keep in mind that this is second attempt against me he's trying - if he didn't learn his lesson the first time, he'd need a harsher sentence to teach it to him the second. You're the cop here, you'd agree with me.

[Capt. Rozum]: Hmm. And I'm guessing Harangue had spies watching me to find out that I was trying to use his footage as incrimination?

[Ben]: Exactly. But what I did come here to ask was access to the crime scene.

[Capt. Rozum]: That I cannot grant you.

[Ben]: Why? The law? Or is it because the crime had something to do with what spooked you? My mind's tilted towards the latter - you still haven't arrested me for trespassing, have you?

[Capt. Rozum]: I think I will now.

[Ben]: No, captain!

[Capt. Rozum]: (Stands up and slams his hands on his desk) YOU CAN'T GIVE ME ORDERS, YOU HEAR ME? YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO. I AM A COP. YOU ARE A TEENAGER. Your celebrity status has absolutely NO effect on the law. IS THAT CLEAR?

[Ben]: What my celebrity status does give me is people after my head. And if this is turning into some secret plot, as I said before, this is about ME. I have the right to know if my life is in danger. And the only way that can happen is you allowing me to look at that crime scene.

(Capt. Rozum exhales nervously)

[Ben]: Oh, and if you don't want me finding something out that's over there, you might as well tell me now - we can instead pursue it and stop whatever is haunting you. Anyways, it's quite clear that it's not something personal.

(A moment of silence follows - Rozum stares at his desk, sweating and shuddering.)

[Capt. Rozum]: The text I got was from the precinct - they told me they had found DNA traces on the alien corpses on the roof.

[Ben]: Okay...

[Capt. Rozum]: These traces matched DNA belonging to Terry McAllister, Daniel Peters, James Howe, Bryan Willis, and the shooter: Trent Marks.

[Ben]: Are those names supposed to mean anything besides just the perpetrators?

[Capt. Rozum]: (Takes another shaky breath, looks at Ben) These were members of the U.S. Military.

(Ben's expression becomes very solemn)

[Capt. Rozum]: And no, not just "war criminals" - these are men trained to protect our country, now roaming THIS CITY, as cold-blooded killers. Trained to their absolute peak to serve an oath, that they have broken, and misused in the worst way possible.

(Ben gulps)

[Capt. Rozum]: You know how much this disgusts me, don't you? My BROTHER is in the military. I'm an officer of the law. These men break my code by endangering the civilians of this city, and they break his by committing an act of sheer dishonor. One that makes them MORALLY corrupt. To the CORE. They have dishonored their cause, the country that they once stood to protect, and they have let their scarred side corrupt them, blind them to the point where they don't realize that they have just betrayed 317 million people. Including their families. They have let their inner demons possess them - they left themselves vulnerable. The military is trained to FIGHT. Not to SHIRK and let the tide take them in.


[Capt. Rozum]: This is the most disturbing crime I have come across in my career, Ben. All those feelings I described hit me in a flash of a second, as I read that message and saw who these men were. Imagine how violently it twisted me from the inside.

[Ben]: I am sorry, Captain. For pushing and pushing. It's good that you got this out, to someone else, but this... just... NO. See, as I said, this is something we HAVE to stop.

[Capt. Rozum]: Get in my car. Tell your friends to go back home. This is something you and I need to solve on our own.

[Ben]: I'm gonna need my cousin.

[Capt. Rozum]: You'll need yourself and that is it.

[Ben]: My cousin, Gwen - she has powers too. They allow her to trace virtually anything to its source. If we have to find these men, Gwen's the easiest way to get there. You don't need to explain all that to her - it's a lot to take in.

[Capt. Rozum]: At least we can thank God that my brother doesn't know about this yet - I'll tell him once this all subsides - the justice he'll witness will bring him up when thinking of this, not down like it did me.

(He walks over to Gwen, who is waiting outside)

[Capt. Rozum]: Excuse me, young lady, are you Ben's cousin Gwen?

[Gwen]: Yes, I am.

[Capt. Rozum]: Get into my car right now. Tell your friend over there to go home and that we'll need him another time.

(Kevin, having heard this, comes over)

[Kevin]: Why do I need to go home?

