Percy Lancaster

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NamePercival Lancaster
Home PlanetEarth
StatusAlive (Incarcerated)
OccupationAntiquities Thief
Forever Knight (formerly)
OriginLondon, UK
AffiliationPhil Stephens
Forever Knights (formerly)
Driscoll (formerly)
Appearance"The Legacy Artifact"

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Sir Percival "Percy" Lancaster is a British antiquities thief and former Forever Knight.

Character Background

Sir Percival Lancaster was part of King Driscoll's regiment of Knights. Following the Forever Knight Purge and battle with Diagon, Percy was one of the survivors along with Sirs Simon and Richard. They sought out to continue spreading the Forever Knight legacy by adapting to modern society and using their camouflage to recover lost artifacts.

Though robbery records on his police file date back to 2008, many of them were simply "crimes" committed by the Knights during their reign.

Percy, Rick and Simon are hired by Forever King Philip, going by the name "Kingston" to rob a Forever Knight artifact known as the Everstone. Knowing that the artifact has been forged numerous times, Percy and the others track down the real one at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. They follow it to Bellwood.

On the night of July 5, 2014, Percy, Rick and Simon all rob the Everstone from the Bellwood National Museum, shooting the curator Phil Stephens, and manage to escape Ben Tennyson and his team. They are later informed by Kingston that he wants to meet tomorrow evening as opposed to that night.

Percy and Simon stay back at the Highland Meridian Hotel while Rick stands guard at a safe house where they store the Everstone.

The next day, the police track Percy's phone to the hotel - Percy and Simon manage to escape the SWAT team but are stopped by Swampfire. They overpower him and escape into the woods on motorbike, but Ultimate Swampfire instead retaliates and takes them down.

At the BPD 10th precinct, Ben and Captain James Rozum interrogate Percy and Simon, and Percy decides to tell them the information, including his history with the Knights. Ben suddenly finds out that the museum's Stephens (that the robbers shot) is Kingston and thus King Philip. Percy tells Rozum and Ben that their planned meeting with him was this evening at the Bellwood International Airport.

Percy and Simon are incarcerated, and call Rick to see how he's doing - Rick implies that Kingston had changed locations, making Percy realize that he accidentally gave the police a false tip. Rick hangs up and Percy sits in his cell, immensely worried.

Stephens later kills Rick, but he himself is killed in the explosion of his private jet at a different airport - the perpetrators are later shot and killed by a sniper working for the same man employing Krill and Wyatt Herman. [[]]

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