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Pietors are a species from the planet Crateron.


Pietors have a fire-energy body covered in rocks. Their energy is colored orange and can sometimes flow like lava. They have four eyes placed in the shape of a rhombus.


Pietors are species that constantly deform their planet, leaving impact craters.

Pietors don't have names, and have only numerical designations.

Powers and Abilities

Pietors are able to control fire. They can leave a trail behind them to propel themselves like asteroids. They can also transform into a rock by making the energy inside them more dense.


Pietors may cause unintentional damage to the surroundings.

Notable Pietors

  • Meteorock (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pietor)


Pietor comest from Pietra, Italian for rock.


  • Meteorock, unlike other Pietors, has no numerical designation, and has a name instead.