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*Evil Petrosapien ([[Chris 10: Total Revolution]])
*Evil Petrosapien ([[Chris 10: Total Revolution]])
*[[Diamondhead (C10)|Diamondhead]] ([[Char 10|C10]])
==[[Chris 10: Total Revolution]]==
==[[Chris 10: Total Revolution]]==

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Ben as a Petrosapien

Petrosapiens are a crystalline species that can shoot and control crystals. They can make spears out of their arms (see picture) and bring crystals out of the ground. Many people think they're made of Taedenite, but they only look like it. Vilgax wiped all of them out, with the exception of Tetrax, but they were revived.

Known Petrosapiens

Chris 10: Total Revolution

In The First Mission a Evil Petrosapien who was a ex student of the school attacks the students and Magister Hulka. Chris and Ethan are able to stop him till backup comes and arrest's him. For defeating him Magister Hulka pass's them both.


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