Path of the Ninja is the fourth episode of Evan Billion.

The title card


Evan and Kevin are riding in Kevin's car, when a giant crack appears under them. They fall through and end up in Japan. The theme song plays.

Evan is fighting Erreffo as NME. Erreffo rolls at him, and gets confused. Evan jumps up and starts attacking Erreffo with sword hands and ninja stars to no avail. Evan brings stars down from space to form a pretty sight. Erreffo stares at it with wide eyes, and Evan starts attacking. Erreffo keeps rolling at him and attacking.

Evan slices trees, which fall on Erreffo, but Erreffo rolls through them. Erreffo throws buildings at Evan, who jumps out of the way and attacks. They both counter each other's attacks, and they get exhausted and declare it a tie. A ninja walks up to Evan and says that he is very impressed with his skills. They walk away from the scene of the fight and talk.

Evan hangs out with the ninja for a while. The ninja asks what Evan is doing in Japan, and Evan tells the ninja about his quest. The ninja says he knows Ben and will help him. He gives Evan a scroll and walks away. Evan reads the scroll, which says: "Jin wing song, lin chung fay, look near the water way." Evan looks around and finds a stream. Near the stream, he finds another scroll that says: "Moa lin jay, dee fun chi, the garden home of bugs like flea."

Evan finds the next scroll at a home for bugs. He keeps finding more scrolls while singing A Japanese Clue, each clue getting harder than the last. The last clue is: "Shujinkōdearu kono shōnen o mitsukeru ni wa, sūji no zero ni chikai sagashimasu." Evan looks for a Japanese-English person to translate. When he finds one, he finds out that in English, it says: "To find this boy that is a hero, look near the number zero."

Evan takes the translator to a place where hardly anything is. He finds the ninja, who, after reasoning, says he doesn't know where Ben is. Evan gets mad, and the ninja starts attacking him. Evan goes alien and fights the ninja. When the ninja is beating him, Evan realizes he has to beat fire with fire. He turns into NME and attacks the ninja with a sword hand. The ninja uses his sword. Evan uses the stars to make an illusion. The ninja gets distracted, so Evan swipes him and he falls down.

Evan and the gang are driving to a Japanese airport to fly back to the US. Evan says if he had to learn a lesson, it would be to never trust Japanese people.



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