[Ben]: We'll tell you later. Go!

[Capt. Rozum]: No, we WON'T tell you later. I am a cop and I am telling you to leave this precinct before I or someone else arrests you for trespassing.

[Kevin]: ...Okay, then.

[Ben]: Here are the keys to my car. (Tosses them to Kevin)

(Kevin tosses them back)

[Kevin]: I already have a set of keys. I gave this to you, remember?

[Ben]: Right.

(Kevin leaves, and Ben and Gwen get into Rozum's car. Rozum stays silent the whole drive.)

Crime scene on rooftop in South Bellwood
June 20, 2014, 8:51 AM ET

(Rozum, Gwen and Ben get out of the car.)

[Capt. Rozum]: In here. Just keep going up the stairs.

(They head over to the crime scene and find three bloody corpses.)

[Ben]: Jeez, this looks bad.

[Capt. Rozum]: It IS bad. Gwen, I heard you can trace things?

(Gwen is silent)

[Capt. Rozum]: Gwen?

(She turns around and her eyes are glowing magenta. She is scanning for Mana traces.)

(Her eyes stop glowing)

[Gwen]: Found something. Traces, over here on this part of the ground. They're fibers, used in the making of luggage.

[Capt. Rozum]: Our detectives found the same thing.

[Gwen]: Except I found the actual bag. Or at least whoever last had possession of it. These DNA traces only go so far, but it was far enough to lead to Trent Marks.

[Capt. Rozum]: The bullet! In this fish dude! They led back to Marks' gun - he's our shooter.

[Ben]: And apparently our most important person. Gwen, did you find out his current position?

[Gwen]: Yes. The location should be right here - the memory is literally crystal clear when it comes to Mana. (She searches through a map on her phone and pinpoints the location) Right here. No address, it appears to just be in the middle of nowhere.

[Ben]: Well, if you've found a location then that's good enough.

(This conversation is then shown to be recorded on a camera - it's a very small device hidden behind rocks at the corner of the roof.)

(The recording is being broadcast to a computer being used by a man appearing to be an employee at a bank - this bank is one looking directly at the roof - the building itself is at the other end of the building.)

(The man makes a call on his cellphone.)

[Man]: Hey, Marks? Your location's been compromised. I suggest you move out RIGHT NOW.

[Trent Marks] (At the other end of the call): Okay. Not much to pack anyways. I installed a proximity detector on one of my burner phones - I'm gonna leave that phone here and when I see that someone's been snooping in on it I'm giving them a call.

[Man]: Why? What is this for?

[Marks]: I'll call you back and brief you on the plan as soon as I've relocated.

Rust Bucket III, en route to Marks' last known location
June 20, 2014, 6:02 PM ET

[Capt. Rozum]: So, you said you got this plane from NASA?

[Ben]: Our friend Kevin just stored it there. It wasn't given to us by your brother.

[Capt. Rozum]: Right.

(The GPS locator begins to beep)

[Gwen]: It seems we're just about there.

[Capt. Rozum]: (Looks out through window) This place is an empty field! Sure, sky's getting dark but we're probably gonna crush this house or whatever if we land.

[Gwen]: I'm also sure it's just a house or a small building - there's practically nothing here.

[Ben]: Gwen, you stay here on the ship with the Captain, I'll go see what's down there and alert you if I find anything.

[Gwen]: You sure about this?

[Ben]: One militant is nothing against me.

[Capt. Rozum]: You keep him alive - I wanna see the face of that son of a biscuit before enjoying the interrogation.

[Ben]: You bet. (Slams Ultimatrix)

(Ben's skeletal structure begins to thin, and a shock of electricity through his body and makes his limbs a bit crooked - the electric shock goes down his back and continues as he grows a tail - his feet become manta-like, his adrenal glands get electricity on them, and his head is split apart before reattaching itself in a strange new shape. He grows horns and his melanin begins to spike. This all happens in roughly 3 seconds.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Well I'll be damned. You can actually do that.

[Jetray]: Well of course I can do that! And in case you're wondering, I call this one Jetray.

[Capt. Rozum]: Well, uh, pleasure to meet you... Jetray.

[Jetray]: Nah, don't worry, it's still just me inside. I mean, who likes humans, anyway?

