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Picture Perfect
General Information
Original broadcast March 29, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 16
Overall episode number 16
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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Picture Perfect is the sixteenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


In order to win the Horizon Capture Contest, Ethan and Nikki join Terence to climb up Mount Serautu to take a picture of a rare flower known as the Silene periodicum. But deep above lies a mythological creature, known as the Landageddeti.


Gi-Kwan's Wrath

[As the sun shined brightly on the screen, heavy breaths were heard in the background. Everything zoomed down to the ground where two hikers were climbing up a mountain.]

Melvin: How much longer until we’re at the top, Tevin?

Tevin: I don’t know, Melvin. Why don’t you look? You have the map!

Melvin: No, you had the map! Remember, I was admiring the view of the creek and decided to take some pictures.

Tevin: Ugh! We’re lost again!

Melvin: Agh!

Tevin: At least we’re lost in the forest and not lost like we were in New York City.

Melvin: Yeah, that was definitely a nightmare. I felt like I couldn’t breath with no trees around.

[Melvin heard a branch break nearby.]

Melvin: Did you hear that?

Tevin: Hear what, Melvin? [Turns around] There’s nothing there!

Melvin: I thought I heard something.

Tevin: Oh, please. You’re probably still high from that weed we smoked last night.

Melvin: [Hears it again.] I don’t think it’s the weed, man!

Tevin: I’m telling you, there’s nothing to worry about. Remember, the forest and its creatures are our friends.

[A creature appeared behind Tevin as a frightened Melvin took a few steps back while the shadow covered over Tevin’s body.]

Tevin: There’s nothing out here that is going to hurt us.

Melvin: Even that?

[Tevin turned around to see a large creature standing behind him. He was covered with white fur and its back was hunched over.]

Tevin: No way! Is that bigfoot?

Melvin: We have to get a picture!

[Melvin grabbed his phone and Tevin stood next to the creature. He made a peace sign with his fingers and Melvin took a picture with the flash on. The creature became disoriented and roared at them. The two hikers, frightened, ran away and screamed from the top of their lungs. The hikers ran down the path with their arms raised in the air.]

Melvin: Is it gone?!

Tevin: I don’t know, just keep running!

[They screamed louder and escaped from the forest. We zoom up to the mountain where the creature was watching them. It turned around and left to go back up the mountain.]


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Just Another Saturday Afternoon (Enhanced)

[A few days later, the scene transitioned to Terence is scrolling through his photos on his phone. He was waiting for his Photography class to start.]

Terence: No… [Scrolls] No… [Scrolls] No… [Scrolls]

[Terence stumbled upon to a picture of him and Ethan pigging out at Zombozo’s restaurant.]

Terence: Heh, that was a good meal.

[Terence scrolled through more of photos until he stopped at an image with him, Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Nikki. He stared at it for a moment until a friend of his called out to him.]

Friend: Hey!

Terence: Oh, hey Jarrett.

Jarrett: Whatcha up to?

Terence: I’m scrolling through my phone to find the right picture that I can use for the Horizon Capture contest.

Jarrett: You’re going to enter?

Terence: Maybe, but based on all my photos I can’t seem to find anything worth showing.

Jarrett: Don’t worry about it too much, I’m sure you’ll figure out something.

[The Professor for the class had entered the room.]

Professor: Okay students, let’s make this brief. I got a dentist appointment in about an hour and I only have so much time to get there. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Horizon Capture Contest coming up?

[Some students nodded while others said “Yeah.”]

Professor: So, I’m going to give you guys an opportunity here. I want you guys to find something impossible. Something that we don’t see every day. I’m not saying that it has to be something totally rare, but I want to be sure you capture something that would really impress people. If one of you submits this picture into the capture contest and wins, I may have no more assignments for the rest of the month.

[The students mummered to themselves as they seemed to be excited.]

Professor: But I can’t make any guarantees yet! So for now... Go! Catch the moment!

[The students cheered.]

Professor: Seriously, go, I got things to do. [Started walking out the class] Oh, and study for the quiz this weekend!

[The teacher left the classroom and the scene transitioned to an annoyed Terence sitting on his bed as he searched through his laptop. Soon, Terence’s frustration got to him and he groaned and began to pull his hair.]

Terence: Ugh, this is hopeless! How am I supposed to find the right image to use for the Capture Contest? Maybe I should go out and take something if I can’t find anything from my personal photos.

[Terence went to Google on his phone and began searching for places near Merridale. He soon found a article that interested him.]

Terence: Wait a minute…

[The song ended. As Terence began to read, we zoomed in on the image of the mountain. The scene shifted to the next day where Ethan and Nikki were sitting at a table.]

Rise to the Challenge! - Episode 16

Ethan: So wait a minute, Hannibal finally told you?

