Flight, razor sharp beak

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Dumped (Part 2)

Pelicarve is an alien available to Kristen in the show KrisTen.


Pelicarve resembles a large, blue and grey pelican, about ten feet long from the base of the tail to the tip of the beak and a 13 foot wingspan. It has a few spikes running down its back, and one on top of its head. The lower part of its beak is not a pouch, but a razor sharp blade about 4 feet long.


Obviously, Pelicarve is capable of flight, and at speeds of up to 30 MPH. Also, while flying, it can use its sharp, knife-like lower beak to slice right through its enemies. The blade is so sharp that it can even cut through rock without Pelicarve loosing much momentum. It is also big enough to ride on easily, although the rider must be careful of the spikes.


Unlike Earth pelicans, Pelicarve is not made for water. It evolved to gain its moisture by flying through low cloud cover, which is common on its planet, not by drinking from liquid bodies of water. Any contact with that much moisture could cause immediate and long term (possibly permanent) damage to the feathers, rendering it unable to fly. Its legs have trouble supporting its weight, and it is extremely clumsy and practically immobile when grounded.

Ben 10: Multi Trixes

He is one of the Season 3 original ten.

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