(As he says this, the ship's cargo door opens. Captain Rozum continues to stand confused and shocked at what Ben just said.)

[Jetray]: Stand back! (He takes a few steps backward as he says this)

(Jetray then proceeds to jump out of the ship. Gwen closes the door.)

(Jetray plummets down towards the field as the wind furiously makes his limbs flutter. The camera follows him down, shaking. He holds his arms behind him this whole time, and then slowly spreads them out as he nears the ground. The shaky-cam becomes smooth as it pans outward and views Jetray flying off.)

(Jetray flies in the straight line through the fields, looking around for any houses. The sky has gotten a very dark blue.)


[Capt. Rozum]: Didn't he say he'll alert us or something?

[Gwen]: He's only been down there for five minutes or so.

[Capt. Rozum]: Nah, I'm just hoping he's safe.

[Gwen]: (Smiles) It sounds like you want to see him fly.

[Capt. Rozum]: Well... *(exhales)* That would be pretty cool.


(Jetray continues to fly around and can't find anything. He begins going towards a nearby cliff face.)

[Jetray]: Come on, anything?

(He flies past a very faint "beep" sound he hears. He stops and slowly flies back to where it came from.


[Jetray]: Is that... a phone?

(He looks closer and realizes he is looking at an unlit building against the cliff face - at night this is practically impossible to spot from a distance)

(He slowly goes inside - there is no door, but just a small room with a ringing cellphone on the table.)

(Ben changes back to human form)


(Ben picks up the phone)

[Ben]: H-hello?

(At the other end is a teenage boy.)

[Boy]: Uh, hi... B-b-Ben?

[Ben]: Wait, is this Jack?

[Jack]: Y-yeah. Yeah, it's Jack.

[Ben]: You sound nervous, what happened?

[Jack]: Oh, it's... i-it's nothing, r-really.

[Ben]: No, it's something, all right. You're calling this phone why exactly?

[Jack]: Um, uh...

[Ben]: Look, did ever you meet a man named Trent Marks?

[Jack]: Never heard that name b-before.

[Ben]: Fine, did you come in contact with a military soldier?

[Jack]: H-hey, dude, just, uh, j-just meet me at uh, 42... um, 42 Highlander... yeah, 42 Highlander Way NE.

[Ben]: 42 Highlander Way NE? Got it. You all right?

(The phone hangs up)

[Ben]: Crap.

(The phone begins to beep very quickly and a countdown rapidly goes down)

[Ben]: SHIT! 

(He runs out of the house and is thrown 6 feet as the bomb explodes)


(Gwen and Rozum see a small yellow flash in the distance.)

[Capt. Rozum]: What the hell was that?

[Gwen]: Is... is Ben okay?

(They hear a slamming noise underneath the hangar door

(Gwen opens the door)

(Jetray flies in and turns human midair so Ben lands on the ground a human)

[Gwen]: What did you find?

[Ben]: My friend Jack called me on the phone and he sounded super nervous. I pretty sure he's in danger.

[Capt. Rozum]: What did he tell you?

[Ben]: He gave me an address, or at least a street. 42 Highlander Way. He hung up after that and the phone turned into a bomb.

[Capt. Rozum]: You look okay.

[Ben]: I ran before it could hit me. We need to get to that street fast. Or at least I need to.

[Capt. Rozum]: What are you talking about?

[Ben]: We can't go in the ship - it'll attract WAY too much attention. He anyways only asked for me. Bringing you two along endangers you. Those men are powerful.

[Capt. Rozum]: Well, you know how much I want to catch this son of a biscuit!

[Ben]: Find 42 Highlander Way on the map.

(Gwen looks through the GPS Tracking Map and finds it.)

[Ben]: Wow, it's just down this highway!

[Gwen]: Did you bring a car?

[Ben]: It's in the back hangar. I always store it in here when we go long-distance.

[Gwen]: I'll land in these fields, you drive over there. And this time, ALERT US.

[Ben]: Fine. (Walks over to the hangar door and opens it up. His car is parked inside.)

(The ship lands. The ramp opens up. Ben's car drives out and heads down the highway.)