Nikki: Mhm. Wait, you knew?

Ethan: Yeah, he talked to me about it before he got kidnapped.

Nikki: Did you tell him to do this?!

Ethan: No! I didn’t even know he was going to drop this bomb so… I wouldn’t say suddenly, it has been what, 5 months now?

[Nikki sighed.]

Ethan: What are you going to do?

Nikki: I don’t know, I don’t want this to sabotage our friendship. I mean, I’ve known him for years. I don’t want anything like this to put a wedge between us.

Ethan: Well, why don’t you…

[Terence walked up to the two with his phone in his hand.]

Terence: Hey! I wanted to talk to you about something. [He searched through his phone.] You know about the Horizon Capture Contest coming up, right?

Nikki: Yeah, I had to do it last year because my dancing major required us to take Photography and my professor wanted us to participate in this.

Terence: Papara?

Nikki: Yeah, I guess it was required for set photos or something. I don’t know.

[Terence showed an image of Mount Serautu.]

Terence: Well, get a load of this. Mount Serautu, one of the most beautiful and mysterious mountains out in Southwest. It’s just 2 hours from Merridale. Up there, there is a rare and delicate flower called Silene periodicum.

[Terence swiped his phone and showed an image of the Silene Periodicum.]

Terence: It’s a flower you only get to see in the Spring time and is only located over there and in Eastern Europe. They say the flower holds all the answers to life’s greatest mysteries and helps you on the path of self discovery.

Nikki: So what, you just hike up the mountain until you find the flower? Terence: Uh-huh.

Ethan: Mind if I come? There’s a legend about a beast that hides deep out within the mountains, known as the Landageddeti.

Nikki: Oh please, there’s no such thing as a Landageddeti.

Ethan: Whether its real or not, I still wanna take a look. Besides, you could probably use Wildmutt to help you scent out the flowers location.

Terence: Can Wildmutt do that?

[Ethan shrugged.]

Terence: Well, I guess you can.

Nikki: You guys have fun, then.

Ethan: Actually I think you should come too.

Nikki: But, Ethan!

[Ethan turned to Nikki in private.]

Ethan: Trust me, this is the sort of thing you need to take your mind off Hannibal. And if you rush out and make a decision now, you might regret it later.

Nikki: Maybe, but… I’m not exactly the biggest fan of being around Terence.

[They turned over while Terence was patiently waiting as he picked his nose. Nikki sighed and they turned back to their private discussion.]

Ethan: You’ll be fine. Plus, you two have never really hung out together before unless the others are there. So this might be the thing you need to make friends with Terence.

Nikki: Well… alright? But if he places one of his boogers on my blouse, I’m going to smack him til there’s a good Fantastic 4 movie.

[They turned back to Terence.]

Nikki: Hey, you mind if I come too? I could actually use the fresh air.

Terence: Just as long as I’m not paying for your bus tickets, you both can come. Meet me Saturday morning at the bus station across campus. That’s when I’ll be going.

Ethan: We’ll meet you there.

[The song ended.]

Starting from the Bottom - Ep 16

[The next day, the scene segmented to a bus arriving near Serautu. The bus left with Ethan, Terence and Nikki standing before the mountain. They began walking down towards the hiking trail.]

Terence: We’re here.

Nikki: We gotta go hike up that thing?

Terence: Yep. We should probably go off trail if we’re going to find the flower.

Ethan: Why off trail?

Terence: Because it could be anywhere on the mountain. This isn’t some tourist attraction,

Ethan. We’re searching for what’ll get me first place in the Capture Contest. Now c’mon, we got a flower to find.

[The three began climbing up the mountain and moments later, they reached to a top peak of the mountain where they found a meadow of flowers surrounding the area.]

Terence: Whoa…

Nikki: This place is gorgeous.

Ethan: Yeah.

[Ethan and Nikki took pictures with their phones.]

Terence: Alright, scatter, this flower could be anywhere. Remember, its pink with four pedals sticking out and it has yellow thorns.

Ethan: Luckily I know a friend who can help search for it faster!

[Ethan, standing beside Terence and Nikki, he tapped the button from the Omnitrix, and the core raised up. He raised his hand and slammed down to transform.]

[WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: Ethan stretched out his left arm, and orange-brown fur started surrounding his entire arm and the watch. The fur started to spread all over his body, and covered his face. His mouth grew wider as fangs started to grow out, and started spinning around with his neck growing gills. Quills started growing out on his back and everything spun with his hand forming into a paw with sharp claws and slammed it to the ground. A green light occurred, and the transformation ended.]

[Wildmutt roared beside Terence and Nikki and he began walking around the meadow to sniff out what he could find. Wildmutt sniffed into a particular area, and it lead to Wildmutt sneezing and he shook his head.]

