The Phoenesians are ABC's species in Evan Billion.

ABC, a Phoenesian

Early Life

The first Phoenesians were confused about what they could do. But one day, a baby Phoenesian shot a P from his hand. Others tried, and soon, they had every letter from the alphabet. They began making stuff like stairs and buildings from these letters. One day, Charles M. Abeceda was building a chair, when he put the letters H, O, V, E, R, B, O, A, R, and D together and it made a hoverboard. Charles floated around on his new word, and others tried to copy it, but ended up with stuff like boars and robes.

Current Life

The Phoenesians discovered every word, and built several more. Most have pets they built themselves, and a lot of Phoenesians have clothing, which becomes made of cotton after a Phoenesian puts it on. A lot of time after their early life, they discovered that they have wings to fly with, and some fly to other planets to give gifts.

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