General Information
Species Apex-Silvis infested with Cordyceps Fungus
Home World Atocymocsa
Body Giant Insectoid(Host)
Fungus Colony(Parasite)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength(Host)
Enhanced Durability(Host)
Wall Climbing(Host)
Webbing Generation(Host)
Host Control(Parasite)
Flight(Parasite;via wind)
First Appearance TBA

Parasyte is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Apex-Silvis which was infected by a colony of Cordyceps Fungus from the planet Atocymocsa.


The host is a giant milky white insectoid with a long abdomen. He has a total of six legs which ends in curved claws. His upper body's posture is humanoid, he has two long arms which end in praying mantis-looking claws. His face is elongated which ends with curved mandibles. His skin has a rotten aspect, somewhat zombie looking.

The parasite is composed of what appears to be simple red elongated cap mushrooms, but on the cap are multiple small white horns and a singular green eye. Roots appear to dig into the flesh of the host. The mushrooms are positioned random all over the host's body.

The Omnitrix symbol on the host is located on the chest.

The Omnitrix symbol on the parasite is located on top of each member of the colony's head.

Powers and Abilities

The host has long sharp claws that can rip flesh off bones.

The host can climb walls with the use of his three pair of legs.

The host can shoot webbing from his mouth to ensnare his opponents.

The parasite can control the host.

If the host dies, the entire colony can leave the corpse and search for another host, traveling by wind currents.


Both the host and the parasite are weak to fire and high temperatures.

Despite having a tough exoskeleton, the host can be still pierced by very sharp objects.

The parasite can accidentally infect an ally.

Without any wind the entire colony will remain in one place.

If the colony doesn't find a new host after the last one dies, the Omnitrix will not be able to time out, keeping Neon in this form.


  • The host's somewhat zombie appearance is based on how the real life Cordyceps Fungus makes their hosts "zombies".
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