Pesadillas is an alien species from The Nightmare Realm in Brandon 10 .


In the Original Series, Pesadillas look like short blue beings with three, somewhat, layers of skin overlaying with each other. They have blue short arms with darker blue "scabs" on them. They do not have any visible mouths or legs.

In Alien Force, Pesadillas have the same description as in the Original Series but their appearance is slightly altered. The skin is more ragged and they seem to be a darker blue/nearly purple. Their eyes have now have skinny and somewhat cat-like pupils. Their hands now have claws and the ending layer of their skin nearly resembles a tail.

Powers and Abilities

Persadillas have the ability of fly as well as hover due to the fact that they have no legs. They can also become invisible and intangible. Pesadillas can produce dark energy which can be used to damage physically or mentally. They also use their claws as a melee attack.


Pesadillas are venerable to lightning and certain alien chemicals to temporally remove their invisibility.

Known Pesadillas


Original Series

Alien Force


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  • Pesadilla comes from the Spanish word of Nightmare
  • Pesadillas, besides Big Boo and Ghost Brandon, do not appear to be able to speak but rather hiss and whisper.
  • In The Haunting, the Pesadillas in that episodes were a newly-created breed and when transformed into Alien Hybrids when The Conqueror inserted his DNA into their creation orb.
  • While Pesadillas usually have the element of surprise on their side, a subtle way to notice when they are coming is when an usual breeze passes by.


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