42 Highlander Way, NE
June 20, 2014, 6:53 PM ET

[Trent Marks]: He's coming, all right.

[Jack]: Will you let me go now?

[Marks]: Actually, I was thinking of using you as leverage, but I just wanna catch the little creep as fast as I can.

[Jack]: Well, I made that call! At gunpoint! And plus, I never did anything to you!

[Marks]: You will.

[Jack]: What'll I do?

[Marks]: Slow me down. (He pulls out a pistol)

[Jack]: No, please, please don't do this! Please! No! No no no! AAH!!!

(The exterior of the building is shown as two gunshots are heard.)

Kevin's garage
June 20, 2014, 6:58 PM ET

(Kevin is sitting and fixing his car.)

(He goes to get another wrench when he sees a nearby truck pull up. The headlights stay on.)

[Kevin]: Hello?

(No one responds. Kevin shrugs and gets back to work.)

(The truck approaches him more.)

(Kevin looks confused and quickly finishes installing one more piece into his car. When he gets up, the truck is right outside.)

(Kevin gets into his car as he sees two men get out.)

[Kevin]: *(Sigh)* Goddammit.

(He begins to drive off. The two men are too late to pull their guns out and they get back inside their truck.)

(Kevin speeds ahead. The men in the trucks lower their windows and open fire on Kevin. Kevin swerves left and right but a bullet hits his tire. His car slows and skids to a halt.)

[Kevin]: Damn! (Gets out of his car and absorbs it)

(The truck comes closer as Kevin stands ready - the truck hits his car and sends it flying. Kevin's expression turns to seething anger.)

[Kevin]: NOW you got me angry!

(He runs up at the truck and punches the windows out. One of the men inside pulls out his pistol - Kevin hangs by the window and ducks. He then extends his fist and punches the man. His gun falls out.)

[Shooter]: AAH!

(Kevin yanks and pulls the door out - the driver abandons his vehicle and the two men jump out, armed. They open fire on Kevin, making dents in his torso.)

[Kevin]: AAH!!! (Lunges at the men - one of them holds up a grenade. Kevin staggers back, but the second man pistol-whips Kevin in the face.)

[Soldier 1]: Surrender right now!

[Kevin]: You could have just told me that in the first place! But still, too bad! (He punches Soldier 1 in the face; Soldier 2 drops a smoke bomb)

[Soldier 2]: Get him!

(Kevin is blinded as both soldiers tackle him and restrain him - he is forced to give in and his metal goes away.)

[Soldier 1]: (Into radio) Target has been apprehended. Meeting at rendezvous.

Road to 42 Highlander Way
June 20, 2014, 7:04 PM ET

(Trent Marks waits on a rooftop on the right side of the highway with a sniper rifle. On the opposite end of the highway is a nearly vacant parking lot.)

(Meanwhile, Ben's car is driving down the highway. He nears the parking lot.)

(Marks sees the car.)

[Marks]: Alright, I have you now.

(The car drives along the parking lot - Marks fires.)


(Ben's car screeches and then tumbles into the parking lot, spewing smoke. It lands barely upright, very badly bashed up. Ben is still conscious but badly injured.

[Marks]: (Into radio) GOT HIM!!! All units engage!

(An army of six helicopters loaded with soldiers begins to converge on the parking lot. All their headlights focus on Ben's car, as soldiers extend ropes and slide down.)

Rust Bucket III, parked in the field
June 20, 2014, 7:10 PM Timezone

[Gwen]: Yet again, he hasn't reported.

(They hear something in the distance.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Hear that?

[Gwen]: Yeah.

(They go outside and hear a helicopter coming in.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Who brought a helicopter?

(The helicopter fires a missile.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Oh my god.

[Gwen]: GET DOWN!!!

(Capt. Rozum ducks down as Gwen puts up a Mana shield around them - the blast hits nearby and the two do not burn, but the force of the blast breaks Gwen's shield and sends both of them flying.)

[Gwen]: (Losing consciousness) Ca... captain?

(She slowly gets up and sees flashing lights getting closer. She tries to stand up but the soldiers aim their guns at her and the nearby Captain.)

Parking lot outside 42 Highlander Way
June 20, 2014, 7:13 PM Timezone

(The soldiers keep their guns aimed at Ben's car.)


