Petra Yukari Shirogane is a friend of Margaret Valventia, as well as one of the ones to survive Vilgax's plague, due to her being off-world at the time.


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Petra is the yin to Margaret's yang, being a little uptight, a severe bookworm, and sometimes too serious, especially when towards her creations, as she takes great pride in them. But she does have a more laid-back, excited, and somewhat smug side, which usually shows itself when her inventions prove to be useful in some way.


While Petra has no natural powers of her own, she is smart enough to be able to create various weapons and technology on her own, such as gravitational mines, energy-disrupting bombs and darts, and plasma-infused versions of otherwise normal weaponry.


  • Petra's full name is taken from three different characters;
    • Petra from Fire Emblem Three Houses.
    • Yukari from Persona 3.
    • Naoto from Persona 4.


  • Some of the initial ideas for Petra included:
    • Her being some form of secret agent
    • Her having been injected with alien DNA, becoming some kind of mutant
    • Her having some form of matter manipulation abilities
  • Ultimately, while these ideas were all scrapped, they may be used again in the future.
  • Petra's original name was Reina, taken from the character of the same name from Fire Emblem Fates.
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