Wildmutt: [Shaking head] Ruh-ruh-ruff!

Terence: Anything yet, boy?

[Wildmutt grunted at him.]

Nikki: There’s nothing but yellow flowers out here, Terence.

Terence: Then we’ll just have to keep searching.

[Wildmutt and Nikki followed Terence as they kept walking around the meadow. Wildmutt continued sniffing the ground until he stopped to itch himself.]

Terence: We should go up into higher ground. That’s probably where we’ll find the flower.

Nikki: No wonder you said Saturday morning, it’s going to take all day to climb that thing.

[Wildmutt climbed below Terence and Nikki and roared.]

Terence: Which is where the mutt comes in! Heel boy!


[Wildmutt climbed up the mountain and ran with fast pace. Terence grabbed a pair of binoculars and searched around. Nikki used her camera on her phone to search around. Nikki with the scenery zoomed in, she saw a fence up ahead.]

Nikki: Wait, boy, There’s some guards up ahead.

[Wildmutt stopped.]

Terence: What?

[Terence grabbed his binoculars and looked ahead and saw a fence being guarded.]

Nikki: Do we go ahead or turn back?

Terence: Nah, let’s talk to them, see what they know.

[Terence and Nikki hopped off Wildmutt and approached the men guarding the fence.]

Nikki: Um, excuse me. My friend and my dog and I were hiking up the hill, and we were wondering what is going on?

[A figure walked up and began to speak to them.]

Figure: Well if you must know… We are protecting this place from containing any further outside contact or damage. This environment is hostile and must be protected.

Nikki: Excuse me?

[We zoomed up to reveal the figure was wearing a black environmental suit. He had short red hair, a goatee, and tan skin.]

Jonah Melville: Pardon me for not introducing myself right away. Hi, I’m Jonah Melville, and we are Friends of Nature. You see, a few weeks ago, there was a illegal nuclear waste disposal that began killing all the wildlife on this mountain. Since then, we were hired here by the authorities to secure this area to prevent any further harm until this mountain is cleared. Until then, nobody must be allowed in here. I’m sorry you came all this way just for us to send you back.

[Terence glared at them until he saw a hole at the bottom of the fence to his right.]

Nikki: Thanks anyway, we’ll be on our way.

[The three turned back and from a few feet away the group engaged in a private conversation.]

Terence: I think those guys are hiding something.

Nikki: Terence…

Terence: I know what you’re going to say, but I saw what was behind that fence, and everything looked fine from my point of view.

Nikki: I was actually going to agree with you, for once.

Terence: What?!

Nikki: Yeah, you think I’m that dense? You clearly can tell they’re trying to hide something. I don’t know what, but…

Terence: I’m not leaving here until we get my flower shot. So if any of you have any ideas at how to distract the guards, I’m all ears.

[Wildmutt quietly barked in agreement, then smirked. We cut to Wildmutt appearing in front of a group of guards.]

Guard: What is that thing?

Guard 2: I don’t know, some kind of dog or something? Maybe a spotless leopard?

Guard: Shooo! You disgusting animal, beat it!

[The guards tried shooting it and Wildmutt jumped and began running around. Wildmutt jumped onto one of the guards, and the other guard tried to shoot Wildmutt. Wildmutt bounced off in time and the guard fell unconscious. While Wildmutt continued distracting the guards, Nikki and Terence climbed under the fence hole and sneaked inside. One of the guards noticed.]

Guard: HEY!

[Wildmutt struck him with his paw and the guard fell unconscious. He snuck below the fence and ran at the other side. Everything zoomed to the side of the fence where there was a warning side, saying: “BEWARE, DANGEROUS WILDLIFE”.]

To Adventure! (Episode 16, Extended)

[Wildmutt ran over to catch up with Nikki and Terence who were catching their breath. The Omnitrix beeped and Ethan transformed back to normal.]

Ethan: Okay, so we got past the guards.

Terence: Well…

[Terence grabbed a map from his pocket.]

Nikki: Wait, where’d you get that?

Terence: I stole it from the guards when they weren’t looking.

Nikki: Nice!

Terence: Now, I don’t think we have to go to the highest point of the mountain, but there’s a hiking trail 16 kilometers from here. If we follow the map we should be back on the trail.

Ethan: Then let’s get to it.

