Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Personal is the sixth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, once again, the buildings, specifically apartments, stand tall as the sun lights the sky with barely a cloud in sight. 

John's Apartment
November 21, 17:48 EDT

 Inside the apartment building, there are stacks of books, some fallen over, papers on the floor, a knocked over coffee table with the lamp resting next to it and John's Nanogene analyzer on the floor. John then raises from the sofa with a piece of paper in his hands, his jacket off. He continues looking at the paper, analyzing it.

Drake, unseen: John.

John, continuing to look at the paper: Hm.

Drake, unseen: You've been looking at that page for a long while now.

John, continuing to look at the page: How long?

Drake, unseen: I don't know the time.

John, continuing to look at the page: Don't you have a watch?

Drake grabs onto the top area of the sofa, lifts himself upwards and looks down at John.

Drake: No.

John, continuing to look at the page: I'm just starting to understand it.

Drake: John, you said that a long while ago.

John, putting down the page and looking at Drake: Well, did you find anything useful?

Drake: There are a lot of things on these pages that I don't understand.

Drake lowers himself back behind the sofa. John then looks to the other side. The scene then shows Drake with his back to the sofa, looking at some pages on the floor in front of him. John then grabs the top area of the sofa and raises himself upwards, looking down at Drake.

John: I thought you'd get some type of idea or something if you looked at these but I guess just because you have a frenulum doesn't mean you know what it is.

Drake: A what?

John: Nothing. (looks at the pages in front of Drake) These seem really important.

Drake: You keep saying that but does that even mean anything.

John: Of course, it'll make sense when we work on the digital data my Nanogene Analyzer collected. Then in a week, we can probably dig through the wreckage of the data center and probably find something even more important.

Drake: Alright then. (gets up)

John: Hey um- what time is it?

Drake: Can't tell the time, remember?

John: What like because you don't have a watch or because you just don't know.

Drake: I don't have a watch.

John: We should probably get you a watch.

Drake: Watches are stupid.

John: Why do I have the feeling that a lot of people disagree with you?

John gets up from the sofa and grabs his Nanogene Analyzer from the floor. He wipes it with his T-Shirt and places it in his ear. He presses against its side, activating its screen which displays over his eye.

John, alarmed: 5:53?!

Drake: What's so important about 5:53?

John: Nothing. Nothing. I just- I have to go.

Drake: What about the important information and the data that we were going to-

John: Yeah. Yeah. I know but- I just gotta go.

Drake: What-

John: Drake, just- just don't ask any more questions. I'll be back in two hours.

John grabs his coat from the behind the sofa and puts it on as he's leaving the apartment. Drake just stands there in the living room.

Title Sequence

The scene shows the MCA Building as a red car drives past it on the street. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 21, 18:22 EDT

 Inside, Agent Owens is seen walking through the corridors with an MCA Officer by his side. Drake then turns the corner, approaching Owens.

Owens: Drake.

Drake looks up and sees Owens.

Owens: What is the progress of the data report?

Drake: It's- in progress.

Owens: What do you need here then?

Drake: Nothing. It's just-

Owens: What is it?

Drake: John left his apartment in the middle of the report gathering.

Owens: Hm. How peculiar. He hasn't entering the facility since you both departed. Is the data secured?

Drake removes a stack of messy looking small papers and folded papers from his hoodie pocket. Owens raises an eyebrow.

Owens: This- This is the data?

Drake: Yes.

Owens, silent for a moment: No matter. (takes the data stack) Do you know the location of John?

Drake: I thought he would come back here for some things he needed.

Owens, correcting: Equipment.

Drake: Equipment.

Owens: Find him.

Drake: What?

Owens: Did I stutter?

Drake: No...

Owens: Find John and make sure the information isn't being distrubed.

Drake: You think John would give out information?

