Phalanx is a free use alien and DNA sample of a Molochon from the planet Solitudin-5.


Phalanx has a hard, dark brown outer layer of skin broken up into sub-sections all around his body. He has six spikes protruding from his head. His nostrils appear as small diagonal slits in his face. His mouth is almost perpetually closed and only opens when he eats and drinks.

His fingers and toes are tightly-woven keratin claws, three on each hand and four on each foot.

Phalanx is about as tall as most other humanoid creatures, coming in shorter than a Petrosapien.

Transformation Sequence

The background is a brown darker than Phalanx's skin with rotating diamonds in the background which replace the classic bubbles. The user's device spreads the light around his/her body which then morphs into the silhouette of Phalanx before showing the actual alien.

Powers and Abilities

Phalanx is another cloning alien. When struck by an impact meant to do harm, Phalanx will create a clone of himself as a evolutionary counter-measure. These clones are made of his older, dying cells,  similar to the outer layer of a crab or snake. Because of this, his clones are less durable, and each subsequent clone of of another is less durable than the last. They are identified by having lighter a skin tone. His maximum cloning level is yet to be discovered.

Phalanx's harder skin is extremely durable having had DNA that evolved to survive the harsh, desert-like conditions of Solidudin-5. His skin can survive impacts from hard punches to low-caliber bullets.

Phalanx, as a humanoid lizard, also has enhanced speed, especially when crawling. He can travel short distances in mere seconds without flinching, although cross-country type escapades are mostly completed by his ability to dig underground and swim in it like water for an indefinite amount of time.


Phalanx's clones are not as strong as him, and are much more easily broken. If cloned too much, they might not be able to walk more than a few feet. Luckily, Phalanx's clones, as long as there's a significant amount of sand or dirt around, can constitute even harder bodies for themselves.




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  • The word phalanx refers to a military formation consisting of heavy infantry armed with sharp weapons protruding from the edges of the wall.
  • The species Molochon derives from the genus of the Thorny Devil, Moloch, of which the Thorny Devil is the sole member.
  •  Solitudin-5 derives from the Latin term for desert, solitudinem.


  • Phalanx always seems to be emanating a glow around his body, which is really his dead skin waiting either to be shed or become a clone.
  • Phalanx's cloning process is actually a forced form of asexual reproduction, which means his species does not need to mate. 


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