[Ethan, Terence and Nikki continued climbing up the mountain. The scene shifted to a forest where the three had to pass through bushes, while they each tried to swat swarms of gnats and mosquitoes. Then, as they began climbing a top hill, the three each groaned in unison. Ethan checked his Omnitrix and saw it was still recharging. They sighed and moved forward. As they climbed up the hill, Terence fell to the ground for a second as he tried to catch his breath. Nikki offered a water bottle and Terence accepted and took a drink. Terence stood up and they continued moving. Ethan noticing the interaction, and he smiled. The scene shifted to the three having to cross a stream, Ethan checked his Omnitrix again to see it was still recharging. Ethan and Terence sighed. Nikki jumped over to a large pebble and waved them to follow her way. Ethan and Terence followed as the three jumped over stones to make it across. The scene transitioned to them walking out of the jungle as Nikki and Terence were making conversation, with Terence laughing. Ethan smiled upon their interactions to himself and then the scene had changed to them arriving to the trail. The song ended.]

We're Back on the Trail and a Landageddeti Attacks!

Terence: Alright, we’re back on the trail.

Nikki: Finally… no more terrains or roadblocks to stop us.

Ethan: Not unless the Landageddeti attacks us first.

Nikki: You’re still going on about that thing? You know that thing isn’t real.

Ethan: Yeah, well neither are my aliens, but guess who has the watch that transforms him into aliens. Oh wait, I remember. Me!

Terence: He’s got a point there.

Nikki: Just because you have a magic watch that transforms you into aliens, doesn’t mean the Landageddeti is real.

Ethan: You never know… They say, the Landageddeti hides out in the Northern California mountains, just waiting for visitors to come so when the times just right, BAM! It tears the guts right out of your body, turns your skull into its bowl, and eats your brain like it’s a bowl of cereal.

Nikki: [Gulps] That’s very descriptive of you, Ethan.

Ethan: Hey, that’s what I heard.

Terence: I heard it rips parts of your body and has you like a slice of pizza.

[Nikki began to become disgusted as Ethan and Terence discussed more details.]

Ethan: I also heard it tears your liver and your insides out, then juices it to make a smoothie out of its blender.

Terence: Oh yeah? I heard it chops your body up, roasts you onto a fire, and has you like a kebab.

Nikki: Ok, that’s enough, you two are about to make me throw up.

[Ethan and Terence laughed.]

Nikki: Like, do you really have to be this disgusting and describe it with such detail?

Terence: No, but it’s funny.

Nikki: Yeah? Well one more word from you two and I’m heading home.

Terence: Go ahead, have fun explaining to the guards why you snuck past them.

Nikki: I will, and I’ll also tell them you two bozos snuck back here along with me. I ain’t going down alone.

[Nikki took another step onto a patch of tall grass near some bushes. A wired net appeared from the back of the bushes and it pulled Nikki up into a tree.]

Nikki: Ah! Hey, what is this?!

Terence: Be careful, one wrong move and it’ll zap you.

Ethan: Better call in Diamondhead…

Terence: I got this!

[Terence climbed up the tree and made it towards the branch that Nikki was hanging from.]

Ethan: Be careful, Terence!

Terence: I just told you I got this. Now relax, alright? I’m going to get you out of there.

[Terence grabbed a pocket knife and he started slicing the net. Terence managed to cut Nikki free. She fell onto the ground and Terence jumped down beside her. Terence offered his hand for help.]

Terence: You’re welcome.

[Nikki pushed Terence’s hand to the side and stood back up.]

Nikki: Oh Please! I can help myself up, no problem! But thank you...

[The three heard shaking from near the bushes, and suddenly the same creature from before stepped out toward them.]

Nikki: The Landageddeti? It’s real?! Are you kidding me?!

Terence: Move slowly, maybe it wouldn’t notice us.

[Terence and Nikki stepped backwards slowly. The Landageddeti took a notice and slammed his hand against the ground, throwing them backwards.]

Ethan: This looks like the job for Four Arms!

[Ethan tapped the Omnitrix and slammed down. A green light appeared, blinding Terence, Nikki and the Landageddeti. The light faded and a small cloud of dust fades, revealing Ethan got the wrong alien.]

Ghoulseye: Ghoulseye?! Well, I could’ve gotten a worse alien. But, now when I think about it, this one’s better!

[Ghoulseye floated towards the Landageddeti.]

Ghoulseye: Hey, Bigfoot! Let’s see if you’re strong enough to get your way out of this!

[Ghoulseye turned his cloak into a bow and prepared an arrow. Ghoulseye launched the arrow, and it turned into a net, trapping the Landageddeti and tying it to the ground. Nikki and Terence stood back up.]

Ghoulseye: Hah! Gotcha!

[The Landageddeti broke free from Ghoulseye’s net. It charged towards them.]

Ghoulseye: No you don’t!

[Ghoulseye flew towards it and created a scythe. Ghoulseye swung it at the Landageddeti and it threw the creature backwards. The beast was wounded on its shoulder, with some of its fur chopped off. It held onto its shoulder and ran back into the forest. Ghoulseye floated back down near the two and tapped the Omnitrix symbol to change back. The song ended.]

