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Season 1, Episode 11
Air date 1/25/19
Written by Brandon
Directed by Bat
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Paper Trails is the 11th episode of the series, Ryder.


The episode begins in the city with several buildings in the cityscape; one of them being the building of focus, the apartment building that houses Ryder Investigations. The sky is dark indicating a late time frame with as many clouds is the sky and the moon is nearly full.

Ryder Investigations
December 30, 23:49 EDT

Inside, Raggy is laying on the couch, laptop in his lap- searching online- while Ryder sits at his desk, going through several different documents and files. The room is starting to look not very cleanly.

Ryder: Anything yet?

Raggy: No. You?

Ryder: (sigh) No.

He wipes away a bunch of papers, scattering them further onto his desk. Using the space he more or less created, he drops his elbows onto the desk and lets his face fall into his hands.

Ryder: (groans) This isn’t going so well. We’re not coming up with anything here.

Raggy: We can keep on searching.

Ryder: We don’t have time to keep on searching. We’ve been searching for hours now. You heard Klaus, the Cabal are already on the final stages of their operations

Raggy: ...So then what? We have to do something, Ryder.

Ryder, raising his head: I know! I just- (looks away) is there nowhere else we can search? Finding information is more of your specialty anyways.

Raggy: (sigh) I already exhausted most of my sources. And I doubt we’d have much luck with the rest despite how much more difficult and time-consuming it would be to reach them. We don’t have any options left, man. But I’ll be damned if I let those bastards get away with all the things they’ve done; to you and everyone else.

Ryder: ...Well, there is one option left. You and I both know it well enough.

Ryder turns back to Raggy, who catches his gaze. The two just look at each other for a brief moment as Raggy starts to realize the meaning behind Ryder’s words.

Raggy: Ah no. Hell no. Please tell me you’re not thinking about- that.

Ryder, looking straight ahead: It’s like you said, Rags. We don’t have any options left. This is our chance to find out what the Cabal are planning. It won’t give us a location but it’ll be more than enough for us to piece together and work from there.

Raggy: But just think about it, man.

Ryder: I’ve been doing nothing but thinking about it. About all of this… If this is our chance to get to them then I have to take it. No matter the cost. No matter the risk. (sigh) This is it, Raggy. This is the only option. We’re going to have to break into a federal information outpost.

Title Sequence

Raggy: Are you mental? I think working at this desk all this time has seriously caused you some brain damage. You want to actually break into a federal information outpost?

Ryder: I said we didn’t have any other options, didn’t I?

Raggy: Yeah but- Just think about it, man. Like seriously, really think about it.

Ryder: No, you think about it. They have a collection of information for several previous cases that involve the Cabal in some manner. They conduct their own hidden investigations and keep them from the watchful eye; which means- the Cabal won’t know which information we’re taking. We’ll be in and out and we’ll finally have an idea about what they’re up to. And once we do, (snaps fingers) that’s when we’ll get the drop on them.

Raggy: Shit... I hate it when you’re right.

Ryder: I can’t say I feel the same at the moment.

Raggy: It’s usually because we’re gonna get ourselves into a shit load of trouble. And it hurts my pride a little bit.

Ryder: Just a bit?

Raggy scoffs.

Ryder: But seriously, Rags, this is the chance we’ve been looking for. It’s right there. All we have to do is take it.

Raggy: That’s easier said than done.

Raggy walks over to his laptop that he had left resting on the couch and types against the keyboard at quick speed; a skill he must’ve acquired over his long years as a hacker.

Raggy: Look, check this out.

Raggy hands the laptop over to Ryder. He takes a look at the screen which displays a diagram of the supposed federal information outpost.

Raggy: I hacked into their external systems and pulled up a diagram of the facility.

Ryder: You make it look so easy.

Raggy: I had a tab open. Point is, they’ve got some state-of-the-art security systems. You’ve got laser grids, fingerprint sensors, cameras, trip beams, the whole kazoo. Not to mention actual agents and guards at almost every corner, armed of course. This won’t be an easy feat. And definitely not something we can just pull ourselves with just the two of us.

Raggy takes the laptop back from Ryder, who has been studying the layout while listening to his friend. Ryder, now with his hands free, scratches his chin in thought.

Ryder: So we need more men?

Raggy: I can call up some guys I know.

Ryder: No, they’re out of town. It’ll take too long for them to show up.

Raggy: Well, we can always call someone who is in town.

Ryder: Oh yeah, like who?

Raggy: Y’know… him. The hood guy. Didn’t you say you two duked it out one time?

Ryder: We’re not calling him. Ever.

Raggy: Why? Because you work alone?

Ryder: No ‘cause he’s a dick. All things considered…

Raggy: Well, there has to be someone out there that can break in with us.

Ryder: ...No. That’s the thing. We don’t need someone to break in with us. We need someone to help us break in.

Raggy: What are you thinking?

Ryder looks over at Raggy. The scene then cuts over to the police precinct. It doesn’t look a lot further into the night, judging by the dark sky, but it definitely takes place later on. The activity around the station is low with only a couple of people passing by and car or two.

NYPD Police Precinct
December 31, 1:07 EDT

Inside, a few officers are moving outside while others are busy with work. Some officers are even seen escorting a female prisoner with a headband and brown hair. Kelly can be seen walking besides the Commissioner.

Commissioner: So I know I reinstated you as an officer for that case involving your friend but-

Kelly: I completely understand if you want me to return to my leave. However, I urge you to reconsider Commissioner. I am capable in the field. I proved as much during the case.

Commissioner: You have. And it’s clear that you’ve moved passed the complications that led to your leave. However, we’re far too busy. That’s practically why you’ve been doing small jobs here and there since that case.

Kelly: I- I see…

Commissioner: That being said. You’re still one of us and I think it would be a waste to have you sitting around any longer. So while I can’t have you directly on the force just yet, I would like to instate you as an assistant officer to any detectives currently on an investigation.

Kelly: Sir, I- thank you. You won’t regret this.

Commissioner: You say that now but we can’t afford to have reckless officers, especially when we’re so busy around here.

Kelly: I understand, sir. I’ll get work as soon as possible.

Commissioner: Come back in like two hours. The traffic around here should slow down by then and then you can check with a detective. I’ll make sure there’s one available for you. Other than that, it’s out of my hands. You won’t have your gun and you’ll have to listen to what the detective says. Otherwise, you’re back on leave and up for reassessment. You have potential, Kelly. Don’t throw it away.

The commissioner looks at Kelly who seems to be processing this. The Commissioner holds the side of her arm for a brief moment before patting her on the shoulder and walking off.

Commissioner: I’ll talk to you soon.

Kelly stands there for a moment before a beeping sound can be heard. She checks her jacket pocket and retrieves her cellphone.

Kelly, picking up the phone: Hello? …Uh yeah sure. You can stop by my place. (beat) Alright, I’ll see you then.

She hangs up and looks around. She then lets out a sigh before the scene cuts to Ryder arriving at Kelly’s apartment.

Kelly’s Apartment
December 31, 1:47 EDT

Kelly opens the door as soon as Ryder approaches the door to knock.

Ryder: Looks like you were expecting me for a while now.

Kelly: I’ve had a lot on my mind. I could actually use someone to talk to.

Ryder: Unfortunately, we’re not really here for social calls.

Kelly: We?

Raggy soon joins Ryder before Kelly’s door. She lets out a scoff as she turns her head away from the two of them.