Owens: John has been particularly interested in gathering this information. Now that works for MCA, he has been using our equipment to find this data and now that he has the data, he leaves with his findings, still unreported to us. These are chances that we can't risk to take, Drake. I don't know what you think he's doing or what his best interest is but on the bottom line, it doesn't matter. John is considered an asset to the Mutation Containment Agency but if he's an agent of the media or worse, then we need to make sure the situaton is handled. If not, he still can not give out that information to anyone who isn't MCA. Just the fact that we don't know his location means that he could be anywhere in the city or outside it even with whomever saying whatever he wants. This is unacceptable. Take care of it. Now.

Drake: You're not coming?

Owens: I have a situation to take care of and so do you.

Owens walks off. The scene then cuts to Drake entering the lab through the horizonal sliding doors. 

MCA Laboratory
November 21, 18:34 EDT

 Drake then makes his way to one of the desks with the Nanogene Detector program is located. He grabs a earpiece charging station next to the computer and hacks it. The hacking process continues throughout the station, moving through the cord already connected to the computer. The program, on screen, then changes.

Drake, to himself: Ignore Nanogenes, Find earpiece...

The Nanogene readings then rewrite themselves. Now showing only one reading on the map of New York.

Drake squints at the monitor. He enhances the map to zoom in on the reading. It now shows that the reading is within Brookyln. The scene then transitions to a house with steps, leading up to the wooden door, close to the street. There is a grey, cheap-looking car parked in front of the house next door. 

November 21, 18:55 EDT

 Drake walks up to the pavement, approaching the house. He stops and looks at the house.

Drake, to himself: I didn't know he had two places to live.

Drake walks up to the door and bangs on it with his fist three times. He waits but there is no answer. He tries the door again but still no response. Drake then clutches his hand into a fist and prepares to strike down the door but then stops and lowers his arm. He turns around and sees two kids watching him.

Drake: Nobody's home.

The kids look at each other and then continue on their way. Drake turns back to the door with an annoyed expression. He turns around again and looks both sides. The street is empty, the pavement is empty. Drake vaults over the railing, sticks the landing and makes his way around the house. At the side of the house, Drake stops and puts his hood on. He activates his claw form and stabs the wall with his fingers. He then starts to climb the wall. He continues to scale upwards until he reaches a window on the upper floor. He removes his right hand from the wall, hangs from the wall from his left hand and uses his right hand to pick at the window lock. Drake has little success in this however.

Drake, to himself: Oh forget it.

Drake slashes at the window lock, destroying it. He then lifts the window up and grabs onto the window ledge with right arm. He deactivates his current form, causing him to loose his grip of the wall, and grabs onto the ledge with his left arm. He then crawls inside, landing on the side as he hits the floor. Drake then gets up from the floor, leans against the wall and holds his arm. He stands up and lets go of his arm, noticing his surroundings. In the room he's in there's a bed, dresser, desk, with lamp, closet, rug. It's a bedroom. There are photos on the desk and a chair for the desk as well. There's also a door. Drake approaches the door after looking around the room. He opens the door and enters into a short hallway with the stairs, leading downwards to the first floor, at the end of the hall. Drake notices another door across from him. He approaches it slowly, his hand ready to grab the knob, when he stops at a sudden clanking noise downstairs. Drake turns to the stairs and sees a faint shadow coming from the left. He makes his way downstairs. The stairs creak slightly as Drake moves downwards. When he arrives at the first floor, he notices the living room. Bigger than in John's apartment but has basically the same essentials. The floor is wooden like upstairs. He turns to the left and sees an entrance leading into a different room. He approaches the room, ready to attack as he notices the shadow being casted against the checkered floor in the other room. He activates his claw form again and enters the kitchen. The figure casting the shadow is actually John, holding a tray in his hands.

John, noticing Drake, surprised: Drake?

Drake, slightly surprised: John.

John: Drake, what-what are you doing here?

Drake: I tracked your location using your Nanogene Detector.

John puts the tray down on the counter and puts his hands on his face.

John: No. No. No. No. No.

Drake: John, what is it?

John, removing his hands and looking at Drake: You can't be here. You have to go right now.

Drake: I don't understand.

John: I'll-I'll-I'll explain later-just, please, go.