Ethan: You guys okay?

Terence: Yeah, we’re fine.

Nikki: B-But the Landageddeti… It’s…

Ethan: Real, I know. Told you.

Nikki: It’s not funny, Ethan.

Go Forward - E-10

Ethan: I know. To be honest, I don’t feel safe here with that creature running around. I don’t wanna risk anything happening to you guys again.

Nikki: Same here.

Terence: Are you kidding me? We snuck past the guards, climbed through many terrains, and all because one creature attacks us, you just wanna give up and walk away? Ethan, I’ve seen you take on terrorists, sorcerers, robots, and tattooed men. We can’t just let one creature phase us!

Ethan: I know, but this one’s a wild animal who has no mind of its own and might not hold back to harm you. And this time, I don’t have a hit squad to call for backup.

Terence: I’m getting that picture, Ethan, whether its with your and Nikki’s help or not. I didn’t climb this far to stop now, and I’m not about to give up yet.

[The song ended.]

Nikki: He does have a point, we have faced worse.

Climbing to the Unknown

Ethan: Alright, fine. But if something happens next time…

Terence: Then I’ll rip that thing’s teeth out before it has the chance to bite me.

[The scene shifted to the three continuing to hike up the mountains. Ethan looked around to see a bunch of squirrels staring at him, and he smiled awkwardly. Terence found an acorn tree and punched it. A bunch of acorns fell on the ground, as well as a couple squirrels. A few angry squirrels popped out from the fallen acorns and chased after the three down the trail. The scene cut to them getting away and finding a small wooden bridge attached by rope that would take them across a river. Terence and Ethan back away, frightened. Nikki shook her head and walked across the bridge with no problem. Ethan then followed and made it across the bridge. Terence did the same after them, but the bridge slowly began to collapse under him. He took notice and ran across. The bridge collapsed below him, and Terence nearly fell. Nikki grabbed his hand in time and tried to pull him up. She struggled to carry Terence’s weight, and Ethan helped Nikki pull him up. They managed to pull Terence to safety, as they each took deep breaths.]

Nikki: You’re welcome.

[Terence saw Nikki offering him help up, and Terence rolled his eyes, smiling, and he accepted, pulling him up. The scene then shifted to further up the mountain as Ethan stopped to hold onto his leg muscles.]

Ethan: Ugh, my legs are killing me.

Nikki: Aren’t you used to going out and walking this much?

[Nikki and Terence turned to him and saw an out of shape and the sweaty mess that Ethan now is.]

Nikki: Oh.

Terence: Well, it is hot out. [Wipes sweat off with sweat rag.]

Nikki: It’s like 74 degrees out here!

[Suddenly, they heard a roar of thunder and it began pouring down rain.]

Ethan: And now it’s raining…

[The scene cut to them running down a path, shielding themselves from rain, until they had eventually entered a cave. They sat down and started to catch their breath. The song ended.]

Nikki: We should hide out here until the storm passes.

Terence: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Nikki: Agh, can someone go out and get some firewood?

Ethan: Who needs to when you have Heatblast!

[Before Ethan can turn the Omnitrix dial, everybody paused as they suddenly heard a creature scream deep from within the cave. A Landageddeti stepped forward and roared again at the group.]

Don't Cry - (Landigeddeti and its Injury)

Nikki: The Landageddeti, again?!

Terence: We must’ve entered its territory!

Ethan: Don’t worry guys, I got this!

Nikki: Wait a minute, something’s different about this one…

[This Landageddeti appeared to have a female shape, and there was a frightened baby one hiding behind the female.]

Nikki: Aw, is that a baby?!

Ethan: Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Nikki: It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you, little guy.

[The Baby Landageddeti stepped toward Nikki, but its mother stopped it.]

Terence: Didn’t you hear? She said she wasn’t going to hurt it.

[The mother allowed it and the baby went to Nikki. Nikki pet its head and started squirming around her.]

Nikki: Aw, this thing’s so cute!

[They heard another scream nearby, to appear the Landageddeti from before standing from the entrance of the cave.]

Ethan: Uh oh...

Terence: It’s the Landageddeti that attacked us before! Wait, I think that's the father.

[The Landageddeti stepped forward, but stopped as he held onto his arm. The mother walked toward it to check the wound.]

Nikki: And look, its arm is bleeding…

Ethan: It must’ve been because of Ghoulseye’s attack.

[The Landageddeti made conversation with its wife as he roared and pointed out they did it. The Landageddeti soon fell to the ground, and took deep breaths.]

Nikki: We need to tend to its wound immediately or else it’ll lose its arm.

Terence: I have some medical equipment in my bag. Ethan, go grab some firewood. I don’t think Heatblast’s temporary flames are going to help us here.

Ethan: On it!