Kelly: So when did you two decide to get the band back together?

Raggy: Last night. Don’t worry, I still surprised, myself.

Kelly: Heh. So what’d you two need? A helping hand with your investigation? That’s all I’ll be doing once I get called back to work.

Ryder: You’re heading back to work?

Kelly: Yeah. I can’t just sit around anymore. I know I was helping you out but- well- I have a life too.

Ryder: ...I see.

Raggy: Maybe, we shouldn’t do this, man.

Kelly: Do what? Come on, you guys can tell me.

Ryder: (sigh) Can we talk inside?

Kelly: Sure. Yeah, uh- come in.

Kelly invites the two of them indoors and closes the door behind them.

Kelly: You guys want anything? Coffee?

Raggy: Hell yeah. I could always go for a pot of joe.

Kelly: Yeah, fresh out of coffee. Was kind of hoping you’d say no.

Raggy: Damn man…

Kelly: So what’s this thing you guys came all the way to my place to talk about?

Ryder: ...I said I’d start opening up to you more… about my investigations, right?

Kelly: Yeah? What’s this about?

Ryder: Well, there’s one investigation that’s… pretty personal to me. There’s an organization that has connections all over the city. They’re known as the Cabal.

Kelly: This is huge. What kind of connections?

Raggy: Assassinations, murders, drug trades, all sorts of shit.

Kelly: Wait, drug trade? (ponders for a moment)

Ryder: Something up?

Kelly: Well, it’s just- (sigh) Alright, I’ll come clean. I’ve been conducting my own private investigation. And I believe it’s been leading to these Cabal guys that you’re talking about.

Ryder: What?

Raggy: You could’ve gotten yourself killed!

Kelly: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time… this happened around the time you went on that trip.

Ryder: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Kelly: I didn’t know you were connected to them somehow. I was really just doing it for my own benefit. You know that night… the night I asked for your help after all these years? Well, I’m still haunted by it. I feel like that nightmare I saw was that wolf creature, like we’re linked somehow. But in reality, that creature is more connected to this Cabal. I realize now that I should’ve told you sooner; with you being the private investigator and all. Not to mention that you’ve been honest with me this whole time. It’s not fair for me to keep things from a friend like you.

Ryder looks away, his expression becoming heavier by the second.

Ryder: Y-Yeah…

Kelly: But why bring them up now?

Raggy: That’s what uh- we really came to talk about. We need your help.

Kelly: With what? Like I said, I’ll be starting work soon so I don’t exactly have too much time to spend with you two.

Raggy: Well uh- how do I phrase this…

Ryder: We’re planning on breaking into a federal information outpost and we need your help sneaking us in.

Kelly: (scoff) S-Sorry, what?

Ryder: There’s no sugarcoating it, really. We’d appreciate the assistance, that’s all.

Kelly: Ryder, that’s not just something you can ask someone. Me, especially. Or did you just suddenly forget that I’m a police officer.

Ryder: The fact that you are a police officer is exactly why we’re asking. You have the clearance to stage a visit with a federal agent in charge. With her distracted, we’ll have easier access to the files we need. Those will help us determine the Cabal’s end goal and hopefully location.

Kelly: Still. That’s illegal.

Ryder: I know. But that’s why I’m coming to you personally. We’re doing this to help people, to help the city. The Cabal are untouchable. The police can’t touch them and even if they could, they won’t. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. You’re the only one who can really help us take them down once and for all.

Kelly: (sigh) So there really are corrupt officers out there… but I have a duty to uphold the law in order to help people. But that same law is keeping me from actually stopping these people?

She holds the side of her head and sits down across from Ryder.

Kelly: This… This is too much.

Ryder: I know. I honestly wish it wouldn’t come to this. But this is the right thing to do.

Kelly: (sigh) You’re right, aren’t you? That’s mainly why I haven’t submitted my investigation notes in yet. I’m cautious of how it’ll be handled. If it’ll even be handled… All things considered, the Cabal appear to be a dangerous enemy and a virus to this city. If being a police officer and doing my lawful job is what’ll help you then… I suppose there isn’t actually a problem then. Oh gosh… I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Raggy: So it’s decided then.

Ryder gets up and goes over to Kelly, holding her hand in his.

Ryder: I really am sorry for putting you through this. But we really need it.

Kelly: I understand, Ryder. You’re always looking out for me as a friend… so I trust you.

Ryder tries to give a comforting smile but it comes off as a slight grimace. His eyes also seem to wander downwards, to the floor.

Ryder: Yeah.

He rubs her hand and gets up before her. He clears his throat and tries to return to his usual behavior.

Ryder: So. Here’s the plan then.

The scene then cuts over to later at the police precinct. There are a few cruisers parked outside with some officers heading inside. A jogger in a red and white tracksuit and a cyclist on a green bike passes through as well. A slight breeze passes through the area also.

NYPD Police Precinct
December 31, 3:23 EDT

A man can be seen lighting a cigarette as he leans against a brown, vintage pony car. The man, himself, is wearing an orange coat over a wrinkled grey shirt with an open collar. He also has a striped scarf on. His hair is sharp, short and black while his eyes are brown. He then finally ignites the cigarette and puckers his mouth around it, soon blowing out a cloud of smoke. Kelly can then be seen approaching from down the block.

Kelly: You know there’s enough smoke in the city as is.

Man: (chuckle) You know that’s what my wife tells me all the time. You must be Kelly.

Kelly: Yeah. I assume you must be the detective I’m working with. I’m here to assist with your investigation.

Detective: Shame, I feel like you’d be more competent as an officer rather than an assistant.

Kelly: Honestly, I’m just glad to work at all.

Detective: So it’s that bad, huh?

Kelly: I didn’t say it was.

Detective: I wouldn’t be a good detective if I couldn’t figure things out from subtle clues. Besides, your body language gives everything away.

Kelly: S-Sorry.

The detective takes another puff from his cigarette and draws it away from him whilst its between his fingers.

Detective: Lee. Detective Akira Lee.

Kelly: It’s… nice to meet you.

Detective Lee: Yeah, well, let’s get this investigation started, shall we? (tosses cigarette away) If we stand around any longer, you might get called off to some other chump.

Kelly: About the investigation. I uh- actually have something to share.

Detective Lee: Oh? You do know what this investigation is about, don’t you?

Kelly: Yes. In fact, it’s mostly why I chose you as my detective. Your investigation is focused around the criminal outbreaks in the city. It’s a pretty vague report but I have to assume you might be looking into the sudden increase in Mutant powers within the criminal underworld.

Detective Lee: Heh. You like to assume a lot of things, Miss Kelly.

Kelly: It’s my job as an (said sternly) officer (now normally again) to assume.

The detective shakes his head with a slight smirk written on his face.

Detective Lee: Let me remind you, you’re not an officer at the moment. You work for me.

Kelly: R-Right, sir. Of course, I don’t mean to go out of my rank. I just-

Lee holds up his hand and Kelly stops talking.

Detective Lee: What I was getting at is, you work for me… so that makes you more of a detective than an officer. So let’s stick with deduce rather than assume.

Kelly: Y-yes! I see.

Detective Lee: Good girl. Now, what’s this information that you wanted to share?

Kelly: I believe these Mutant criminals are getting their abilities from a serum- erm drugs, really.

Detective Lee: ...Go on.

