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General Information
Species Hykarrbian
Home World Algieum
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Oil Manipulation
First Appearance None

PetrAlien is a Hykarrbian from the planet Algieum in no series. Anyone can use him.


PetrAlien is a gray humanoid with horns, spikes on his arms and legs, and short black lines on his legs.


PetrAlien can manipulate petroleum in many ways. He can remove his skin to become made of petroleum. In this form, he can stretch and shapeshift like Goop.

PetrAlien can shoot petroleum from any part of his body. He can also alter the petroleum before it leaves his body for a variety of effects, like exploding petroleum, acidic petroleum, etc.

PetrAlien can turn things into petroleum, for a cost of losing some of the petroleum in his body. He can command petroleum, and change it like he can the petroleum in his body. When he controls petroleum, he can turn it into any shape. He can make things like petroleum bombs and weapons.


If too much petroleum leaves his body, he will weaken. If he alters the petroleum in his body and keeps it there for too long, the effect will happen inside his body. If he encounters strong fires, he will melt, then eventually explode.