Partiburst is a Booculem from the planet Kulrark Cul in no series. You can use him.


Partiburst is very humanoid. He is 7 feet tall. He has a green head and face, with a white torso, white arms, and white headphones. His legs are green with patches of white on them. On his torso, he has a black swirl. He also has small green spikes in his underarms, and long green spikes behind them.


Partiburst pretty much only has one power. His headphones turn completely flat, then his head (not including his face) turns white. Red goggles assist his eyes. Then his hand glows yellow. He can make atoms expand until they blow up. This has several uses, a few being killing people, destroying objects, and launching himself into the air. He is also smart.


If one is to remove Partiburst's headphones, the Trix will create a new pair. If the Trix didn't, then Partiburst would turn into an atom. The person who has the headphones will turn into a Booculem, with faster weakness results.



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