Kelly: Well, I have been looking into this on my own and I have found a connection between these Mutant drugs and an organization of mercenaries known as the Cabal.

Detective Lee: Cabal, huh? Never heard of it.

Kelly: I honestly didn’t expect you to. They’re convert, apparently.

Detective Lee: So where’s your source?

Kelly: He’s anonymous. Everything else was done me.

Detective Lee: But you were assisted with your investigation.

Kelly: Well, yes but-

Detective Lee: Rule One, kid. Don’t let your guard down. I have everything I need to know because of that. Where we’re going, we can’t have that. Otherwise, you’ll give us up.

Kelly: I- I see. I’m sorry, this is uh- still new to me.

Detective Lee: Well, I could just take this info and run. Leave you here for some other detective.

Kelly: No! I mean- I really need to be apart of this investigation, sir. Besides, I believe in you and your investigation. I think it’s only fair to give that person a chance when it comes to helping others.

Detective Lee: (sigh) You worked with Wilson, right?

Kelly: Yes. Not as often but we did work together on occasion. He did teach me some things about detective work. In fact, he helped me a lot when it came to my progression as an officer.

Detective Lee: I can respect that. Wilson’s a good guy. He really knows his stuff.

Kelly: How’d you know? About me and Ryan Wilson?

Detective Lee: Like I said. I wouldn’t be a good detective if I couldn’t pick up on subtle clues. Besides… you have that same attitude. You’ll work non-stop until you get what you want. Alright, so this Cabal. You’ve got a location?

Kelly: Not exactly. But I do believe there’s a place that will have the information we need to close this investigation.

Detective Lee, leaning off of the car: You’d better be right about this. I don’t exactly feel like risking my job like you did, rookie.

Lee walks over to the driver’s side of the car and enters. Kelly joins him by entering on the passenger side. The car soon pulls out from the precinct and drives off down the street. The scene soon fades over to a fenced facility in an open part of the city. It seems the whole area is dedicated to this facility. It’s also later into the day, with the sun just now coming out.

Federal Information Outpost
December 31, 4:32 EDT

The detective’s vintage car pulls up to a security booth. A guard looks out from his window at the car before him. Lee rolls down his window and holds him his badge. The guard takes the badge in hand and examines it. He then looks up from the badge at the detective.

Guard: And the woman?

Kelly hands Akira her badge and he passes it over to the guard in the booth. He then examines both of them at once before processing the badges.

Kelly: Security sure seems tight around here.

Detective Lee, tapping on the wheel: It is a federal facility after all. Imagine how many people would try getting whatever is in here.

Kelly, looking away: Y-yeah…

The guard then hands both badges back to Akira.

Guard: Alright, you’re processed. Head on inside. You’ll receive further instructions at the front.

Detective Lee: I appreciate it.

Lee hands Kelly’s badge back to her and then waits for the gate to rise. He then drives ahead with the gate lowering after him. Across the street, on the rooftop of a taller building, Raggy types on his laptop while Ryder watches the car move ahead from the edge of the rooftop.

Raggy: How is she?

Ryder, watching from binoculars: Good, so far. We should get ready to move, otherwise we’ll miss our window.

Raggy: Already ahead of you. I was tapping into their more manageable security systems. If I try hacking into the entire system, the whole place might go into lockdown.

Ryder: So we won’t be able to get in if they activate lockdown beforehand and we won’t be able to get out if they activate lockdown afterwards.

Raggy: Pretty much, yeah.

Ryder: Alright, noted. But what about the external sensors.

Raggy: External security isn’t too difficult. It’s the internal security that we really have to look for. You’ll be landing us on the rooftop by the service entrance. From there, I can hack our way inside and then we’ll have to stealth it the rest of the way.

Ryder: Right. So when we touch down, we won’t be noticed?

Raggy: Most likely.

Ryder: That doesn’t exactly sound comforting.

Raggy: Just trust me, alright? So, you ready to do the thing?

Ryder: More or less.

Raggy: Geez, who’s the less comforting one now?

Ryder: Just get ready to move.

The view then cuts to the sky above the federal outpost where a fur covered figure leaps from the building across the street. Inside, a few federal agents can be seen in a security room of some kind, monitoring different systems and screens.

Federal Agent, noticing something: Sir, we’re getting a reading from one of the external sensors, above the rooftop precisely.

Federal Guard: Show me.

The agent types against the keyboard before him and pulls up something on the screen before them. They both look and only see a pigeon before the sensor.

Federal Agent: I-Is it mutated?

Federal Guard: No, it’s not. Nothing but a false alarm.

The guard walks off to attend to other business. The federal agent turns back to the monitor, scratching the back of his neck. On the actual roof, the wolf creature is seen curled up by the service entrance. It lifts its arms up and Raggy steps onto the rooftop. He makes his way over to the service entrance and opens a junction box. He then plugs in his laptop and types on the keyboard. The wolf creature lifts its head up and sniffs the air around it, growling in a low toned manner. Soon enough, the junction box beeps and Raggy quickly opens the door. The wolf creature turns its head over to the door and snarls. Raggy turns to the wolf creature and nods. The wolf creature then pounces over, slowly transforming back to Ryder.

Ryder, patting Raggy on the shoulder: Nice work.

The two head inside, closing the hatch before them. Elsewhere, the Cabal Leader can be seen looking out of a window.

Cabal Leader, quietly to himself: ...Soon. Soon, all of this will come to end and I will get the reward I was promised. So very soon.

Voice: S-sir!

The Cabal Leader sighs and turns, he steps down from the platform he was on and walks over to Herman Sullivan who is accessing a small system set up consisting of various servers and monitors.

Cabal Leader: What is it, Sullivan?

Herman Sullivan: I’ve been monitoring the deep web and advanced systems for any sign of Ryder. It appears his associate has been hacking into the federal information outpost within the city. I believe they plan on making a move against us.

Cabal Leader: Hmph. So it seems.

Herman Sullivan: With so little members… it’ll be difficult to attack him head on.

Cabal Leader: That doesn’t excuse us from actually using our heads.

Herman Sullivan: O-of course not, sir. What action do you have in mind?

Cabal Leader: I think it is time for you to step up, Sullivan. This is a battle that can’t be won with brute strength or versatility. This is a battle of wit and proficiency.

Herman Sullivan: I see… so is it finally my turn to take part?

Cabal Leader: I believe so. It is like you claim, you are the last of the Cabal members. I fear that the organization won’t stand on its own legs any longer. But we are all prepared for the end, whether it works in our favor or not. As long as we reach our end goal.

Herman Sullivan: I- I understand, sir.

Cabal Leader: Good. Now let us begin.

The Cabal Leader twirls his fingers and soon goons come off from the side. They approach Herman and hold him down in his chair.

Herman Sullivan: Wait, what are you-

The Cabal Leader is then handed a syringe, similar to the others- no doubt containing more of the Mutant serum within. He takes the syringe in his hand and approaches the last remaining member of the Cabal.

Herman Sullivan: I’m willing to comply, sir! Please-!

Cabal Leader: Will consists of resolution, determination and dedication. Someone with a strong will can push through pain and other obstacles in order to grasp victory within their hands. They must be open to enduring all sorts before finally evolving into the person they’re meant to be. You, my friend, have little will. But I do think that my own will be more than enough for this procedure.