The room they're currently standing in appears to be a kitchen. There are counters, checkered floor, tile, cabinets, an oven. Kitchen. It's a small kitchen. On the counter, there's the tray John was holding. On it, a plate with a sandwich ontop and a glass of milk as well as a syringe with a liquid inside it.

Drake, noticing the tray and its contents: What do you need those for?

John looks at the tray and back at Drake. He looks exhausted. He looks worn out. When Drake entered the room, and John noticed, his facial expression went from blank to terrifyed.

John: Drake, please, I don't ask much from you and I really just- You can't know about this place. Nobody can.

Drake: Why? Is someone here?

John: NO! Nobody is here.

A banging noise is heard. Both of them remain silent.

Drake, breaking the silence: What was that?

John: ...please, Drake. You don't want to be involved in this.

Drake: If it involves you, then its my business.

John: For once, just go back to the Outpost and do as you're told. I'm not asking, Drake. I'm begging.

Drake looks at John. Another banging noise is heard. It's coming from underneath them. Drake then exits the kitchen. John is surprised by this. He then goes after him. Drake wanders around the house.

John: No. No. What are you doing?

Drake then encounters a hatch in the floor.

Drake: What are you keeping in here?

Drake squats down and grabs the lock.

John: This is not your problem. It's mine, okay? I have to deal with it.

Drake: Does this problem have something to do with the Nanogene research you've been collecting?

John: What?

Drake: You heard me.

John: Drake, this is ridicil-

Drake, raising his voice: Answer my question, John.

John is silent for a moment.

John, exhales sharply: Yes.

Drake has a slightly surprised look on his face. Drake then raises his arm slightly, showing his still activated claw form. He then slices off the lock.

John: No, please, Drake. No!

Drake raises the hatch but John attempts to close it. Drake then pushes John back with his elbow, avoiding contact with his claws. John falls over and lands on his rear. Drake looks down into the hatch opening and sees another set of stairs, leading downwards. He climbs downstairs. John gets up and follows him in. By the time John arrives, Drake is seen standing there, his hands normal again and his hood lowered.

John: Drake. Please-

Drake: What is this?

John: It's not what it looks like, I promise.

John then stands next to Drake and looks at what he's looking at. The scene then shows what it is they are looking at. A Mutant, in chains, attached to the wall. It's grey-blue skinned with gills where its eyes should be, long dark claws, three fingers each, two toes, small spikes on his elbows and back. It's big enough to take up the whole half of the basement, which is 8 feet high. It hits its head against the wall.

Drake: Why is there a Mutant under your house?

John: I'll explain la-

Drake: Now, John. Explain it to me now.

John: I've been meaning to bring this up, it's just- there wasn't enough time. I needed the data. I needed the equipment. I-

Drake: You're experimenting on it.

John: No, it's not-

Drake: Just say it, John.

John: I was helping her!

Drake looks at John in silence as John calms down and rubs his hand across his face.

John: This isn't just a Mutant, Drake. She's my sister.

Drake: How?

John: It's like I said. Everyone has Nanogenes inside of them. They can change at any point. It can be anyone, anywhere at anytime. And of course it had to be her, here.

Drake: When?

John: About a year ago.

Drake: You should have said something. MCA would have helped her.

John: You think I don't know what MCA does? What they do to the Mutants they can't cure? The ones you can't cure? If they're lucky, they get put in a cell somewhere for examination, experimentation or something. I'm a scientist there and they don't even tell me what the procedure is. And I'm pretty sure you know what happens to the rest.

Drake: It doesn't have to be this way.

John: I remember back when things were normal. At least, normal for me, at the time. Without having to worry about Nanogenes and Mutants. Our parents would take us to Coney Island to hang out by the beach, the park to play on the playground, she'd try to sing like a rockstar in her room. Now things are different. Everything changed.

Drake: I can cure her.

John: No you can't. You said it back at the data center. Huh? Remember? You can't cure Mutants if they've been Mutated for a long time.

Drake: That was different, John. I don't even know if that's true or not.

