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Picante Cáscara
RichardTaco 3
General Information
Species Sombreano
Home World Sombreno
DNA source Unnamed Sombreano
Body Humanoid taco
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hard shell

Enhanced strength

Cheese-like substance

Enhanced durability

Voice Actor Antonio Banderas (JITE)
First Appearance Picture Perfect

Picante Cáscara, formerly known Spicy Shell (and more formerly as RichardTaco), is the Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Sombreano from Sombreno.


Picante Cáscara appears to be a sideways humanoid taco with arms and legs. He wears white gloves and shoes. He has a light yellow sombrero with a red stripe. He has red eyes ans a large red mouth.

He wears the Alpha-Omegatrix on his chest.

In Alpha-Omegaverse, he is darker and more orangish in color, his hat is black, he wears gloves similar to Four Arms', he has pants similar to Diamondhead's, he has a red headband with a white stripe on it, similar to the belts other aliens wear, his face is also red.

He wears the Simplicitrix on his headband.

AOV RichardTaco

RichardTaco in Alpha-Omegaverse


Picante Cáscara can wrap his opponents in an almost indestructable unedible cheese-like substance.

He can shoot a chili-like substance at his opponents that burns like radiation.

He also can speak, understand, and translate Spanish.

He also can telepathically control tacos, similar to Swapmfire and Ulitmate Swampfire's ability to do the same with plants.

His taco shell-like structure that can deflect most projectiles.


Having a grudge against borritos, it is hard to control him when he sees one.

He also is weak to Gourmands and Orctinits, being based on food.



  • He is the first alien in the Richard 10 series to be based on food, the other is Pop-Paj.
    • He is also the only alien to have a grudge against any kind of food.
  • He is able to translate Spanish. It is unknown if any intelligent aliens can do this aswell.
  • It is confirmed after his last appearance in Alpha-Omegaverse, he will be scrapped from the show but his page will not be deleted. This is the same for Pop-Paj.
  • In The Chicken or The Egg, it is shown Richard gained Picante Cáscara by the Alpha-Omegatrix accidentally touching a Sombreano.
  • He will be used in flashbacks of Intergalactic Encounters.
  • He has been renamed to Spicy Shell, and now to Picante Cáscara.