[Ethan ran outside. Nikki stepped toward the mother and child watching its father. The mother roared at Nikki.]

Nikki: It’s okay! We’re here to help. Please, we caused this mess, so let us help you. We’re not going to hurt him, I promise.

[The mother paused and stepped aside, allowing Nikki and Terence to step forward to tend the wound. The song ended. The scene shifted to Ethan, Nikki and Terence sitting by a campfire as the mother and child sat with them, while the father was resting.]

Terence: Well, this has been some day.

Ethan: Tell me about it. Not only can I believe we saw the Landageddeti, but it has a family, too.

Nikki: One of life’s greatest mysteries… You know, after walking around through all this nature, it’s really helped me appreciate life just a little more. Like, there’s more you can see than just what’s on your screen.

Terence: Yeah, that’s part of the reason why I want to be a photographer. I wanna see the world you know, take pics, enjoy the little things in life. I hardly ever got to travel as a kid, and ever since I got into High School, all I could think about was seeing the world.

Let's Take A Moment

Terence: That’s why I attended Horizon. And hopefully if I find the flower and win the Capture Contest, I can be a step forward toward my career.

Nikki: You will. To be honest, I don’t know where my career is taking me. After High School, I got picked to be in this big dancing group called the Honeybees, and it was fun for a little while. But after a while, I couldn’t keep up with them anymore. Everything was going so fast I wanted to take a step back. I thought, “Hey, why not get your education out of the way, so once that’s done I can finally keep up with everyone?” And it’s really worked out a lot for me.

Ethan: Well, at least you guys got it lucky. I was stuck in community college for the last few years. If it wasn’t for… [Hesitates] … the watch, I wouldn’t have met the SACT when I did and took the opportunity of a free education at an art school. I’ve always had people put me down from time to time with my work.

Terence, Nikki: We feel ya.

Ethan: But, I feel like no matter how hard I try, I never felt that I was never good enough. Horizons was the first place I ever felt good enough to pursue my dream, and I’m glad I found you guys to help motivate me forward.

Nikki: Me too.

Terence: Without you guys, Horizons would’ve felt so… lonely. I mean I have friends, but they aren’t the kind of friends I can actually be close to without getting judged.

Ethan: Man, can I relate. That’s why I distance myself from everybody, I just don’t want to get hurt again over and over.

Nikki: Well, that’s crazy, you don’t have to distance everybody from your past. Unless they’ve treated you wrong, you have no reason to do that.

Ethan: Oh I know, and that’s why I have…

Nikki: Well, we have each other, and Alice, and Hannibal… and many other people. And I believe we’re truly going to get somewhere in life, as long we have each other and that we keep moving forward.

Ethan: Yeah.

[The male Landageddeti yawned as it began to wake up. The song ended. It was revealed its arm was all healed up and covered in stitches. The child jumped into his arms, noticing it was recovered.]

Nikki: Aw, guess it’s all healed up now.

Ethan: That’s good.

[Ethan looked at the entrance and noticed it stopped pouring.]

Ethan: Huh, the rain’s stopped too.

Terence: Guess we should get going. [Stands up] We’ve still got a flower to find.

[A voice echoed toward them.]

Voice: Actually, I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere.

[They turned to the voice and gasped as they saw Jonah Melville entering inside the cave with a hit squad, who had their their weapons raised up.]


Jonah Melville: I guess I should be thanking you three. You finally lead me right to it.

Ethan: What are you talking about? Aren’t you Friends of Nature or something?

Terence: Haven’t you figured it out yet? They’re hunters who were hired to capture the Landageddeti.

Jonah Melville: That’s correct, although we’re not just after a Landageddeti, but all three of them. I didn’t even know there was more of its kind.

[The mother wrapped its arms around the child to protect it.]

Jonah Melville: I guess that’ll make it easier to sell them to the black market.

Nikki: You’re going to separate its family? You monster!

Jonah Melville: No, that thing’s a monster! You see, the Landageddeti species are a rare specimen to find, most people would pay money just to have them as apart of their collections. Whether it’s tearing their fur up to be used as carpets or to wrap around their sleeves on a cold winter’s night, whatever the case! Turning in these creatures is going to make me a very rich man. I don’t know how you snuck past the gates, but now you know too much, so step aside or you won’t live to see another day!

[Ethan tried to hold it together as he died of laughter, meanwhile Jonah's henchman cocked their guns. Ethan activated the Omnitrix and scrolled to the right alien.]

Ethan: I don’t think you know who you’re talking to here, dude! Let me give you a guess, it's... [Slams down]

[MINI-DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: In a spinning green background, Ethan raised out his arms as crystals began to form over them. Ethan spun around and diamond shards to grew out of his back. Ethan spun to the front, and finished transforming as he struck a pose.]

