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General Information
Species Kronatech
Home World Automatrix
Body humanoid
robotic humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities enhanced agility
high durability
fits into small spaces(the parasite)
upgrades itself
First Appearance unknown

Para-droid is the DNA sample of a Kronatech from the planet Automatrix.He will appear in the new series Weird 'William.Para-droid consists of a host and a parasite.


As mentioned above,Paradroid consists of a parasite-'Para' and a host-'Droid'.Together,they make up an organism.'Para' is a small black body and 'Droid' is a robotic humanoid.

Powers and Abilities[]

While Droid is highly agile and durable,Para is the main body that controls the host.Para,being small,fits into small spacesand also upgrades the host with fighting gears.


  • He is one of the major aliens in the series.
  • Although his name relates to a parasite,his abilities relate to a symbiote,where both organisms are benefitted.