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Secret Light manipulating alien of Imad 10.

Photon is the Photokinetic alien of Imad 10; it's the DNA sample of a Luxino of planet Galaxissa V.

Photon is a humanoid alien with a body mostly composed of glowing solidified blue energy, and covered with some light armor plating. The alien has one Cyclopean eye in the middle of the head.

Luxinos are strong willed aliens inhabiting a constellations full of bright stars; over the ages, they learned to manipulate the different light waves all around them in a variety of ways, doing so at the beginning to survive the dark but starry nights of Galaxissa V. Their tenacity is matched only by their competitive streak, and will show the utmost respect to anyone besting them at their own game. But getting on their bad side would be a foolish mistake, as they show no mercy those they deem enemies.

Powers: Master of Photokinesis under many forms:
- Creation of Light Illusions
- Light Manipulation for defensive purposes, as forcefields.
- Emitting very bright flashes
- Light Manipulation for offensive purposes (firing blasts from hands and eye)
- Controlling light to become invisible

Trivia: The name and design of this alien are based on the photon monsters (particularly Photon Thrasher) of Yugioh. The planet\s name, Galaxissa, is also based on the Galaxy archetype which is related to Photons. V is also the numeral name of the mentor of the guy who used the photon cards.

Ultimate Form[]

Ultimate Photon is its evolved form; it is mostly based off of Yugioh's Photon Kaiser.

Ult pho

Like its base form, Ultimate Photon is a blue energy humanoid with a cyclopean glowing eye, but takes on a more knight-like appearance, with sharper golden armor plating all over. UP possesses enhanced Photokinesis, which in addition to his base form's powers, grants him these abilities:

  • Can create regular or hard light illusions
  • Can perform an explosion of laser beams.
  • Can fire laser blasts
  • Can fire from the eye an immensely powerful long range beam of light.
  • Can create very durable light forcefields.
  • Can create various hard light objects like sword and shield.
  • Free Flight.