The Cabal Leader closes in, the view focusing on only their shadows as the Cabal Leader injects the syringe into Sullivan’s arm while the goons hold him down. The Cabal Leader steps back as Sullivan yells out, his shadow becoming more and more distorted and erratic; almost unstable. His yells even start to sound more electronic as the transformation overwhelms him. Back at the federal outpost, Kelly and Lee can be seen approaching the front desk. The guard at the desk checks the computer system where their faces and badge numbers show up on the screen.

Desk Guard: I have you registered into the system. (hands them IDs) These are guest IDs made specifically for you. You’ll need to wear them at all times in order to access the facility.

Detective Lee, after giving a short nod: Understood. Although, (leans against the counter) I was hoping there’d be someone to show us around.

Voice: That someone would be me.

Lee turns his head and sees Agent Millie Anderson standing to the side. Kelly turns to look at her as well. Anderson’s gaze turns to Kelly, as their eyes lock. Lee, noticing this, turns from Anderson to Kelly.

Detective Lee: Guessing you two know each other.

Kelly: Yeah, something like that.

Agent Anderson: Officer Jessica Kelly. What could I possibly do for you and your detective associate here?

Kelly: There were just some questions we hoped to ask you involving a certain investigation. After all, we worked so well together last time. I figured it’d be a shot coming to you for answers.

Agent Anderson: I can’t tell if I should be flattered and insulted.

Detective Lee: Always take a compliment where there is one…

Anderson’s gaze returns to the detective, albeit sharper this time around.

Agent Anderson: You do realize that I am an FBI agent. If anything, you would surrender information to me and my people. Not the other way around.

Kelly: Even if it involves a certain Mutant creature connected to a criminal organization?

Anderson looks around and turns back to Kelly.

Agent Anderson: Where did you hear about this?

Kelly: We can talk about that somewhere more private, wouldn’t you say?

Agent Anderson: (sigh) You’re persistent, I’ll give you that. Let’s go to my office. It seems we have plenty to talk about.

Anderson leads the way, with Lee and Kelly following after her- a few feet away.

Kelly: Sorry, I didn’t mean to overstep my authority, sir.

Detective Lee: No, it’s a good play. Taking charge like that. She obviously connected more with you than me. We can use that. But let me do the talking from here on out. We’re here to extract information, not the other way around. If the FBI picks up something, they’ll be on the move before we can. This is our case after all.

Kelly: Right.

Agent Anderson: Try not to the lag far behind. I can’t reassure your safety in here.

The two of them step closer behind Anderson.

Agent Anderson: (scoff) Officer Kelly coming to me for help in a federal outpost. You must have one hell of a reason for coming here.

Kelly remains silent but her face clearly yells that there’s something on her mind. The view pans upwards, fading in the the darkness between the ceiling before settling in the maintenance shafts of the facility. Ryder and Raggy are carefully navigating the shafts, listening in to nearby conversation traveling along the vents around them.

Raggy, quietly: I won’t be able to access too many systems in here without the lockdown going off so you’ll just have to follow her manually until we establish where the files are kept.

Ryder, quietly: Got it.

The two of them continue down the shafts until Ryder stops. Looking through a vent below them, Ryder sees Kelly and Lee being lead into a room by Agent Anderson.

Ryder, quietly: Bingo. We’ve located the office, she definitely has to be keeping the files around there. Is there a way into the room from here?

Raggy, quietly, checking the laptop: No. We’ll have to find some other way around, somewhere where there’s very little security. Then we’ll work our way from there and sneak into the office.

Ryder, quietly: That sounds… difficult.

Raggy, quietly: Hey, we knew the risks before coming down here.

Ryder, quietly: (sigh) True enough. Alright, lead the way.

Raggy, quietly: Just keep moving down here and head towards the right.

Ryder keeps moving ahead with Raggy following behind. Inside the office, Anderson takes a seat at the desk while Kelly and Lee sit across from her.

Agent Anderson: So what are you two really doing here? I can’t imagine the Commissioner or Chief of Police decided to send some of their own down here for an investigation.

Detective Lee: We were sent on an investigation. Where that investigation leads is another thing.

Agent Anderson: Still, you must acknowledge the fact that this is federal property and you two are simple members of the NYPD. There is no jurisdiction here unless it comes from someone much higher up than me.

Kelly: Like I said, we’re not here for anything but information.

Lee glares at Kelly who sheepishly looks away.

Kelly: Sorry.

Detective Lee, turning to face Anderson again: What she said.

Agent Anderson: And how is the FBI connected to this case that you’re investigating?

Detective Lee: The FBI aren’t connected. But we’re lead to believe that you have information that would be helpful to our investigation. We simply ask that you allow us to work together for a short notice.

Agent Anderson: Let me remind you that the FBI are in their own junction from the NYPD. We don’t have to share any resources with you and the rest of your police. However, if you have information that we can use- we recommend turning it over for our own investigation into the matter. You two know something about the Mutant criminals and the wolf creature murders, don’t you?

Detective Lee: I’m not the one to ask about that.

Agent Anderson leans back in her chair and his eyes flicker over to Kelly.

Agent Anderson: So just you then. Interesting. It sounds like an officer is trying to pull off the job of a private investigator. Isn’t that the same occupation as your friend that was arrested not too long ago?

Kelly: He was released, wasn’t he? By your orders too, if I’m not mistaken.

Agent Anderson: Look, I don’t want to start something between us. All I’m trying to say is stick to what you know. You’re a police officer and nothing more. Besides, I wouldn’t take your friend’s word for granted.

Kelly: What’s that supposed to mean?

Agent Anderson: He’s hiding something from you. From all of us. He may have been set free for the massacre but I doubt he’s innocent for it… or anything else for that matter.

Kelly starts to look frustrated.

Agent Anderson: Now you’re going to talk… or I’m going to start making some calls you really don’t want me to make.

The scene then cuts to a service room where Ryder and Raggy drop down into. They look around, checking the coast.

Ryder: And here I was expecting restrooms.

Raggy: Man, why would you be thinking that?

Ryder: I dunno. Thought life might be funny that way.

Raggy: Well don’t go jinxing us. We’re already halfway there.

Ryder: Alright so from here, we can get onto the floor and sneak into the office.

Raggy: Exactly. I’ll just need to check security.

Raggy sits on a platform edge and checks his laptop. Ryder looks around when he appears to get a chilling sensation. He grabs his arm and looks around.

Raggy, only glancing up at him: You alright, man?

Ryder: Y-Yeah. Just thought I felt something in the air.

Raggy: Could it be your powers acting up?

Ryder: I don’t know. Just hurry it up. I don’t like this.

Raggy: I’m doing all I can.

The lights then flicker momentarily with the faint sound of electrical cracking.

Ryder, looking around: Hey, was that you?

Raggy, looking around as well: Nah, man. The fuck?

The entire facility then appears to go offline as the lights shut off and the systems appear to be inaccessible.

Ryder: Raggy… what is happening?

Raggy, checking his laptop: Ah no…

Ryder: Raggy!

Raggy, slowly looking up at him: The system is offline. Someone else must’ve hacked into it, like hardcore, man. Whatever that was, it triggers the automatic defense system… which means-

Ryder: (sigh) They’ve entered lockdown.

The scene then cuts to the main floor where federal agents are running out into and down the hallway, guns out. They move into position, yelling commands and other codes through their radios. An alarm blares throughout the halls, indicating the lockdown now in effect. Detective Lee and Kelly look around, seeing agents and guards move down the hall past the door.

