General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Disguise Expertise
Enhanced Speed
Reality Bending (Very VERY VERY Limited)
First Appearance -TBA-

Person-Allity is the Alfatrix's DNA sample of an Unknow species from and Unknow Planet.


Person-Allity resembles a grey he wears a blue/black shirt alien. He has the Alfatrix symbol on his forehead.


He can disguise himself pretty easily. He knows a lot of people, though this isn't a recessive trait among the race, probably because of its DNA source.

He also has enhanced speed, enough to make time itself stop.


If he runs for too long he will get tired easily.


  • He is a reference to Roger from the American Dad series.
  • He can survive without most of his organs.
  • He also somehow knows a lot of people even tho he was never used by Kai.
    • This is a reference,again,for Roger knowing lots of people by unknown means and mostly randomly.
      • This could mean he has Reality Bending, he has but it's pretty limitted.
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