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Phantom is the Codon Streams sample of a shadowtorian from the planet phantos.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


Phantom wears a white cape connected to a hoodie he almost always wears this all the time. All you see is his green eyes and skeleton feet and legs. When he is out of his cape and hoodie you will see that he is a skeleton that is black with a white outline. He has red souls coming from him and he has long hard-as-steel claws. He can sprout two extra heads and has tentacles for tounges, he also has a second layer of skin that reveals more tentacles. He is very buff.

Powers and abilities[]

Enhanced strength

Strecthable body


Can be in sunlight for a limited time


Can shift into things

Can Stretch claws

Can phase through things


Flexible body

Laser eyes

Can turn into a shadow

Can steal other peoples shadows

Enhanced speed

Super agility


Sharp teeth

Supersonic roar

Can turn tail into mace

Can sprout extra heads

Can make people have dark illusions

Can't be harmed by mana

Can absorb shadows and negative energy

Can see and communicate with the dead

Can bring people back to life

Knows when someone is about to die

Can absorb energy

Can put people in a deep sleep

Can hypnotize people

Able to speak different languages

Able to sift into a ghost

Can stretch arms

Can steal people's faces


Even though he can be in sunlight he can only be in sunlight for a few minutes. His tentacles seem to be his weak spot.



Home planet[]


Amur phantos

Earth (Dante Meyers)


He sorta resembles Dreadskull.

He is an alien in the multimatrix.

He is from ghostfreak's planet.

Dante does not really like this form because it creeps him out, and he always goes inane when he turns into him.

He has tentacles like Ghostfreak's.

He has red teeth.