John: You do so. Otherwise, you wouldn't have said it. Face it, there's no cure. Not from MCA, Not from you. But me? I've been researching Nanogenes ever since I discovered what infected her in the first place. Ever since her transformation, I've been piling my resources into finding a cure. Inventing machines to help analyze the Nanogenes, gaining money from my Nurse jig for equipment costs. I also have to pay rent because I can't even live here anymore. What do you think I was doing before I pulled you out of that dumpster, huh?

Drake: At least let me try.

John: I've already designed a cure prototype. (shows syringe) I have to try it, make sure it works.

Drake: How many prototypes have you given you?

John: Five, I think.

Drake: John, she is sick because of this. You need to let me help her.

John: ...Okay. Fine. I just have to settle her down for you so she doesn't start a fit.

John then walks over to the Mutant. He kneels down and rubs her side. The Mutant calms down more than before. Drake stands there watching. John continues rubbing her side but disgards the syringe discreetly.

John, quietly, to himself: I hope this one works.

John inserts the syringe into the Mutant and pumps the liquid into her. The Mutant then throws a fit and smacks John into the wall.

Drake: John!

Drake approaches the Mutant who shakes around hard enough to cause the chains to snap from the wall. One of the chains swings around and hits Drake in the head, knocking him down. The Mutant then bashes through the wall and escapes into the outdoors. She roars out and leaps off. Drake gets up as the dust settles. John sits up and holds his head.

John, realizing what happened: No... No, No, NO! How could this happen?!

Drake: Why didn't you let me cure her?

John: I had to know. I had to know if it was going to work.

Drake: ...Well now you know and your sister is out there.

John: We can um- We can go back to the Outpost and I can use the Nanogene Detecting program to-

Drake: No.

John: What?

Drake: I don't need your help on this one.

John: Drake, please- she's my sister. I have to help her.

Drake: You've helped enough. (puts hood up)

Drake approaches the hole that the Mutant left behind.

John: Just don't hurt her.

Drake: Because of you, she's on the loose and she'll attack whoever she wants. People are going to get hurt and if have to hurt her in order to save those people, I will, but I will make sure she's safe. But when this is over, we're done.

Drake activates his wing forms and flies from the hole. John approaches the hole and looks upwards as Drake flies off. In the sky, Drake is seen flying through, looking below. He puts his fingers to his ear, which has an MCA earpiece in it.

Drake: Owens, you there?

Owens, over the earpiece: What's your status?

Drake: There's a Mutant let loose in Brookyln.

Owens, over the earpiece: Why are you in Brookyln?

Drake: It was John. He was using the Nanogenes to cure the Mutant. It revolted instead.

Owens: Where is your exact location?

Drake lowers close to the street and sees an intersection sign.

Drake, reading the signs: I'll be around Higgins Street and Cobalt Ave.

Owens: We're sending a dispatch now. I'm on my way.

Drake lands, deactivates his wing form and sees the Mutant grabbing a red car and throwing it at a building. It explodes on contact. People are seen running away from the Mutant. Drake then runs at the Mutant who then makes visual contact with him. The Mutant stomps against the street which rips up the ground in a line moving towards Drake. Drake jumps out of the way and lands on his side. He looks up and sees the Mutant roar out at him. Drake gets up and activates his enlarged fists. Drake grabs a car behind him and throws it at the Mutant who easily breaks through it with her head. Drake then grabs his fists together and slams them against the street, creating a wave of flames which spreads out towards the Mutant. The Mutant flies over the wave and lands on top of Drake. The Mutant roars out and snarls at Drake. Drake then punches her off of him. He then gets up and they face off against each other.

Drake: Stand down.

The Mutant roars out again. An MCA Jumpjet is then seen approaching through the air. It then surrounds the two from above. The Mutant notices this and roars out at the Jumpjet. Its wings start flapping and it flies upwards. Drake looks up as the Mutant starts attacking the Jumpjet.

MCA Officer, piloting the Jumpjet: Mayday! Mayday!

Drake activates his stealth wings and flies up onto the Mutant's back. The Mutant attempts to shake Drake off.

Drake, grabbing onto the Mutant: Just- let me- help you!

