Is a former fugitive who works for Max's Plumbing!  as a De-Clogger to clear his name and have a clean slate with the Plumbers.


Pax is VERY eco-friendly. He does not like it when innocent creatures are harmed, so this may come to be a problem for the group. He also doesn't like it when nature is harmed. He refuses to ride living beings. He also does not or will not ride a car/ship that uses fossil fuel. 


Pax lived on the Florauna home world, until the others of his species didn't want him anymore. So, he left for a new planet. After searching for a new home world, he came across an injured deer on Earth. From that moment on, he knew he was going to be an animal rights Activist. He was horrified to learn that humans kill innocent animals for game.


He is a Florauna. He has all the abilities of Wildvine. He can regenerate broken/destroyed limbs or body parts. 

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