Kelly: What’s going on?

Agent Anderson, getting up: We’re under lockdown. Someone must be attempting to infiltrate the facility.

She glares at Kelly then draws out his gun, cocking it in hand.

Agent Anderson: You two are guests here, so you’re now under my protection. Stay down and follow my lead while I check in on the situation.

Detective Lee: We’ll comply. Just watch where you’re pointing that thing.

Akira reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a cigarette.

Agent Anderson, while looking out of the door: No smoking.

Detective Lee, keeping it in his mouth but putting the lighter away: Damn, it really is a state of emergency.

Anderson pulls out a communicator and speaks into it.

Agent Anderson: Walker, what’s going on up there?

In the monitoring room, an older man, presumingly Walker, in a white shirt with a black tie speaks into a communicator of his own.

Walker, watching the monitors filled with static: The whole system is compromised! I’m surprised the communicators are even working.

Agent Anderson, over the communicator: Are you telling me we’ve been hacked?

Walker: If this was hacking, it must be on a whole other level. Everything is down. Main systems, subsystems, all the servers too.

Agent Anderson: Shit!

She puts her communicator away and turns to Kelly and Lee.

Agent Anderson: Alright, we’ve moving down.

Detective Lee: Are we in danger?

Agent Anderson: Not immediately but the system has been compromised. I believe we’re under attack. It’s my responsibility to keep you two safe for the time being. Now, please, follow me.

Anderson leads them out of her office. There are a few guards positioned in the hall, checking all access points. Anderson moves past them as she leads Lee and Kelly to the stairs. The scene then cuts over to the server room, where towers and towers of servers align with each other. There are cords and wires lying neatly next to the servers on the floor. A green, electric surge constantly flickers. The view then rotates to show the source of the green light that flashes; revealing it to be a monitor setup with several codes being typed out. The code soon takes on the form of Sullivan’s face, now appearing on the monitor. Electrical ripples still surge out from the monitor.

Sullivan, in an electronic tone: Lockdown is now in effect. Ahh… so much information. So much control… Why move straight to the data when I can really start living and have a little fun!

The CPUs connected the set up seem to be processing as more ripples surge out from the monitor. Back in the hallway, the federal guards are still searching around for a potential culprit when a security camera, after surging with green energy for a brief moment, turns to view them.

Sullivan, in an electronic whisper: Say cheese…

The security camera then flashes before sending out a light wave beam that soon tampers with the communicators on their ears. The communicators soon then sparking up and frying the heads of the federal guards. Some of them squeeze the trigger on their guns, firing off and shooting some passing by agents. Anderson hurries Kelly and Lee into the stairwell. A haunting, electronic laugh echoes through the room. In the service room, Raggy can be seen checking his laptop- which he now has plugged into a service box. Ryder leans on his shoulder to get a better view.

Ryder: How’s it looking?

Raggy: Not good. It’s like someone took down the entire system within a matter of seconds.

Ryder: Is that even possible?

Raggy: Potentially, yeah. But this level of hacking is out of this world, honestly. And no, I’m not talking about aliens… At least, man, I hope it’s not aliens. That’s the last thing we need.

Voice: Ry-y-y-y-d-e-e-r…

Ryder looks around; eyes sharp as ever.

Raggy: What the fuck?

Ryder: I know that voice…

Ryder then turns to Raggy’s laptop again and sees the face of Sullivan appearing on the screen, a similar fashion as it did in the server room.

Herman Sullivan, on the screen: Ryder…

Ryder: Sullivan. So you’re the one they sent...

Herman Sullivan, on the screen: Of course. I’m the only one left after all.

Ryder: You want me to feel sorry for them?

Herman Sullivan: I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about my teammates. They didn’t care for me so why should I give them the courtesy?

Ryder: So what do you want?

Herman Sullivan: Heh. Shouldn’t be obvious?

Ryder: ...So you’re after the data the FBI have on you.

Herman Sullivan: We’re so close to the endgame, Ryder. Why throw that away by letting you get to us?

Ryder: And you think coming here and hacking into the system will stop me?

Herman Sullivan: Oh, I’m aware of your friend there and his technical expertise. But you’re underestimating me again. I’m not just hacking into their system. I am the system! This whole facility is under my control. My will! You… are in my domain. And doesn’t just limit to the security. I can ascend the technology here to a higher level. One that suits my purpose. And all this data… all this information. That’s now for me to rewrite to our advantage. The Cabal will reach their endgame whether we survive or not but this will help ensure that our victory is long lasting. And that those who have failed us-

An image of Travis Grant appears on the screen.

Herman Sullivan, continuing: betrayed us-

An image of Rebecca Helfer appears next to Grant.

Herman Sullivan, continuing: and stand in our way-

An image of Raggy now appears next to the other two.

Herman Sullivan, finishing: Are dealt with by the forces sought to uphold the law of the land.

Ryder: You’re going to manipulate files and data in order to turn the FBI against your enemies.

Herman Sullivan: And a wide array of potentially innocent people too. The FBI will become underlings of the Cabal without them even knowing; destroying our enemies while we stand victorious. Starting with… you.

Ryder: I’m coming for you, Sullivan.

Herman Sullivan: Oh? And how do you plan on doing that- when you can’t even leave the service room.

The doors then lock with a sudden bolt. Ryder turns from the laptop and rushes to the door, trying to get it open.

Ryder, trying to open the door: He’s locked us in!

Herman Sullivan: Like I said, I am the one in control now. Just know that it’ll be an honor for me to finally be the one to end your life where so many of my worthless teammates have failed.

Herman’s face is then replaced with a warning, indicating an intruder within the facility.

Interface, via Computer: Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Intruder located within… Service Room. Repeat: Intruder Alert in Service Room.

More federal guards can be now seen rushing down the hall, with big guns. Back in the service room, Raggy forcefully unplugs the laptop and examines it.

Raggy: Shit! He zapped my laptop. All the systems are fried.

Ryder: And we’re trapped until the federal guards arrive.

Raggy: Not exactly. I might be able to jury rigg this thing and reform it as a decoder of some kind.

Ryder: I’m not even going to ask. Will it work?

Raggy: It should but the thing’s got probably enough charge to open one door.

Ryder ponders for a moment.

Raggy: Now we’ve got a few access points but that door right there is the main one. The guards will be sure to come up from that side, for sure.

Ryder: Then take another door. I’ll stay behind and wait for them to open up.

Raggy: What?

Ryder: Think about it. Sullivan has control over the whole system. I’m gonna need someone who try to take back control. If nothing else, at least, occupy him and the agents for the time being.

Raggy: So a distraction. Alright, I think I might be able to do that. But you’ll up against some strong ass guards.

Ryder: It can handle them.

Raggy: That’s what I’m worried about.

Ryder: ...Just go. I’ve got this.

Raggy nods and turns away, starting his work on the laptop. The scene cuts to later with the federal guards arriving before the service room. Two of them are handling a ramming device. They prop it against the door and turn to the commanding guard.

Commanding Federal Guard: Engage!

The two guards then activate the ramming device and knock the door down. Dust then blows past them from the impact of the door hitting the floor. The guards then aim their laser-guided weapons into the dark room where two piercing white eyes appear to awaken.

Commanding Federal Guard, caught off guard: Open fire!