Drake places his hand on a lump formed on her back. He starts attempting to cure her when the lump opens up revealing an eyeball. Drake then quickly moves his hand. The Mutant pushes herself off from the Jumpjet and flies away. The Jumpjet then rebalances, avoiding a crash. Drake climbs further on top of the Mutant, his wings now deactivated.

Drake: What did he put in you? Drake grabs onto her back with both hands and starts curing her. The Mutant roars out, in pain. She then dives downwards, with Drake along for the fall. The scene cuts to a billboard with the image of a sumo wrestler giving a thumbs up next to the text reading "Watch DOJO WARRIORS! NEW SERIES December 27th! On Neat Cartoons!". The Mutant then smashes through the billboard, throwing Drake into a car, knocking him unconcious. The scene then fades into a flashback scene now showing an open room with many people. 

7 Years Ago

 In the room, there are many tables with projects on top of them. There are kids with adults, persumively parents and teachers. Above them all is a banner stretching from one part of the ceiling to another, across from it. The banner reads "Welcome to the Carter Elementary School Science Fair". At one table, a younger version of Drake and the Tall Kid are seen with the container containing the plant sample.

Young Drake: Are you sure this is going to work?

Tall Kid: We just tested it yesterday. The sample seems to be growing at a rapid rate. Did you bring the second sample?

Young Drake: Yeah.

Young Drake removes a clear container from his bag containing another plant sample. He places the container on the table next to the other. Drake looks to the right and sees his bullies at their table, being judged by a group of teachers, three of them, actually, with clipboards in hand. There is a volcano on their table. The Tall Kid notices that Drake is looking at their project and turns to face him.

Tall Kid: It's going to be alright, Drake. We've got this. Even if you lose, at least we worked on it together.

Young Drake: You did most of the work though.

Tall Kid: Just because I did most of the work doesn't mean I didn't need to finish it without you. Now let's do this thing, yes?

Young Drake: Alright.

The group of teachers arrive at their table.

Teacher, holding clipboard: Your project?

Tall Kid: Ah yes. This is our project.

The Tall Kid displays the container in front of him.

Teacher, writing on his clipboard: A flower?

Tall Kid: Not just a flower. An enhanced flower. Before, this flower was dying but now it doesn't need to be within soil to survive anymore.

Teacher 2: I don't see how you can prove this without proper data.

Tall Kid: Uh- Drake, pour some on the other flower.

Young Drake: Okay.

Drake removes the vial from his pocket, opens the container and takes the small lid off of the vial. He then pours some on top of the flower. The teachers watch closely as the flower starts to bloom slowly. One of the teachers looks impressed while the others don't seem moved by the specticle.

Teacher, sounding bored: Very well done. You'll get your grade at the end of the event.

The teachers then move on the next table.

Young Drake: Can you believe that? They didn't even say anything.

Tall Kid: We'll just have to wait till we got our grade, Drake.

The scene zooms in on the container of the second plant sample and shows an insect crawling out of the soil that the plant is planted in. The insect is covered in the substance that Drake poured onto the flower. The flashback then ends as the scene fades back to the current time where Drake is coming to. He gets up from the car and sees the Jumpjet arriving. Agent Owens gets out of the Jumpjet and approaches Drake.

Owens: Drake, are you hurt?

Drake: No.

Owens: Are you sure?

Drake: No. Where's the Mutant?

Owens: It's heading back towards the residential area. You need to cure it now before it gets the chance to harm any civilians.

Drake: I can't.

Owens: ...Then we'll handle the situation.

Drake: Wait you can't-

Owens: Drake, you know the policy with the uncurables. This one is too large to take back to the Outpost for research purposes. You can't save them all.

Drake: We have to save this one.

Owens: What's so special about this Mutant that you and John aren't telling me?

Drake: John? You spoke to John?

Owens: Yes. After you reported the situation, he contacted me and asked not to harm the Mutant. That he wants to help cure it.

Drake: It's- personal.

Owens: Whatever it is, you need to take care of it now otherwise we'll have a body to contain.

