Pesky Dust
General Information
Species Nemunia
Home World Nemunimos IV
Body Fairy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Oneirokinesis
Dream Viewing
Dream Entering
Green Trail (via Flight)
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Projectile Sleep Dust
Nightmare Inducement
Nightmare Manipulation
Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren
First Appearance TBD

Pesky Dust is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nemunina from the planet Nemunimos IV in Puzzle Piece: Infinity. He first appeared in Antiques


Pesky Dust has long purple spiked hair and a purple goatee. His skin is still a pale blue and his eyes are still green. His mouth is now gone (he can still speak). He wears a white battle dree with green details and a window into his stomach which contains green stardust energy that turns purple when it makes contact with oxygen. His gloves are gone revealing a hand with two fingers and a thumb while his feet only have two toes now. His wings are now pure purple that are misshapen almost in a liquid state. The Omnitrix is located on his forehead.

Transformation Sequence


Powers and Abilities

  • Dreams- Pesky Dust can enter and view the dreams of his opponents and manipulate them to be whatever he desires
  • Sleep Dust- How he puts his victims to sleep to allow him to enter their dreams


  • Robots- Pesky Dust cannot really affect any being that does not sleep normally


  • In Antiques, Pesky Dust was used to battle Hex and later upgraded by Malware to defeat Hex.
  • In Primal Rage, Pesky Dust was used to fly after Animo then was knocked out and fell to the ground



  • The Omnitrix location is based on Pearl from Steven Universe.
  • This is the second alien of Dalton's to have a visible stomach. The first being Upchuck
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