Zs'Skayr in Alien Force-1-
General Information


Home Planet:

Anur Phaetos

Other Info
Crimes: The Near Destruction of the Universe 50 years ago
Goal: To Control All Life in the Universe
Abilities: Possession
Stronge Energy Beams
Darkness Manipluation
Controlling Ectonurites
Complete Invulnerability
Incalcuable Strength
Spawning Ectonurites
1st appearance: The Greatest Show Unearthed

Everything To Be Afraid Of

Arch-enemy: Vicktor Vandravel
Henchmen/Leader: All Ectonurites
Phry'tehn is the main antagonist of Vocaloid: Ultimate Alien. His names is a corruption of the word 'frighten'.

Vocaloid: Ultimate Alien

Phry'tehn attack

Phry'tehn Attacking

Phry'tehn will play the role of the main villain of season 2 of Vocaloid: Ultimate Alien. Phry'tehn was sealed away in a magic stone 50 years ago. Vulkanus accidently released him in Everything To Be Afraid Of. Phry'tehn is the most powerful living being in the universe. After his sealing, Vilgax was dubbed the most powerful being in the universe in order to cover up his entire existance.


Phry'tehn looks just like Zs'skayr from Alien Force.

Powers and Abilites

Phry'tehn possesses all the abilites of Ghostfreak, except on an ungodly level. His skin is completely invincible, even surviving a harsh thrashing from Way Big without any harm done. Phry'tehn also possesses divine strength, to the extent that he can easily lift Way Big and throw him long distances. His energy blasts are deadly as well. One blast sent Kevin several kilometers through the city of Tokyo. Phry'tehn can create Ectonurite minions. Anyone who comes ino contact with his Ectonurite minions are transformed into Ectonurites themselves.

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