(No response)

[Soldier 2]: It's possible he's unconscious.

[Soldier 3]: I'll go see.

(He goes with Soldier 1 over to the car.)

(Marks, meanwhile, runs from the opposite building.)

[Marks]: Is he alive?

[Soldier 2]: Shh, be quiet. And yes, he is. That was a damn good shot.

(Soldiers 1 and 3 aim their guns as they approach the car.)

(A sudden green flash happens, and the car partially explodes, with its remaining half going flying outwards. A cloud of smoke results and the soldiers stand back.)

[Marks]: What the hell was that?

(The smoke cloud grows larger.)

[Soldier 2]: Go in very quietly and see if you find anything. Be VERY careful. Unit 3, surround the cloud!

(Around fifteen soldiers surround the perimeter of the smoke with their guns ready.)

(Soldiers 1 and 3 creep through the fog with their headlights on.)

(It's extremely silent and all we can hear is the wind.)

[Soldier 2]: See anything?

[Soldier 1]: Negative, sir!

(They continue their way through the smoke. Very ominous, ambient music starts.)

(They move their headlights around and find nothing.)

[Soldier 3]: Oh, Jesus Christ.

[Soldier 1]: What is it?

[Soldier 3]: Look down here.

(Soldier 1 joins him. They find a gigantic footprint.)

(Soldier 1 clasps his hand over his mouth.)

[Soldier 3]: Keep moving.

[Soldier 1]: (Into radio) Sir, we just found an enormous footprint.


[Soldier 2]: (Into radio) Copy that. What's it shaped like?

[Soldier 1]: (Looks down) I... don't exactly know. A bit jagged...

[Soldier 2]: Tread with caution. I need more men down there!

(Four more soldiers join them.)

[Soldier 1]: Over here! Another footprint!

[Soldier 4]: Good lord.

[Soldier 3]: Okay, they appear to be leading this way.

(They follow the apparent path)

[Soldier 5]: We have to make this thing come out.

[Soldier 3]: What, did we find Godzilla or something?


[Soldier 5]: We have to attract its attention.

[Soldier 1]: And get us all killed?

(Soldier 5 fires his machine gun in the direction the footprints seem to lead.)


[Soldier 4]: (Cringes) *(Pant)* I don't think that was the smartest move.

(They keep moving slowly)

[Marks]: Have they found anything?

[Soldier 2]: Be patient.

(The six soldiers in the smoke continue to move forward. They find little dented and broken pieces of metal on the ground.)

[Soldier 3]: (Picks it up) This is made of lead!

[Soldier 5]: My bullets.

[Soldier 1]: Dear lord.


(They hear a loud THUD in the distance that shakes a ground a little)

[Soldier 4]: It came from there!

(The soldiers run over to where the sound could have come from)

[Soldier 1]: Our other two guys should have finished their check by now.


[Soldier 5]: *(Pants)* Over here!

(The other soldiers join him.)

(Soldiers 6 and 7's bodies are on the ground.)

[Soldier 3]: (Deep breath) (Shudders) What the hell is this?

[Soldier 5]: They're still alive, just unconscious. They've broken at least four ribs as well as their arms.

[Soldier 4]: Oh Jesus! That's a bit much, don't you think?

(They hear another THUD)

(Soldiers 4 and 5 run after it while 1 and 3 slowly follow)

[Soldiers 4 and 5]: AAAAAHHHHH!!!! (A loud THUD with cracking noises is heard)

(Soldiers 1 and 3 run over there)

(They find Soldiers 4 and 5 badly injured)

[Soldier 1]: Shit. SHIT!!!! Where is this coming from?

[Soldier 3]: Come on... anything... (first person view of his headlight in the smoke)

(Suddenly, two giant hands close in on them from the sides.)


(The hands clap. Soldiers 1 and 3 are crushed and rendered unconscious.)

(Soldier 2 hears this from outside.)

[Soldier 2]: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??? (Into radio) Unit 2, do you copy? Hello, Unit 2, do you copy?

(Static, no response)

[Soldier 2]: FIRE INTO THE SMOKE!!!

