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Peter Chalk
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence His House
Age 39
Occupations Millitary Major (retired)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Millitary Training
Equipment Pistol
Aliases Pete
Old Man
Voice Actor Peter Cullen

Peter Chalk is hero from an unknown series. He first appers in unknown episode. He is human from the planet Earth.


Peter is elderly Causasian man. He has black hair and mustache, blue-striped red shirt and white pants, blue combat boots.


Peter is stern, wise, strong-willed and valiant man who deeply understands his teammates.



Peter was oblivious and dumb yet inspiring Major in his own his right he has been in more missions than he can count, but during a near-death mission he was honourbly disscharged from the millitary and he became more serious eversince.

After his disscharge Peter hopes to jump start his new life in a new town and invoroment.

Powers And Abillities

Peter has no superpowers himself except his millitary training.


Since Peter is a mere human, he is susceptible to most human weaknesses and is at a major risk when going against a powerful opponent.


His name is combination of two Optimus Prime voice actors, Peter Cullen and Garry Chalk.


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  • Peter is nod to Optimus Prime from the Transformers and his millitary backgroud is also a nod to Peter Cullen's late brother Larry Cullen.
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