Partners in Crime is the second comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 1
Production Code: A01
Release Date: November 17, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
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August 3, 2012, 4:19 PM UTC

[Aevan is walking down the street. He is drinking some sort of juice.]

[Aevan]: Hey, this is pretty good.

[He sees to cars drive past him. One car seems to be following the other one.]

[Aevan]: Huh...

[He jogs ahead to stay just close enough to keep an eye on both of the cars. He passes some people walking or running in the other direction.]

[Man #1]: Here about the massive robbery that happened last night?

[Man #2]: How couldn't I? They almost go away with the entire vault!

[Aevan]: Massive bank robbery? What...

[Up ahead, he sees that the front car has crashes into a light post and now a man is being chased by two others.]

[Aevan]: Wait!

[The two pursuers don't hear him. He runs after them.]


[He gets to the other side of the street and then begins to walk. He finds a bystander walking in the other direction.]

[Aevan]: You wouldn't have seen two men chasing a third, would you?

[The man nods his head "no." Aevan continues to walk past him and then eventually turns down an alley. He walks all the way to the end of it and then look around. He doesn't find anything. He turns around and walks halfway to back to the street before he there is a clash and he quickly turns around.]

[Aevan]: Who's there?

[There is a man staring at him from in a window. The man backs away from the window and then exits the building and runs. Aevan runs out of the alley and follows the man across the street.]


[Aevan]: Wait up!

[He runs after the man. He avoids two cars and then jumps over a third. He heads down a back alley and then finds the man he followed and another man. There is no third man.]

[Aevan]: What is going on here?

[Man #3]: Want an explanation?

[Aevan]: Sure do...


[Man #4]: Well, you heard about those two guys who broke into a bank?

[Aevan, angry]: Yeah...

[Man #3]: We're them. Name's Johnny. Doesn't matter that you remember it; I'm going to kill you anyway.

[Man #4]: My name is Dave.

[Johnny]: But you're just my lackey.

[Dave]: No, I help...

[Johnny]: Yeah, you go on believing that...

[Johnny pulls out a sword.]

[Johnny]: Now, the more you struggle, the more painful this will be... for me. It's going to be painful for you no matter what.


[Johnny lunges at Aevan. He dodges and then launches his shadow at the man.]

[Johnny]: Yo what are you?

[Dave]: Remember how I said I could help?

[Johnny]: Well you better do it now!

[Dave fires light bolts at Aevan. He gets his causing his shadow to retreat. He kicks away Johnny and then fires his shadow again. Dave hits him again, causing his shadow to retreat. This time, Aevan jumps over Johnny and kicks Dave in the face, but Johnny knocks Aevan down to the ground with his sword. Dave gets up and runs off with Johnny.]

[Dave]: Another time, another crime...

[Johnny]: But your punishment only gets worse...

[They run off. Aevan tries to get up, but he falls unconscious. The last panel on a page shows him going unconscious from his point of view.]

August 4, 2012, 7:19 AM UTC

[Aevan is at his house. He wakes up and he goes downstairs. He turns the television on to the news and finds the story about the criminals that he encountered the day before.]

[Reporter]: Police say that the Dynamic Duo have struck again, this time taking almost 200000 dollars from the North Street bank...

[Aevan turns the TV off.]

[Aevan]: I've got to do something about this...

[He gets up, throws on a jacket and goes outside. He runs down the street and into town. He runs all the way to the police station and enters it. He walks over to the desk. The sheriff is standing in the room.]


[Sheriff]: Can I help you with something?

[Aevan]: Those dynamic duo people who've been on the news... I saw them yesterday afternoon. They attacked me and then ran off, but said they would be back...

[Sheriff]: Really? Did they tell you anything?

[Aevan]: Their names are Dave and Johnny. I think Johnny is the leader, but Dave has some sort of weird powers or something...