Drake: I know where its going but where is it now?

Owens: At a park east from here.

Drake: A park?

Owens: Yes. Is there a problem?

Drake: No. I just- I think I know how to cure her.

Owens: Like I said, you have until the dispatch arrives.

Owens heads back to his Jumpjet and it takes off. Drake activates his earpiece.

Drake: John, are you there?

The scene cuts to John on a blue bicycle.

John, riding: Oh my gosh, it's you. Did you- Did you find her?

Drake, over the earpiece: Yeah but she got away. I think she's trying to remember who is she.

John, riding: That's impossible. A Mutant's state of mind is irradicately altered after their transformation.

Drake, over the earpiece: Not all of the time. At least, I don't think so.

The scene cuts to Drake again, now flying with his wing form.

Drake: I tried to cure her, and you're right, I couldn't but maybe its because she doesn't want to be cured.

John, over the earpiece: I'm pretty sure all of the Mutants you punched didn't want to get cured.

Drake: They don't imagine it as a cure. You've been trying to cure her so many times that she's used to it by now.

John, over the earpiece: Okay. So what do we do?

Drake: I need her to know this isn't another cure that you're giving her. I don't know how. You'll figure it out. She's at that park you mentioned before.

John, over the earpiece: She could be at any park, doesn't mean she's remembering.

Drake: She's on top of a colorful obstacle course.

John, over the earpiece: That's a playground- ...I'm on my way.

Drake lands close to the playground. John then arrives shortly later on his bicycle.

Drake: What is that?

John: My old bike. Found it at the side of the house.

John looks inside the park and sees his sister on top of the playground.

John: Is she okay? Is she hurt?

Drake: She's fine for now. MCA is about to handle the situation which is why we don't have much time. She also has a chance of hurting innnocent people.

John: You're right. I have to take care of this.

John enters the park and approaches the playground carefully. The Mutant notices him and roars out at him.

John: Easy there. Remember me? It's me. You're big brother.

The Mutant roars at him again.

John: I know you're upset. I know you're in pain but I just want you to know that I'm here for you.

The Mutant leaps from the playground and lands in front of John. John backs up slowly.

John: Come on. You remember me. I've been taking care of you ever since the day it happened.

The Mutant continues approaching him slowly. John backs up with every step it takes.

John: We used to hang out at this park, sis. Remember that? Back when we were kids.

The Mutant continues approaching him. John steps back but then stops which causes the Mutant to stop. John attempts to reach his hand out but the Mutant snarls at him. John then lowers his hand. The MCA Jumpjet flies overhead. The Mutant looks up at it and snarls.

John, unseen: Hey!

The Mutant looks down at John who nows has a Nanogene syringe in his hand. The Mutant backs away.

Drake: John, what are you doing?

John grips the syringe. The Mutant looks at John. John looks at the Mutant. John then drops the syringe on the ground. He steps on it afterwards, breaking it into pieces of glass as the Nanogene liquid, grey and clear, spills out on the park pavement. The Mutant then stops backing away. John then approaches the Mutant carefully.

John: You can trust me, Emma. I'm here for you.

John approaches the Mutated Emma until he gets close enough to place his hand on his head. He rubs the side of her head carefully. Drake approaches unnoticed as John continues to rub her head. MCA Officers then exit from the already landed MCA Jumpjet, outside of the park. Drake approaches closer. The MCA Officers make their way towards the entrance of the park. Drake, now next to John, looks at the Mutant, who still doesn't notice him.

John, quietly to Drake: You have to win her trust.

Drake looks around until he notices the chains still attached to the Mutant, just broken at their ends. Drake then kneels down and grabs one of the chains around her leg. The Mutant looks down at Drake and snarls, ignoring John now. Drake activates his diamond claws and breaks the chain off of her leg. The Mutated Emma then shakes the leg around and Drake raises back up. The Mutant looks at Drake and then lowers her head. Drake then gentally places his hand on her head and rubs it. The MCA Officers enter the park, armed. Drake then attempts to cure the Mutant. One of the MCA Officer kneels down, armed with a launcher of some kind, and fires it at the Mutant. A smoke bomb then goes off, clouding the area.