Diamondhead: DIAMONDHEAD!!!

[Jonah Melville and his hit squad paused, as some were trembling in fear, and others shocked. Jonah glared.]

Jonah Melville: SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!

[They raised their guns.]

Diamondhead: Oh, you’re going to regret doing that.

[They began blasting at Diamondhead. Diamondhead slammed his hands into the ground and created a wall to block the bullets.]

Nikki: Come on, we need to find another way out of here!

Terence: Kinda difficult since there is no other way!

Nikki: Ugh…

[The male Landageddeti roared and jumped out to fight alongside Diamondhead. He began punching some of the henchman. Meanwhile, Diamondhead launched crystals from the ground to throw them backwards. The henchman went flying back. One of them tried to shoot the Landageddeti and Diamondhead sliced his gun apart and punched him in the face, throwing him back into the wall. The child Landageddeti watched them fight and roared, running after Jonah Melville. It started punching and kicking Jonah’s legs and he smirked.]

Jonah Melville: Funny…

[Jonah grabbed his net gun and blasted a net at the child. It struggled to break free and Jonah grabbed him.]

Jonah Melville: Gotcha!

[Diamondhead finished the last of the henchman and he and the father Landageddeti walked back to the group.]

Diamondhead: Okay, that’s the last of them. Wait, where’d the little one?

[Meanwhile outside, Jonah Melville stepped out into the meadow as he walked down the mountain with the child Landageddeti in his net. The child began throwing a tantrum.]

Jonah Melville: I may not have the whole batch, but at least I got you. Hmm… for a kid your size, maybe I’ll shave you and sell you on the pet trade.

Diamondhead: I don’t think so, Melville!

[Diamondhead created a diamond wall blocking Melville from escaping. He turned around to see Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: If anybody’s going to be shaving anyone today, it’s going to me slicing that goatee off your face!

Jonah Melville: I beg to differ!

[Jonah Melville grabbed a taser gun and blasted electricity at Diamondhead. It reflected off him, doing no damage.]

Jonah Melville: What the hell?!

Diamondhead: Yeah, tough luck for you.

[The father stepped besides Diamondhead and he pounded his chest.]

Diamondhead: And I believe your luck just got even tougher for you.

[The father jumped over and began beating up Jonah Melville. Diamondhead ripped the net open and it freed the child Landageddeti. The child ran over to Diamondhead and hugged him. The scene then transitioned to a bruised Jonah Melville and his hit squad being arrested by the police. The police car drove away as Ethan and Nikki were talking to the park ranger. The song ended.]

Park Ranger: It’s a good thing you brought this guy in. Otherwise, he would’ve harmed an endangered species and done who knows what with it.

Ethan: Yeah…

Secret Sword 2 - (E-10 Cut)

Nikki: Wait a minute, did you say endangered species?

Park Ranger: That’s correct, the Landageddeti is known to a myth by most people, but in reality it’s actually an endangered species that have been living on this planet for 6,000 years.

Ethan: Well, that’s a shock.

Park Ranger: Most people don’t even know of its existence. We try to keep this from the public to make sure that people don’t try to hunt it for their own purposes.

Ethan: If that’s the case, how did these guys find out about it anyway?

Nikki: And how the hell did you authorize them to be here?

Park Ranger: We didn’t, it must’ve been one of the other rangers who was working on the inside.

Ethan: Makes sense.

Park Ranger: But from here on out, we’ll make sure that this doesn’t happen again, and that the Landageddeti and its family will be protected by all costs. Although, we’d like to ask you if you would keep this from being public knowledge.

Nikki: We will, I can’t imagine someone who would want to harm these creatures anyway.

[Back up the hill, Terence was standing beside the father Landageddeti. The song shifted.]

E-10 - Everyone are Friends

Terence: Welp, now that that’s done and over with, I might as well head home. It’s obvious the Silene periodicum isn’t here, I’ve been trying to search for it all day but I haven’t had any luck finding it. Guess I’ll just have to sort through my photos and figure out which ones the best one to take.

[The Landageddeti put its hand on Terence’s shoulder.]

Terence: Huh?

[The Landageddeti grabbed Terence and began walking away with him.]

Terence: Whoa, hey! What are you doing?!

[Ethan, Nikki and the Park Ranger noticed Terence’s voice and ran after him.]

Ethan: Hey, stop!

Park Ranger: Wait!

Nikki: What are you doing?!

[Terence screamed as the Landageddeti entered a cave, and from the other side, they stepped outside to see a meadow, revealing for them to be at a meadow near the top of the mountain. Ethan, Nikki and the Park Ranger stopped.]

Ethan: Whoa…

[The Landageddeti sat Terence down and they each gazed at the view, revealing for them to see many mountains and cities from here.]