The guards start to unleash their weapons into the room as the wolf creature rushes out, colliding into them. The force of the impact, knocks a few back while the others evade quickly. They fire their weapons at the creature, who attempts to dodge any incoming shots. Once close enough, the wolf creature slashes at the federal guards surrounding it; rendering them as no longer a fighting opponent; yet still alive. The wolf creature breathes in heavily as it perches over their bodies. Its ears then twitch up as the sound of heavy footsteps approach from down the hall. The wolf creature then slowly turns around, seeing a whole squad of federal guards approaching. The wolf creature then turns completely to face them. It then throws its arms and has its claws extend further outwards as it starts to growl menacingly. The scene then cuts to Agent Anderson exiting from the stairwell and looking around at the coast. Determined that the coast is clear, he signals to Detective Lee who helps guide Kelly from the stairwell and off to the side with Anderson.

Detective Lee: The hell are we dealing with here?

Agent Anderson: Unknown threat. But I can tell it’s someone set on attacking us. None of you two would happen to know anything about it, would you?

Millie eyes Kelly once again.

Kelly: No. I wouldn’t.

Agent Anderson: Hmph. (checking the coast again) Alright, come on. We’ll have to try our best to avoid the security system down here- otherwise the person hacking in will have our visuals.

Detective Lee: Something tells me that’s going to next to impossible. This is a federal facility, after all.

Agent Anderson: I like to take precautions.

Kelly: Wait, do- do you hear that?

A faint sound is heard coming from a close by room.

Detective Lee: Sounds like a broadcast.

Agent Anderson: Stick with me.

She draws out her gun and steps ahead of the two, leading them ahead to the room; whilst also being weary of the security cameras. They however seem to be watching uncharacteristically. The three of them then enter the room, which is empty of any people; However, it does contain a table and few chairs as well as a screen at the end of the room.

Kelly: Must be a meeting room.

Lee looks around with Kelly before turning to the screen, where the broadcast appears to be playing.

Detective Lee: Holy crap.

Kelly turns to the screen that Lee and Anderson are already watching. Her eyes widen in surprise. In fact, Kelly appears to be too surprised to even say words; she only lets out a audible gasp. On the screen, security camera footage is displaying the events in the hallway upstairs; with the Mutant wolf creature pushing through hordes of federal guards, attacking with guns and batons. It slices at their legs and thighs, pierces their arms and torsos, deflects and slices through bullets with its teeth and claws. The thing moves at a fierce speed and a violent manner. Blood spreads across the floor and splatters against the walls as it slashes and bashes its way down the hall. While Lee’s face reads of sudden surprise and disturbance, Anderson’s reads of interest and her glare is one of someone studying, mixed in a feeling of surprise as well. Kelly’s expression is a haunted one as her surprise elevates, second by second of watching the footage. Back in the hall upstairs, the wolf creature reaches the elevator, with its body slowly healing bullet wounds and scrapes. The wolf creature then turns its head, as it hears more guards approaching. It turns back to the elevator and sticks its claws between the doors, soon pulling them open. The wolf creature soon jumps down the elevator shaft, as bullets ricochet off of the doors. Inside the elevator, two federal agents are seen waiting around when the box suddenly shakes, catching them by surprise.

Federal Agent: Uh- what was t-

The hatch above is then torn off and the wolf creature reaches inside, grabbing one of the federal agents and pulling him up into the elevator shaft. The other steps back in surprise and reaches for their gun but the box shakes again, causing him to drop before the hatch. He then looks up in surprise as he is soon grabbed as well and pulled up into the elevator shaft. An eerie moment passes by before Ryder, now in his Human Form again, drops down into the elevator. He then looks up ahead, a determined look on his face. The scene cuts over to Agent Anderson peeking out of the meeting room.

Agent Anderson: Alright, I’m going to need you two to stay here.

Detective Lee: But that wolf creature is coming this way. And who knows what else?

Agent Anderson: I can handle myself. My priority is keeping you safe and I say you two will be if you remain here.

Detective Lee: (sigh) Alright.

Kelly: We understand.

Anderson nods then proceeds to leave the room, gun pointed ahead.

Detective Lee: Now may be a good chance to take a look at any evidence they may be holding.

Kelly: But- we’re not supposed to be doing that.

Detective Lee, turning to Kelly: Hey, you came to me because you believed in my investigation. Because you wanted to help the city, right?

Kelly: Well yes but-

Detective Lee: Look, I’m sorry but the world is lot more complicated than just following orders. Believe me I know. Sometimes you have to go beyond what you’re told and really show what you’re capable of. It’s in moments like that when you really shine and when real work gets done.

Kelly: I- I see.

Detective Lee: She may not be gone for long so you’d better go now. I’d go myself but I’m technically in charge of the investigation. If anyone is going to suffer for this, it’s going to be me.

Kelly: I can’t let you just take the blame for me like that, Detective! What type of person would I be if I bent the rules only for others to suffer?

Detective Lee: It’s not like you’re doing it with the intent on hurting me. Besides, I’m the one stepping up here. If anything, blame me- not yourself. Just remember what I said. About believing in yourself and pushing past doing just what you’re told. It’s not the best thing… but it sure seems like the right thing to do right now.

Kelly: (sigh) You know you’re not a very good influence.

Detective Lee: Heh. My wife says the same thing. Now go.

Kelly nods and carefully heads outside of the room. She then navigates further into the facility. Ryder is then seen looking around the intersection splitting into three hallways before the elevator, each with similar design. He scratches the back of his head as he walks down one. As he continues, he soon finds himself within another hallway. He looks down the end and sees a door.

Ryder: Another hallway? (sigh) Somebody shoot me now.

The sound of a gun being loaded is heard, causing Ryder’s eyes to widen softly. Behind him, Anderson points her weapon at the back of Ryder’s head.

Agent Anderson: Ryder.

Ryder: Agent. Been some time.

Agent Anderson: Not long enough, I’d say. What are you doing here?

Ryder: I guess you wouldn’t believe me if I said I was just taking a walk and stumbled here.

Anderson presses the gun closer to Ryder’s head.

Agent Anderson, tone rising: I’m not here to play games with you, Ryder! I’ve lost men today. I don’t intend on losing anyone else.

Ryder: Look, I’m not the one behind this.

Agent Anderson: Why is it that every time you open your mouth I have difficulty believing you?

Ryder: It’s my tone.

Agent Anderson: Or it could be that you’re just full of shit.

Ryder: I’m honestly telling you the truth.

Agent Anderson: Then what are you really doing here if you’re not involved in the hacking of the facility?

Ryder: I’m here for information. Information about someone we both know… The Cabal.

Agent Anderson: ...And why would you be so sure that I know about them?

Ryder: Give me a break, Anderson. You’re a federal agent. Not just that. You’re a good one, someone real proficient and dedicated. Maybe even a little too proficient, if you ask me.

Agent Anderson: What’s that supposed to mean?

Ryder: All I’m saying is you’re damn good at your job. Really damn good… So I know that you have gathered at least some information behind their organization. It can really help me put a stop to them.

Agent Anderson: What? As an innocent private investigator? I’m not buying it.

Ryder: …God damn it! What do you want me to say, Anderson?! I really need you to work with me.

Agent Anderson: As far I’m concerned, you’re guilty of trespassing on federal property. If anything, I should holding you in federal custody for suspicion of cyber-crime and murder!

