Parker Eightlegz
Spooktober Spider boi 20201002102858.png
General Information
Species Mutant Arachnichimp
Home World Earth
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Web Generation
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Prehensile Tail
Toxic Saliva
Equipment Paratrix
Voice Actor Bill Skarsgård (Paratrix)
Jackson Robert Scott (Parker)

Parker Eightlegz is a Arachnichimp born on the planet Earth and the current entity possessed by the malevolent living Omnimatrix known as the Paratrix. He was created for Spooktober 2020.


Parker resembles a normal Arachnichimp. His head hair is dyed black with a few red stripes, she has red eyes due to his possession, yellowed teeth and pulsating red veins and nerves across his entire body.

He is wearing a grey shirt with two red circles and deep red jeans.

He has a foamy mouth and the Paratrix is latched on to his upper left arm.


Parker is highly primitive, wild, aggressive and rabid due to being possessed by the Paratrix and generally functions like a wild dog with rabies.

Unlike hus host Paratrix is highly intellectual. He is malevolent and sinister with no care for anything but himself, he only tries to protect his current host so he can feed on their DNA as much as long as possible.

Powers and Abilities

In normal form he possesses the normal abilities of an Arachnichimp with the added ability of rabid saliva.

The Paratrix can turn Parker into mutated versions of several species based on previous hosts. Including a Tetramand, Cerebrocrustacean, Human, Kraaho, Loboan, Polar Manzardill, Volcanic Manzardill and a Pantophage.


In normal form he possesses the normal weaknesses of a Arachnichimp while in mutated forms he gets added weaknesses of the Species.

While he is capable of controlling Parker completely in mutalien form, in normal form he has a harder time as Parker has savage mind.


Paratrix was created in an unknown time, in an unknown place by an unknown Cerebrocrustacean who he instantly possessed and drained dry. After that he unintentionally got himself trapped in the Null Void where he latched on to several different hosts over the year before finally escaping through a rift and finding himself in an Undertown hospital where he possessed a Arachnichimp baby known as Parker Eightlegs who immediately killed his way out of the hospital killing several people including his own parents.

Several years later he is still attached to Parker due to him having a unique regenerative mutation, taking nest within an unknown building infested with strange alien spiders.

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