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Peter 14 is a series by Speedy with one season about a boy who discovers he is a Petrosapian/Crystalsapian, which his nickname is Petro since his name is the shortened version of Petrosapian. He discovers;lies,secrets, and his TRUE origin.

No. He does not use a Omnitrix.

And he's still in his diamondhead form for the rest of the series.

Peter 14 Logo by Nick

Made by Nick

Supporting Characters[]

Main characters[]

Peter Mickinson

Riddick Redhead

Sophie Revon

Minor Characters[]

Mrs Aubry Mickinson

Mr Buzz Mickinson

Brizzie Mickinson

Mrs Dough (The Social Studies Teacher,retired)

Mister firehydrant dog



Season 1- "14 reasons, I mean 12 reasons why I hate about life itself"[]

Reason 1:

Peter 14 Title Card

By Ren X-King for Speedywoman's Peter 14 title card

You can't prank newspeople

Reason 2: Parents are never honest

Reason 3: Mistreated

Reason 4: Dog+Firehyrant=Yougetit

Reason 5: People are idiots

Reason 6: Acceptence is slow as a freak

Reason 7: Games are always interupted in disasters

Reason 8: Things are fabricated when its not neded

Reason 9: Nothing is what it seems to be

Reason 10:  I can't say no to dogs or cats

Reason 11: SPIDERS eech

Reason 12: Spikeball,just him


Peter 14: Rise of the Eotic

Peter 14: The Unbelievable Boyfriend of Sophie


Peter's not your ordinary kid,


half Petrosapian,

Half Crystalsapian,

PETER 14~!


he does not wield a Omnitrix,

Cause he's got 14 reasons to dislike life!

P--E--E-PETER 14!

Some people call him;



and Petriee!

File:Peter 14 themesong

He can  make his body skinny or bulky,

including a  Transportation ve—hhei—iclle!


He's on his way,

to showing that you don't need trixes,

to save the day,

Because it's what he does that saves 'em all!'



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  • Peter 14 is NOT be a part of the Cassie 12 Franchise.
  • The first concept of Peter was released 12/4/12 and made by Dyloxx for Speedy.
    Peter the cristalsapien
  • The Writer has revealed some strange event occurs that splits it away from another universe the series was somehow entertwined in one of the episodes.
  • On 7/16/2013 it was announced Peter 14 will have one season.
  • Peter 14 ended on Episode 12.