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Phoenix King

Phoenix King is a villain that appears in John Smith 10: Spacewalker.


Phoenix King was originally the title Fire Lord Ozai took when he was going to destroy the world. After his defeat to Avatar Aang, and lost his bending, the true Phoenix King, a Phoenix made of purple fire, escapes. John Spacewalker engages in battle with it instantly, and takes it into the future.

An alternate Phoenix appeared coming out of Azula, which was quickly defeated.

In the future, John's attempts to defeat it fail, until he absorbs it with Gymosis. Later, when John turns into Gymosis again, it's revealed that Phoenix King has taken over the form, turning John into the new Phoenix King.

Phoenix King, using John as a host, went on a rampage, until Avatar Korra removed John's mana from him.

Powers and Abilities

Due to its body being made completely of fire, it has advanced pyrokinetic powers. It can fly using its wings and can use them to strike an opponent. However, its trademark ability is regeneration. Like a phoenix, if a single ember of its body survives, it can regenerate completely, making it essentially immortal.

Its other trademark ability is the ability to possess beings just by merging with them. It will grant them strong purple firebending abilities. This firebending will grow stronger second after second.


If all its flames could be put out, then Phoenix King would be destroyed. This happened when Chaos Reign in Perfect Form engulfed it in water, putting all the flames out.

It can be absorbed, however it could not be absorbed by Heatblast, who manipulates fire.

If its host is defeated, then it loses its power.



  • Phoenix King's idea was based on Dark Gaia Phoenix from Sonic Unleashed, as a servant to Gaia.
  • Phoenix King taking over John makes it the first villain to turn John to the evil side, as well as the first to control him.
  • Although it is non-sapient, once it merges with a being, it gains sapiency and takes over, gaining the ability to speak.