[Sheriff]: It's not unheard of... Ever here of Ben Tennyson? Aliens do exist and they are on planet Earth...

[Aevan]: I haven't heard much about him...

[Sheriff]: Well, thanks for the help...

[Aevan]: Don't mention it...

[He turns around to walk out the door but he finds Dave and Johnny right in front of him.]


[Dave]: You're not going anywhere!

[Johnny]: But we do thank you for leading us right to the police station. It's actually right where we needed to be...

[Johnny jumps at Aevan and kicks him to the ground. He slashes his sword at the Sheriff, he avoids and then gets hit in the back of the head by a punch from Dave. The two then run farther into the station and down a flight of stairs. Aevan runs over to the stairs to chase them, but then the sheriff gets up and walks over to him. Aevan turns around and begins to walk out.]

[Aevan]: I guess I'll be going...


[Sheriff]: You're one of them, aren't you?

[Aevan]: One of who?

[Sheriff]: You're an alien? And a good one, too, right?

[Aevan]: I'm only half alien, but yes, I am a good alien...

[Sheriff]: Then go take care of them before they can do anything more!

[Aevan]: What do you think they're doing down there...

[Sheriff]: Well, there's a tunnel that connects to the prison next door. It's the only way into the prison, so I'd bet my salary they're attempting a break out.

[Aevan]: Pathetic...


[Aevan runs forwards and down the stairs. He eventually makes it to a dark tunnel and then goes through a door. He walks down a long hallway and through another door. He goes up a flight of stairs and finds himself in the lobby of the prison. He finds two guards unconscious on the floor.]

[Guard]: Stop them.... They're trying to break everyone out...

[Aevan runs past the guards and into the main part of the prison. He punches one prisoner trying to escape and then kicks off the wall and kicks another in the face. He jumps over a railing and lands on a prisoners, but then bounces of his head, grabs the railing and throws himself into a fourth prisoner.]

[Aevan]: Where did those two thugs go...

[Johnny]: You mean us...

[Johnny and Dave appear with a bunch of inmates standing behind them.]

[Dave]: You can't take all of us...

[Aevan]: But I can try...


[Aevan jumps at Johnny and kicks his sword out of his hand. Dave throws light bolts at Aevan who gets knocked to the ground. Two prisonners jumps at Aevan, but he jumps up and punches one before flipping over it, kicking the other, and then bouncing back and throwing the first prisoner over his back. He launches his shadow at Dave and knocks him to the ground. He shadow returns as he jumps up and kicks Johnny in the face. Dave jumps up and punches Aevan, but he catches his fist and throws Dave into the horde of prisoners.]

[Johnny]: Come on, Dave, we're out of here...

[Johnny bolts away from Aevan and back down the stairs to the tunnel.]

[Aevan]: Oh no you don't!

[He kicks Dave to the ground and then punches the last prisoner. He launches his shadow, which quickly goes down the stairs and throws the tunnel all the way to Johnny. The shadow hits him and makes him roll across the ground before it retreats to Aevan's body. The two guards come into the room.]

[Guard]: Don't worry, we'll take care of these guys.

[Aevan, picking up Dave]: But I got this guy...


[The camera cuts back to the police station. Two officers take away Johnny and Dave in the back of a police car.]

[Warden]: Well done... Can we ever repay you for all your hard work...

[Aevan]: It's nothing, but if you could, don't tell anyone about me. I've been trying to lay low...

[Warden]: Of course. I guess that's why you didn't tell us your name...

[Aevan]: Exactly...

[Sheriff]: Well thank you, mystery hero. Could you ever help us again in the future?

[Aevan]: If you need help, I will help you... You won't even need to ask...

[Warden]: Well we did have this one issue...

[Aevan]: Can your own police handle it?

[Sheriff]: Yes...

[Aevan]: Then handle it...

[The three laugh. The last panel shows Aevan walking out of the room as he waves to the Warden and the Sheriff.]

[The End]


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