Phlegonia is a hot, firy volcanic planet filled with lava. The Aliens there are very volatile and ferocious, they tend to eat flesh, scavenge and metal. This planet will appear in Hostage Crisis (Part 1) and Hostage Crisis (Part 2), where Vilgax had captured Azmuth into revealing the Place where the Hall of Omnitrix is.

Known Species

  • Phlegonians (a Pyronite like race, their cities are more Ancient Greek Themed)
  • Thermosapiens (a Fiery version of Arburian Pelarota)
  • Phelgosapiens (a more intelligent form of Phlegonians, they always fights with Phlegonians, their cities are more sophisticated)
  • Psionians (a Psychic race of aliens, a XLRwolf like aliens)
  • If you have any ideas of adding your fire-type alien species, don't worry add them here!
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