General Information
Species Cryolobe
Home World Auktica
Body Penguin-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ice manipulation, High Intelligence, Aqua Agility, Cold Temperature Resistance, Durability

Penguichill, originally Brain Freeze, is the Codon Stream's sample of a Cryolobe from the icy moon Auktica.


Penguichill looks like a Penguin, and has a small amount of ice on the top of his head that holds his brain.

Powers and Abilities

From his beak, he can fire beams of ice that can encase his targets in compressed ice. He can also use this beam to make temporary bridges to belly-slide on for fast traveling.

He is also not only very intelligent, but is able to come up with solutions to problems at an incredibly fast pace.

His blubbbery interior keeps him from freezing in the most frigid temperatures while also making him highly durable.

Underwater is where he is the most powerful. Not only is he faster and more agile, but he is albe to freeze the surrounding water into any shape and form and turn it back to water again. Whether it be firing shards of ice, making a shield, or even freezing everything around him.


Due to his high percentage of blubber, he can feel highly uncomfortable in warm climates. If the temperature is hot enough, he would be in great danger due to the ice supporting his brain would start to weaken and his ice powers would be less effective. If there is a blow to his head at the time, he would suffer from severe headaches and would be unable to think properly.

He is also very slow while walking due to his very short legs.


Ben 10: Ultimate Power


Ben 10: Super Omniverse


  • His ice bridge ability is inspied by Frozone from The Incredibles and the way penguins slide on ice to gain speed.
  • His homeworld is a planet-sized comet that has been trapped in the orbit of the gas giant Cranos. The comet itself is mostly covered in ice and frozen oceans with large pockets of water in the mantle and core. The cities of the comet are high-tech and consist of igloo-like buildings. There are also indoor cities in the pockets of water.
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