(The surrounding soldiers making up Unit 3 fire their machine guns into the smoke cloud)

(A few bullets deflect and come flying out)

[Soldier 2]: What the hell just happened?

(All this while, General Briggs has been watching from the side.)

[Gen. Briggs]: (Startles Soldier 2) Use bombs. Whatever's in there is obviously huge.

(Soldier 2 salutes to Gen. Briggs)

[Gen. Briggs]: Yes, I'm taking over from here.

(Unit 3 throws several grenades into the smoke)



[Soldier 2]: W-what was that?

[Gen. Briggs]: Something just tried to communicate. There's a monster in there, for sure.

(Unit 3 uses flashlights to inspect the smoke.)

[Gen. Briggs]: (Into radio) Send your most armed man in there. We have several units backing us up.

(A Heavy is sent into the smoke)

[Heavy]: I still can't see anything. The roar came from somewhere there.

(He then sees a darker spot within the smoke.)

[Heavy]: I think I see something now...

[Gen. Briggs]: (Into radio) Shoot it.

(The heavy fires at the dark spot. More of the smoke becomes dark and appears to form a shape.)

[Heavy]: *(Pants)* G-general? I think I'm l-looking at a s-si-silhouette.

(The dark spot he shot at slowly takes shape.)

(The heavy fires again.)

(The dark spot moves and a roar is heard.)


(The silhouette of the head begins to move and turn towards the soldier.)

(Two glowing green eyes are faintly visible.)

1x01 - Humungousaur Silhouette.png

[Heavy]: (Shudders) (Gasps) (Pants) S-st-s-s-stop. S-S-stop. L-looking at me.

[Gen. Briggs]: That thing is looking at you?

(The head then lets out a HUGE roar)

(Gen. Briggs closes his hand over his mouth.)

(The Heavy fires a rocket at the creature.)


(The music HEAVILY intensifies.)

[Gen. Briggs]: (Into radio) Get the hell out of there right now. You just got it angry.

(The Heavy begins to run. The creature begins standing up.)

[Heavy]: It's coming after me.

[Gen. Briggs]: RUN! All of you, fire at it, goddammit!!!

(Unit 3 opens fire as the creature begins standing up slowly. The silhouette in the smoke cloud takes the shape of a massive humanoid dinosaur.)


(The creature stands up straight. It is now visible above the smoke. It takes a murderous glare at General Briggs.)

[Gen. Briggs]: You... you stop looking at me right now.

(Humungousaur lets out a GIGANTIC roar. He then stomps the ground and the whole Unit 3 goes flying.)


(The helicopters launch missiles at Humungousaur, who simply hits them back or takes them.)

[Pilot 1]: It's not working!

[Gen. Briggs]: Send in the planes!!!

(An army of fighter jets comes in and opens fire on Humungousaur.)

(Humungousaur picks up two cars from the parking lot and hurls them at helicopters. The first one misses, but the second hits a chopper's tail rotor, sending it spiraling into another helicopter. They both explode, knocking back a few planes into each other.)

(Humungousaur roars and jumps in the air, grabbing a plane. He uses it to swat off a helicopter and then throws it at an incoming missile.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Jesus Christ, Harangue was actually right. (Into radio) SEND IN ONE MORE FLEET!!!

(Gen. Briggs runs into a military truck and drives off.)

(Humungousaur picks up two more planes and jumps in the air, throwing them like paper planes and letting them crash. The incoming line of planes Briggs ordered comes straight at him - Humungousaur exposes his torso and lets the planes collide with him - he is unimpeded. He lands down on two military trucks.)

[Soldier 2]: Use the chains!

(Many foot soldiers come with line launches and ropes, and try to restrain Humungousaur's left foot. Humungousaur jumps, carrying them with him. He flails his feet and the soldiers get swung straight into the blades of incoming planes, which causes them to crash.)

Aircraft Deployment Base atop a nearby mountain, 7:32 PM
ET Timezone

(Gen. Briggs' car arrives at the top of the mountain where the airstrikes are being sent.)

[Soldier]: (Salutes Briggs) Welcome, General.

[Gen. Briggs]: Where are the weapons you load on the aircraft?

(The Soldier leads him to an open space where ammunition is stored.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Load these four choppers with gas and deploy the Chain-Choppers.