Nikki: This is amazing…

Park Ranger: Oh, we must be at Seratau’s Peak.

Ethan, Terence, Nikki: What?

Park Ranger: Yes. This is an area most people can’t find from the map. From here, you can see from all over Northern California. It really is a beautiful sight.

Ethan: Hey, I think I can see Merridale from here.

[Terence smiled and saw the Landageddeti signal to follow him. Terence followed the Landageddeti until he eventually stepped aside. Terence gasped as he saw Silene periodicum right before him. Terence grabbed his camera, took a picture, and the screen was blinded with a white light. The song ended. The scene faded to a few days later with Terence standing at the table where the others usually sit.]

Little Busters - E-10 Ep 16 cut

Terence: Check it out guys, my picture got an A!

Alice, Ethan: Nice!

Hannibal: Woo!

Nikki: I knew you were going to pass.

Ethan: Guess that means you got a high score in the Capture Contest.

Terence: Yep, and… I got second place…

Alice: What?!

Hannibal, Nikki: Second place?!

Ethan: Are you serious?!

Nikki: We hiked all that way just for you to get second place!

Ethan: That’s bullshit!

Terence: Hey, it still gives me a good look for my career. Anyway, I appreciate you guys for coming with me. I would’ve never gotten this picture without your help.

Nikki: It’s no problem, Terry.

Ethan: Yeah, what are friends for.

Hannibal: That must’ve been an awesome sight to witness.

Alice: Yeah, I wish I could’ve came with you guys! I just hate that I got stuck doing assignments all weekend...

Hannibal: At least you didn’t have to flip burgers all Saturday. I had to both open and close that day.

Ethan: That must’ve been exhausting.

Hannibal: Big time.

Terence: Well don’t worry about it, maybe next time you guys can come, and we’ll find another rare sighting for the Capture Contest.

Alice: Oh, I’m so in.

Hannibal: And you better believe I’m in too. Do you have any ideas about the next one?

Terence: Well you see...

[Terence’s conversation faded out with Alice and Hannibal as Ethan turned to Nikki in private.]

Ethan: So, I was just wondering. Did you ever figure out what you’re going to do with Hannibal?

Nikki: Yeah, I think that hike really helped me change my perspective of things.

Ethan: So you’re going to?

[Nikki nodded with a worried look on her face.]

Ethan: When are you planning on telling him?

Nikki: I don’t know, yet, I’m just going to wait for the right time.

[The two looked at Hannibal as he was laughing alongside Alice and Terence.]

Alice: So, I have to ask, after everything that happened, do you think you’ll ever see the Landageddeti again?

Terence: Who knows? Life’s full of mysteries, but I think there’s a good chance we’ll see each other again, much sooner than we think.

[From a binocular’s point of view, they sat sat down. The scene shifted over, revealing that the Landageddeti was watching them from afar. He smiled and turned back inside the cave as everything zoomed up into the sky.]

E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 17 preview

Major Events

  • Nikki decides to let Hannibal down easy, but to wait for the right time to do it.


  • Nikki tells Ethan about Hannibal confessing to her from the previous episode.
  • Ethan reveals he knew about his feelings for Nikki as of Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil
  • Hannibal brings up his job at Wendy's, when discussing he was busy all weekend.
  • When Ethan hesitates about revealing the name of the Omnitrix, its due to him keeping it secret and how much its mentally helped out his main problem throughout the course of the series.



  • Jonah Melville (first appearance)
    • Friends of Nature (first appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Diamondhead's transformation in this episode is based on Ben's in "Past Aliens Present", "Innervasion, Part 2", and Kevin's in "Franken Fight". All three of which being from the Ben 10 reboot.
  • Various Pokemon movie tracks are used from this episode.
    • The Wish That Didn't Come True
    • The-The Horn!
    • Save The Swordsmen
    • I Believe in You!
    • Secret Sword 2
    • Everyone Are Friends
  • Little Busters is used as an insert song in the episode.


  • This episode, as well as Alice in Wonderland and How to Save A Life, was promoted to air the season finale, Spirited Away.
  • This is one of the few episodes to use the ending segments from FLCL, using "Little Busters."
  • When spitballing the Diamondhead fight, Ebomnitrix thought about using XLR8 to defeat Jonah Melville. However this was changed due to not wanting to overuse him in the first season.
  • Tevin and Melvin from the Ben 10 reboot, make cameos in this episode. Also canonizing their existence in the Horizon timeline.
  • This episode takes inspiration from the Ben 10 Reboot episode, "Forgeti", and Pokemon Sun and Moon's "Not Caving Under Pressure!" It also takes inspiration from the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
  • Nikki's dancing group in the Honeybee's is a reference to the character she's based on in Young Justice.
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