&nbsp Pilot is the first episode for Plumbers.


Peixes: (reading the newspaper) I am bored. I just finished college a week ago. I need something to do... Plumbers Academy? This looks close! I should sign myself in. Bye mom, I'm going to the Plumbers Academy!

Peixes's mom: Bye! And stop talking to yourself!

Peixes: (flies a spaceship to the base, enters a giant room, full with people) (squeezing between the people) Hello, I want to sign in to the academy.

Woman: Sure. Slow day, isn't it? (writes something on the computer)

Peixes: Yeah.. keep thinking that. When do I start?

Woman: Now.

Peixes gets thrown from a catapult in the floor to a room.

Peixes: What am I doing here?

Alien: A test.

Decibel: (looks on Peixes paper) Thanks for letting me copy your stuff

Peixes: I didn't let you! (both finish the test)

Alien: Nice! In two hours you will be escorted to your rooms.

Peixes: I expected the episode start much longer.

Theme song!

In a giant stage, many aliens sit and watch D'aois make a announcement

D'aois: I am your principle... uh.. I hope you will be great numbers...uh TEXT! (falls asleep)

Kulta: What D'aois meant is that he thinks you will be great plumbers, we hope you will save our galaxy alot

D'aois: (wakes up) Grave my MP3? Why (falls asleep again)

Kulta: Good luck to all of you.

Alien: (leads Peixes to his room) Okay, here is your room.

Peixes: Hi! Who are you guys?

Cibus: I'm Cibus. This is Ledus, and this is Sartan. You know that we will learn with room D43?

Peixes: Nope. I'll go meet the people there. (enters room D43) Hi guys, I'm Peixes. I guess we will learn together, right?

Decibel: I'm Decibel. I tried to copy from your test, remember?

Peixes: I do. Can you tell me about your roommates a little?

Decibel: This is Retrecir. He is a computer geek. Don't step on him! That's Exypnos. He is totally psycho but he is a genius.

Peixes: Who is that? (points on Elduris)

Decibel: That's Elduris....

Elduris: Fire!!!! Hahahahaha! I love fire! No, wait! Ice! Hahahahahahaha! Fire! Ice! Fire! Ice! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peixes: Is that guy okay?

Decibel: No, and he never will be.

Peixes: Okay... I'm going with Cibus to see the school a little.

Peixes and Cibus walk out side, a giant Vaxasaurian appears

Vaxasaurian: Give me money or get punch!

Peixes: We don't have money except in our credit card!

Vaxasaurian: No understand? More simple? You money or punch!

Peixes: Listen we don't want to-

Vaxasaurian: More simple? Oka-

Cibus: How were you accepted?

Vaxasaurian: Well I-(policemen arrive)

Policeman: We found you now! You will go to jail now, mister!

Peixes: That was wierd...

Probus: That dinosaur not accepted, but Probus accepted! (Peixes and Cibus scream and run away)

Peixes: I think we lost him. (spots Sakana) Hey Sakana!

Sakana: Hi Peixes! I didn't know you went here too.

Peixes: Yeah I did. Wait do you still have your crazy- (sees Thirio) Oh crap.

Sakana: He doesn't hurt anyone.

Peixes: Yeah, I hope he doesn't... (Thirio jumps on Peixes and Cibus) Ahh Oww Ahhhhhh!

Sakana: Bad Thirio. Oh look, It's Papiro!

Papiro: (spanish music heard behind) Hello ladies (all girl aliens around him scream).

Peixes: What do you love about him?

Sakana: His exotic skin colour (camera zooms on his white body) and his muscular body (camera zooms on his thin arms)

Cibus: I got to sneeze, need toilet paper (takes Papiro, sneezes in him, crumples him and throws into the trash)

Papiro:Ay Caramba!


Papiro: Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cibus: That toilet paper wasn't very soft. It felt like ordinary paper.

Peixes: Is he... okay?

Sakana: Don't worry he'll return next episode.

Anguis: Stop talking to the poor, Sakana, and come back now.

Peixes and Cibus go back to their rooms.

Peixes: I wonder who will our teacher be.

Magister Pupe: (enters the room) Listen up, maggots! My name is Magister Pupe and you will be great Plumbers! If you do not accept this, quit this base!

Peixes: (gulps) Wait, what is your name again?

Pupe: Magister Pupe! (everybody giggles) What's so funny about that?

Decibel: Your name sounds like poop.

Pupe: (Strangles Decibel) Got a problem with it, son? And you aren't pronouncing it right! It's pyoop, not poop! With a U and a E!

Decibel: (Pupe lets go of him) Shouldn't it be eupoop? Cause then it sounds like ewwww poop.

Pupe: U instead of the oo and e at the end!

Decibel: Oh... I got it. What is your first name then?

Pupe: I'd rather not tell.

Pupe: Now you will have 6 classes: Alien languages, aiming, flying a spaceship, fighting, survival and planet knowledge. (montage shows up of them learning these)

Cibus: We finished that quickly. Now let's go EAT. Yay!

Peixes and the gang sit in the table.

Peixes: Ughh.. What is this food?

Ms. Partikas: Don't like your Vulpimancer liver?

Peixes: (barfs) Who can eat this?

Cibus: (eats alot of this) Me. You see, my description of food is anything I can put in my mouth.

Peixes: I'm going to steal food from the fifth floor (slips on the Vulpimancerr liver) Oww... I think I broke my leg... That doesn't make sense!

Sartan: Now you will have to go to... DOCTOR DAYNJAR.

Peixes: Gulp. (goes down to his office, sees Periculo) Are you doctor Daynjar?

Periculo: No, I'm his assistant, Periculo. Open one of your mouthes.

Peixes: But I have only one!

Periculo: Okay, then open your third eye.

Peixes: I have only two and my leg hurts, not my eyes!

Daynjar: I'm here! Now tell me the problem.

Peixes: My leg hurts, and that's wierd cause it never hurts.

Daynjar: That's because you stepped on a electric shocker (removes it) Okay you're fine.

Peixes: (returns to his room) Cibus, you have a laser tag gun here?

Cibus: Yeah, no one wants to play with me!

Ledus: It is totally immature!

Sartan: It's nerdy!

Peixes: I have one, want against me?

Retrecir enters the room

Retrecir: Can I play too?

The played until the day ended.

Peixes, Sartan, Cibus and Ledus fell asleep... until a horrible noise started

Ledus: What the heck is this? SHUT UP MORON!

Decibel: (shown playing on a guitar) No one lets me do this in the day, so I am doing it now!

Peixes: STOP IT!




  • Peixes
  • Sartan
  • Kulta
  • Cibus
  • Ledus
  • Sakana
  • Anguis
  • Thirio
  • Retrecir
  • Decibel
  • Elduris
  • Exypnos
  • Magister Pupe
  • Ms. Partikas
  • D'aois
  • Daynjar
  • Periculo
  • Papiro
  • Probus
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