Darkness alien by Excellence of Imad 10.

Phantasma is Imad 10's DNA sample of a Spectrasapien of Umbrasan, a desolate region in the Anur system.

Phantasma is the prime darkness alien of the series, possessing a wide control over the shadows with his umbrakinesis; In addition to utilizing said power offensively (shooting beams) and defensively (creating shields), Phantasma can completely camouflage itself in areas with enough darkness, even being able to hide in one's shadow. Another power related to deception at his disposal is the ability to create illusion and false images using the darkness; finally he can achieve limited intangibility and possess beings.

Spectrasapiens are gaseous aliens inhabiting the galactic equivalent of a haunted house, a vast, dim-lit zone of the Anur system known as Umbrasan. They've adapted to their environment by learning to become one with the darkness and shadows, eventually achieving Umbrakinesis and a handful of ghost powers. Most avoid in fear those mysterious creatures, as while Spectrasapiens are in general neutral beings, their frightening appearance and a few unnerving things they practice convinces said people otherwise. The most dangerous thing about those aliens is their unpredictability: you never known when they could turn on a former ally, deeming them anew an enemy.

Trivia: Older names this alien had were Necroid and Ectoplasma.

Ultimate Form

This alien's evolved form, Ultimate Phantasm, trades the original form's ethereal and vaporous structure for a more solid, mummy-like shape, which comes with much greater control over shadowy forces and weaponized darkness techniques, for both offensive and defensive purposes. Similar to its normal form, UP can become intangible and invisible simultaneously, with said disguise being much harder to uncover in an already dark place. Combined with its new ability to plunge a wide area into complete darkness, its overall stealthy movement and ability to phase through and squeeze virtually anywhere, UP is among the absolute best for sneak attacks.

This Ultimate form is the living (undead) embodiment of shadows and deception.

Its new paper-like bandages are surprisingly resilient to damage, and can extend to great lengths to be used as long-range tools. This also gives said alien great regenerative capabilities. Said alien can also use darkness to create illusions or solid clones to assist in its fighting. Last but not least, UP is a master manipulator: it can use its shadowy abilities to peek through the minds of people to influence subtly their state of mind or psyche, gather information hidden deep within their minds and subconscious, plunge them mentally into their deepest nightmares, or downright possess them and turn them into its puppets.

This alien's main weakness are powerful light based attacks, or any light techniques that render its shadow powers used for deception much less efficient. Finally, while hard to accomplish, people with considerable mental prowess and training can render UP's mind probing powers moot.

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