MCA Officer: Wait for the all clear then prepare to fire.

MCA Officer 2: Smoke fading now.

The smoke starts to fade after a short moment. Despite this, a figure is seen emerging from the smoke.

MCA Officer 2: Target emerging from the smoke now.

MCA Officer: Take aim, ready yourselves.

The figures then finally emerge from the smoke, now seen as John helping carry a teenage female. She is wearing a pink shirt with light blue pants and flat, black shoes. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown as well.

MCA Officer: Stand down. Targets are Civilians.

The MCA Officers stand down. Drake then emerges from the smoke after them, with his claws deactivated. He then sees the MCA Officers offering assistance to the both of them. He looks out at them from the distance. John hugs his sister while the MCA Officers attempt to escort them to the Jumpjet. John looks back at Drake, while hugging the now cured Emma, and sees him with a blank expression, siding towards a negative expression of some kind. Drake then walks off towards the other park exit. John frowns slightly. The scene cuts to the MCA Building back in the city. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 21, 20:34 EDT

 Drake is seen in his room, leaning against the wall, sitting on the floor. The wall slides open and Agent Owens walks in. The wall closes behind him.

Owens: What's your status?

Drake: Off duty.

Owens turns his head to the wall and looks down slightly. He thinks for a short moment.

Owens: I meant- How are you- feeling?

He turns his head back to face Drake. Drake looks up at Owens.

Drake: I feel- I don't know. I don't know how I feel. I met a person who wasn't in the MCA who actually helped me and didn't fear me for who I was. Someone who wanted to be my friend, a person that you can trust, and now I can't trust him anymore.

Owens: Things like that happen in life. You'll get used to it.

Drake: I know what lying is, Owens. I know what being a double agent is. But this is new. I never had a friendship before. I never had to trust someone before.

Owens: You trusted me.

Drake: That was different.

Owens: Are the terms different as well?

Drake: I trust you with my training just as I trust the Director with my orders.

Owens: If it matters in any way, John has been suspended from his research of Nanogenes. Ever move he makes outside of the facility will be monitorized. While he has misused our resources, his data is useful at this given time. All of his findings, so far, will be used to advanced the amount of work we can produce based on our new knowledge of Nanogenes. As for his relative, Emilia Reed was stationed with MCA Protection in case any of the treatments reactivate. Our research doesn't go as far as to tell.

Drake: Thank you.

Owens looks at Drake sitting there then turns back to face to the wall. He presses his hand agains the wall, which reads his prints. The wall then slides open, showing off the corridor on the other side. Owens then walks out and the wall closes up behind him. Drake then sits there again.

Drake's Voice: Trust is a two-way door. You have to work for it. One mistake and you can start over again. I lost my trust in a friend today. Now I have to make sure another didn't lose her trust in me.

Drake turns his head and sees the camcorder underneath a pillow.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake no longer trusts John
  • John's sister, Emma Reed, is cured from her mutation.
  • John's research is suspended.

Minor Events

  • John's family home suffers from serious damage
  • John discovers his old bicycle.


  • Drake
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • MCA Officers
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Tall Kid (Flashback)
  • Teachers (Flashback)
  • Science Fair Attendants (Flashback)
  • Science Fair Particpants (Flashback)
  • Citizens


  • Mutated Emma Reed (Cured) (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x1)
  • Crystal Claws (x3)
  • Stealth Wings (x3)


  • Higgins Street and Cobalt Lane is a reference to Netflix's Jessica Jones.
  • Dojo Warriors is a reference towards Sumo Slammers and Neat Cartoons (NC) being a reference towards Cartoon Network (CN).


  • This episode bases off of previous events which occured in Research.
  • Emma's name was originally Samantha.
    • Her actual name was discussed with another writer but failed to appear in the episode.
  • The idea for this episode was inspired by the Generator Rex episode, A Family Holiday.
  • Drake's elementary school is revealed to be named "Carter Elementary School" in the flashback.
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