[Soldier]: Yes, sir. It doesn't look so good down there.

[Gen. Briggs]: It's why I'm over here. It's also what we need to take care of right now.

[Soldier]: (To Weapons Expert) Load these four choppers with gas!

[Weapons Expert]: Understood!

[Gen. Briggs]: I'll tell you when to get the Chain-Choppers out.

Chaos in parking lot, 7:36 PM
ET Timezone

(Humungousaur smacks three planes out of the air. The foot soldiers use their grenades and rocket launchers to attack Humungousaur from behind; his tail swats them off.)

(A few more helicopters begin firing missiles at his face. They quickly encircle him and travel in spirals. Every time he reaches for one, another hits his face.)

(Humungousaur manages to grab one helicopter and yanks it out of the air - he turns around to engage to other helicopters, who fly to the other side.)

(Four choppers with gas missiles slowly make their way towards Humungousaur, who has taken down two more attack helicopters.)

[Pilot]: Alright, we're firing in 3... 2... 1!

(The choppers unleash missiles spewing blue gas at Humungousaur. He turns around, only for one to hit him in the face. His vision begins to go hazy as his arms flail.)

[Pilot]: Keep going, this is working!

(The general watches as the helicopters continue to fire at Humungousaur.)

(Humungousaur hits one of the gas choppers. It begins losing control, but keeps firing. Humungousaur starts to lose balance and his left side starts feeling weak.)

[Gen. Briggs]: (From base) SEND IN THE CHAIN-CHOPPERS!!!

(Four more enormous helicopters make their way for the collapsing Humungousaur.)

(Humungousaur hits another gas chopper before falling to his knees. He lets out a roar of pain.)

[Gen. Briggs]: (On radio) Activate the chains.

[Chain Pilot]: Roger that.

(The Chain-Choppers send down MASSIVE, heavy chain restraints. Their cuffs open up as they near Humungousaur, whose roars steadily decrease in strength and volume.)

(Humungousaur collapses.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Alright, we're done with the gas! Choppers, pull back! The Chain-Choppers can take over.

[Gas Pilot]: Copy that. Returning to base now.

(The gas choppers fly back while the the four Chain-Choppers each put a chain cuff around Humungousaur's wrists and ankles.)

[Chain Pilot]: He's not moving, sir.

[Gen. Briggs]: Good, you guys have incapacitated him. Do the restraints work?

[Chain Pilot]: They fit perfectly, sir.

[Gen. Briggs]: Excellent work. We'll keep him like this for a while for group photos with our friend. That was one hell of a job you guys did there.

[Chain Pilot]: Thank you, general.

(A news helicopter is seen in the distance.)

(Gen. Briggs gets back in his car and drives back over to the parking lot.)

(As he gets out, the news chopper is just landing.)

[Gen. Briggs]: Great ambush, don't you think?

[Soldier 2]: Sir, we're still retrieving bodies. So far we have a count of 40 unconscious or injured, and 16 dead.

[Gen. Briggs]: Man, Harangue was right. A certified monster right here.

[Harangue]: Speak of the devil. (He steps out of the helicopter)

[Gen. Briggs]: Will! There you are! Just in time. Your monster has been caught.

[Harangue]: Excellent to see you again, John.

[Gen. Briggs]: Eh, it was my men who did the job. (Gestures to Humungousaur's unconscious body) This is what's excellent to see.

(Harangue stares in awe and wonder)

[Harangue]: Well I'll be damned. You actually got 'em.

[Gen. Briggs]: We called you just in time. Is your camera crew ready?

[Harangue]: They are, but I just need one long look at him. To see the beast within him get unleashed, and then be taken down. "The Downfall", is what I'm calling this.

[Gen. Briggs]: We're gonna have to take him back soon.

[Harangue]: (Walks over to Humungousaur) Oh, that's not gonna be a problem. At all.

(Harangue looks into Humungousaur's eyes while stepping on his chest)

[Harangue]: We're gonna have a whole lot of fun with you, aren't we? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to declare Ben Tennyson: MENACE.

(The camera zooms out as helicopters land in the scene - the final shot is a full view of Humungousaur's unconscious body)






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