Papiro is a character in the series Plumbers. Papiro is usually a minor character. He "dies" in almost every episode he appears in. He is a Flatonian from the planet Fibrus, the same species as Roads' Paperboy.


Papiro is the academy hottie, that all the girls love because of his "muscular arms" and "exotic skin color". He has really bad luck, he gets "killed" or hurt in every episode. He speaks with a spanish accent.


  • Can be folded
  • Can slip through small spaces
  • Can't be crushed (that doesn't save him, though)
  • Drawing body parts or weapons on his body


  • Water
  • Can be cut, ripped and crumpled


Papiro is a shorter version of Paperboy. He has a mustache and blue eyes.


List of "Deaths"

  • Used as toilet paper, crumpled and thrown into the trash can. The trash can was full so it eliminated it's insides, including Papiro. (Pilot)
  • Eaten by Cibus, mistaken for a peice of paper. (Starvin' )
  • Stuck on Cibus's leg for a long time. After being removed he was drawn on and accidentally ripped, but he was fixed with tape. But then a peice of him was cut, and eventually thrown into space. Then he had a crudely drawn lizard on his back, with four wheels stuck into him. He was then blasted by Auge's laser. (3 Hours After Curfew )
  • Sucked into paper shredder (Superzeroes )
  • Became his younger self, a napkin. (Babyfied )
  • Crashed along with the rest of the universe (The Lag Machine
  • Eaten by Upchuck. (Return to Omni-World)
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