Pegleg Pete
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence America
Dimension Delta Dimension
Affiliations Smugglebeard's Crew
Occupations Criminal
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment Chainsaw Leg
Friends Captain Smugglebeard
Loose-Eye Lucy
First Appearance Pirates!

Pegleg Pete is a self-proclaimed pirate and a villain from the Delta Dimension in Earth-1010. He is a Human from the planet Earth. He first appeared in the episode Pirates! in Ben 10: Delta Days.


Pete is tall and thin. His face is narrow and sharp, and he is bald.

His most obvious physical trait is his missing left leg, which he has replaced with a functioning chainsaw that he can activate with the pull of a string.


Pete acts as both the brains and the straight man in Smugglebeard's Crew, though that's not to say he's bright. He is a skilled technician and engineer, but lacks foresight. This makes him great at building new tech, but very poor at planning things through. He leaves that task to Captain Smugglebeard.

Power and Abilities

Pegleg Pete possesses no superhuman abilities. His unique skill set against his teammates is his inventive nature and talent.


Pete's left leg is replaced from the knee down with a real, functioning chainsaw.


His chainsaw can be kind of hard to aim properly or wield effectively. It also makes it near impossible for him to get back up if his other leg is swiped out from under him.

As mentioned above, Pete lacks foresight which can lead to his downfall if his teammates don't bail him out.

Pete can also become focused on tasks easily, making him very easy to sneak up on or startle if he does.


At an unknown point in the past Pete became good friends with Captain Smugglebeard and Loose-Eye Lucy before joining the former's crew of three.

Presumably sometime thereafter, he lost his left leg and replaced it with his signature chainsaw.

Ben 10: Delta Days

Pegleg Pete made his debut appearance in the episode Pirates!, in which he aided his Captain in their quest to obtain the riches held within the wreck of the Scot's Fury. He is pummelled by Omni-Enhanced Overflow before having his good leg taken out by Gwen.


Ben 10: Delta Days

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