Phoebe Myers

E-10, Phoebe

E-10, Phoebe (Season 2)

E-10- Horizons, Chlorokyll

General Information
Species Human (formerly)
Birthday TBA
Age 19
18 (Season 1)
Affiliations TBA
Occupation Student
Powers and abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Sharp Thorn Blasts
Plant Merging
Size Manipulation
Body Alteration
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Relatives TBA
Alias TBA
Alternate Counterparts None
Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren
First Appearance The Nature of Things

Phoebe Myers was a former 18-year old college student at Mariana Tech. One day while creating a science experiment in class, she lost her temper and became frustrated for others always making fun of her. She became so frustrated that she accidentally mutated herself with plant DNA, instantly becoming a rampaging, mutated plant monster known as Chlorokyll.


Phoebe, in her human form, appears to be an average 18-year-old girl. She has green eyes, blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders, a pink T-shirt with a short dark purple scarf tied around her neck, light blue jeans and white shoes. In Season 2, her skinned turned green due to not being able to reverse her DNA entirely. She wears a green hoodie with the SACT tag on her upper left chest. She also wears black and white gym pants. 

As Chlorokyll, she resembles a green, vaguely half-humanoid plant creature composed of vines and thorns. Her entire lower half has been replaced by a tangle of vines. She has no discernible facial features in this form.


Before she was Chlorokyll she had a bright and up beat personality, but was easily paranoid and anxious with others. Once she got better control of his abilities she began to take things more seriously and became more patient with others. 

Because of Lieutenant Steel's training, she became a master strategist and learned to analyze her area and the situation around her.  

Powers and Abilities

When she was human, she didn't possess superpowers of her own.

In Season 2, she gained better control of her plant manipulating abilities in her human form.

As Chlorokyll, she can change her size depending on her emotional state. When angry, she can grow into the size of a tower. She's shown to grow up to twenty feet when preparing to eat Terence. She can also alter her body to add more distinctive plant-like features, such as a venus fly-trap.

Chlorokyll can shoot out thorns as fast as bullets.

She can also merge with plant life to appear invisible to her prey.


As Chlorokyll, she can be weak to acid, as demonstrated by Goop.

Chlorokyll also doesn't have control over her emotional state, making it difficult to calm her down or to stop her.



  • Chlorokyll was designed and named by CaT.
    • When Ebomnitrix was creating this character, he intended Chlorokyll's name to be Killer Crop to play off with comic book villain names.
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