Ryder: Look, if we don’t work together, the real culprit is going to manipulate FBI files- your files- and turn you guys into the Cabal’s personal lackeys. He’s going to use you to kill a whole lot of people and even if that doesn’t fall through- I know for certain that he’ll have access to information that’ll make them practically invincible. Witness Protection lists, code name guides, hell even what time you guys take a crap at night. These guys are powerful, Agent Anderson. Please- just trust me for once. Do whatever you want to me afterwards but please- just help me stop these monsters.

Agent Anderson slowly lowers her weapon, her expression turning from a determined, fierce and professional glare to a softer and more sympathetic one. Ryder slowly lowers his arms and turns to face Millie.

Agent Anderson: I believe you but I can’t trust you. Not until you tell me who you really are.

Ryder: ...You already know.

Agent Anderson, looks away: I… I need to hear you say it. With your own words. I need you to confirm my suspicions. I need you to tell me the truth.

Ryder: Okay.

Ryder takes a moment to compose himself. He even takes a breath in and closes his eyes.

Ryder: I am that creature. It and I are one of the same.

He opens his eyes to look ahead at Anderson who turns to face him. A look of surprise yet satisfaction comes across her face as she looks ahead at him.

Ryder: Now do you trust me?

Agent Anderson nods.

Agent Anderson: What do you need from me?

Ryder: I need to get into the server room, that’s where he’s hiding.

Agent Anderson: If he has control over the entire security system. It won’t be easy getting in.

Ryder: If it were easy, I wouldn’t need your help.

Agent Anderson: Watch it. I can still arrest you.

Ryder: I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Agent Anderson: There’s one advantage though. He’s reconfigured the security systems. I’ve noticed. The cameras seem to act as his eyes, moving where he wants them to move. The security system has also been responding offensively rather than defensively to federal agents and guards. And if he really hates you as much as I think he does-

Ryder: Believe me, he does. They always do…

Agent Anderson: -then he’ll attack offensively here as well.

Ryder: How is that an advantage exactly?

Agent Anderson: Just think about it. You’re supposed to have some intelligence, aren’t you? If he’s attacking offensively-

Ryder: ...then his defenses will be down.

Agent Anderson: Exactly. That’s your opening.

Ryder: So what’s the call?

Agent Anderson: I’ll run a distraction while you go in for the opening.

Ryder: It’s risky.

Agent Anderson: It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Besides, if you die then I don’t have to deal with your bullshit anymore. And if I die, then you don’t have to worry about what I’ll be doing with your secret.

Ryder: Well, that sounds reassuring. Alright, I’ll be ready whenever you are.

Agent Anderson: Are you sure? This man isn’t an idiot. Once he realizes our strategy, that opening will be closing sooner than you expect it.

Ryder: That’s why I’m keeping my expectations low. Besides, I won’t be the one going for that opening.

Anderson looks at him for a brief moment before nodding with understanding. She turns to the hall and readies her gun.

Anderson: Alright, on my mark.

Ryder clenches his fists and closes his eyes.

Anderson: Now! Go!

Ryder’s eyes flash open, glaring ahead with shrunken pupils. Anderson then slides out from the side and fires her weapon ahead at the door. The security system then activates, with gatling guns loading from the ceiling and sensors firing lasers ahead down the hall. The incoming fire is focused towards Anderson, who backs away and evades them as best she could. Ryder then dashes off to the side, easily avoiding the incoming fire. However, it soon diverts from Anderson to Ryder as he starts to transform into his wolf creature form. Anderson looks ahead, holding her leg as she appears to have gotten shot at some point. Her surprise returns, more bewildered than before as the wolf creature leaps ahead. It smashes through the door before a laser grid raises up, sealing the entrance. Agent Anderson sighs as he lays against the floor, still holding her leg. Inside the server room, the entire room is entranced in darkness with the glow from the lights on the servers and other machinery really lighting up the room as well as adding to the unnerving, green atmosphere. The wolf creature continues stalking through the room, sniffing around. As it passes by, some cords can be seen moving on their own; slithering on the floor like a serpent. The wolf creature continues looking and smelling around. Its ears then perk up as he side steps out of the way from some approaching cables. However, more cords appear behind the wolf creature- surging with electric energy. The pulses hit close to the wolf creature, knocking it off balance. The creature is then tripped over more cables that appear to move on their own. Soon enough, the cords tangle around the wolf creature’s legs and arms. It struggles and howls- attempting to tear through the cables with its claws and teeth. However, while it does tear free of some cables, more slither upwards and wrap around the creature in rapid speeds. The cables then deliver electric shocks to the wolf creature, weakening it with each pulse conveyed to its body. The wolf creature’s struggles grow weaker and weaker until it just simply stops moving. The wolf creature’s body is then lifted through the air by the cables and over to the large monitor set-up at the end of the room. As the wolf creature is carried over its body shrinks and the cables slowly tighten to adjust to its decreasing body size as they move through the dark, with only green lights highlighting their outlines. When the cables stop before the monitor, the wolf creature- now a half conscious Ryder- is basked in the green light coming off from the monitor. As Ryder starts to come to, he looks ahead- seeing Sullivan’s face appearing on the monitor.

Herman Sullivan, in an electronic tone: So it would seem that I have finally weakened you, Ryder. All on my own, no less.

Ryder: (cough) You seem proud of yourself.

Herman Sullivan, in an electronic tone: As I should be. After all, you are a difficult man to kill. I should know. I was there, along with the others.

Ryder: This doesn’t prove a damn thing.

Herman Sullivan: I’ve bested you on my own, with my own power! How does that not prove anything?! Tell me!

Ryder grunts as the cables tug against his arms and legs.

Herman Sullivan: Heh. As I thought. Your function is waning. On the other hand, I’ve never felt this powerful before. All this data… all this control… all this information… all of this… power! Urk- I’ll admit it’s overwhelming. But it’s worth it to know that I have completed my mission. That I am the successful one.

Ryder: Heh.

Sullivan glares at Ryder who looks off to the side as best he could. A short smirk on his face.

Herman Sullivan: What? What are you laughing at?

Ryder, turning back to Sullivan: You.

Sullivan’s digital eyes widen in surprise.

Herman Sullivan: What?

Ryder: You may act all tough just because you have power. But this is nothing. I mean- it really is nothing. None of this matters.

Herman Sullivan: What are you talking about?

Ryder: Look at yourself. There’s nothing physical left about you. It’s like you said. You became one with the system. That’s all that’s left of you. So what if you succeed in the mission, what good will that do you?

Herman Sullivan: I- I will have fulfilled my role as a Cabal Member. To my team!

Ryder: You mean the team you hate so much? The team that never really respected you?

Herman Sullivan: That’s- That’s not what I- I’m doing this for the mission. Everything I’ve done was for the mission! That was my will!

Ryder: No. No, it wasn’t.

Herman Sullivan: It was! It was! It was! It was my will! MINE!

Ryder: NO, IT WASN’T! IT WASN’T YOUR WILL! It was your leader’s will. Everything you are now is because of him. Without your leader, you are nothing. You’re not strong. You’re weak… you’re pathetic. You’re useless.

Herman Sullivan: Use...less?

Ryder: You have no function. Your entire existence is pointless.

Herman Sullivan: But the mission. The endgame.

Ryder: That’s the mission of your leader. The endgame of your leader. You serve him and now you’re done. It’s over for you. You’re an unnecessary file, a waste of space.

