Paras is a Prypiatosian-B and the genetic sample from where Radio was scanned.Appears in the episode Radio.


Paras in his highly radioactive form.

History :

Paras escaped the Ultramatrix in order to burn all Greenville,to gather the attention of other rogues of Zack 10. However Zack finded Paras before he could cause more damage in the city.Zack fighted Paras and in the mids of fighting Zack using Rhinocharge managed to explode a tank of water at Aqua Industries ,the water spilled over Paras weakening the latter and so Zack scanned Paras back into the Ultramatrix,dubbing him wth the name Radio.

Powers :

  • Radiation control
  • Radiation generation
  • Toxic or burning radiation emission.

Weaknesses :

Water can kill him in sufficient amounts.

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