Herman Sullivan: I- I- My… My head… What’s- Ugh!

Ryder: Your will was never strong. This power was forced upon you. You can’t handle it.

Herman Sullivan: N-No! I’m- I’m strong! I- I have to be.

Ryder: Face it. It’s over for you. There’s no upgrade for this. There’s only one fix. You know what you have to do, Herman.

Herman Sullivan: I- I-

As Herman’s facial code become more and more unstable, actual files can be seen on the screen. One of them, named “H_S_Mainframe.exe”, is clicked on with a red cursor. The click effect seems to be burning the file up until it no longer exists. The coding then starts to glitch, in a sense- becoming more and more erratic by the second. The cables then start to loosen as the monitoring setup sparks up.

Herman Sullivan, voice glitching: A-ACK-UR-ARGH! W-Wh-t’s H-pp-n-i-?! I- I- (distorted noise)

Ryder then drops to the floor, holding his arm tightly. He looks ahead at the glitching system.

Ryder: You deleted yourself. There’s nothing left now. I’d say you only have a few seconds left.

Herman Sullivan: W-hy? Wh- m-st- l-fe -urn -u- t-is- way?

Ryder: ...That was on you. All of you. And now I’m going to end it. The only way I know how. So tell me. Where’s your leader? What is the endgame?

Herman Sullivan: H-eh. Heh. R-der. The endg-me -s com-ng. Oh, so s--n. And -y t-en, you’ll be dy-ng surr-en-- by those you h-te. (distorted noise) J-J-st like m-me. H-eh, H-eh...

Ryder simply glares at the monitor as lines of code are deleted, slowly deconstructing the face of Sullivan.

Herman Sullivan: ...I’m s-c-a---d. So… s- … sca-r-r-r-e-e-d…

And with that, the last line of code is deleted. The monitor is now a blank, green screen for a brief moment before flickering off. The entire system soon goes offline, leaving Ryder completely in the dark. The scene then transitions to a later time, where medics are seen examining wounded and injured agents and guards. The elevator then activates and the doors open, with Ryder helping Agent Anderson out. Some medics rush over and hold her steady. She signals for them to wait and they stop.

Agent Anderson: A moment please. I’m well aware of my injury but I think I’ll be fine, thank you.

The medics nod and move out of the way, tending to others. Anderson turns to Ryder.

Agent Anderson: You helped me out back there.

Ryder: I was simply returning the favor.

Agent Anderson: I don’t know. I felt something else behind those eyes.

Ryder: A-Are you hitting on me or something?

Agent Anderson: No. I’m serious. I don’t know what you plan on doing or how you see yourself. But I’m almost certain that you’re not too sure either. There is darkness and there is light. You’re going to have to pick one and make a resolve soon. Otherwise, it’ll end badly for you.

Ryder: Is that a threat?

Agent Anderson: Think of it as an observation.

Ryder: Right… So where does that leave us?

Agent Anderson: Like you said downstairs. I can do with you as I please now that the situation is restored.

Ryder: I was actually hoping you’d do that after I deal with the Cabal.

Agent Anderson: I’m aware, so I’ll allow it.

Ryder: Really now?

Agent Anderson: Yes. I see the potential in you. The potential to actually get to these criminals and stop their control over the city. I could benefit from having someone like you doing that without actually having any ties to myself or the agency.

Ryder: So if I fail, it’s all on me.

Agent Anderson: I knew there was some intelligence in there somewhere. But don’t fail.

Ryder: Or I’ll suffer the consequences. I know.

Agent Anderson: No. I don’t think you can afford to fail.

Ryder: What do you mean?

Agent Anderson: I don’t know. I don’t know anything about this form of yours and how it works. I have so many questions but there’s no time to ask them. You have your job to do and I have mine. I’ll be releasing you now. Just remember our deal. I provide you with this- (shows hard drive) and you take down the Cabal.

Ryder, after taking the hard drive: And my secret?

Agent Anderson: That stays with me. At least, for the time being. I can’t make any promises beyond our deal.

Ryder: ...I understand.

Ryder turns to walk away but stops.

Ryder: Just now that I trust you too with that.

Agent Anderson: Of course…

Ryder then turns back and leaves the facility. The medics then come back and examine Agent Anderson’s injuries to her leg as she remains still watching Ryder leave the facility. Once outside of the facility, Ryder is joined by Raggy.

Ryder: Where were you this whole time?

Raggy: I was behind the scenes, man. Nothing I did really had any effect of the guy.

Ryder: (sigh) Yeah, I had a feeling.

Raggy: And yet you still sent me away. What was that for?

Ryder: Well, one of us had to try and get away.

Raggy: ...T-Thanks. I appreciate it.

Ryder: Now, don’t bring it up again.

Raggy: So you walked out. I assume we’re still good.

Ryder: I had to make some compromises but yeah, we’re good. (shows hard drive) With this- we can finally get an idea as to the Cabal’s final plans.

Raggy: Which just might bag us a location.

Ryder: This is it, Raggy. Their end is coming and we’ll be the ones running it.

The two of them then start to walk off.

Raggy: It’s been years but we’re finally doing it.

Ryder: (sigh) Yeah…

Raggy: By the way, what did you mean by compromises?

Ryder: Eh, don’t worry about it. I’m glad I won’t have to deal with anything like it anytime soon.

The two continue walking off down the street as the view rises up to the afternoon sky. The scene then transitions from the sky to the ceiling of a room. Inside the room, there appears to be several drawers and cabinets, as well as a small table with a chair at its side. On the table, is a folder labeled “Suspect 009”. A figure approaches the folder, flipping it open and looking inside. The contents showing photographs of Ryder, small artifacts in small plastic bags and files and documents stating the connection between Ryder and the murderous wolf creature. The hands of the figure move from the folder to the table, itself. They appear to start gripping against the surface of the table. The view then pans upwards from the table to show the figure underneath the lamp above them. In the light, the figure is shown to be Kelly, reading the folder. A surprise written on her face.

Kelly: Ryder…


After the credits, in the very same warehouse as earlier, the Cabal Leader is seen standing by the window once more. Outside, there is a view of a street with people passing by and cars piled up in a traffic. He turns his head slightly at the sound of a faint beeping. A sigh then escapes from him as he turns back to the window. He looks down suddenly, eyes closed. His body shutters slightly as it seems to swell up in frustration. He then raises both arms abruptly and slams them against the window, cracking the glass. His balled up fists remain against the fractured glass of the window as blood drips from the open cuts at the bottom of his hands. The dripping of the blood seem to calm him down as he lifts his fists up from the window and lowers them. He then turns from the window and looks straight ahead.

Cabal Leader: No more waiting. Now is the time. Now is the end. Now… it’s my turn.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ryder's identity to revealed to Millie Anderson
  • Kelly uncovers the truth behind Ryder's secret
  • Ryder and Raggy uncover the Cabal’s end goal

Minor Events

  • Ryder makes a deal with Millie Anderson





  • This episode had the most premise during planning the season as it not only was the end result of character development between Ryder and Kelly but also the events from previous episodes; mostly the episodes featuring Millie Anderson.
  • Detective Lee was originally planned on dying to show how threatening the situation is but the Writer liked the character the more he wrote him that he decided to keep him around.
  • Sullivan’s set up in the server room was inspired by Arnim Zola from Captain America: Winter Soldier.
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