"Give me the Omnitrix!"

You may be looking for Paparo in Ben 10: Unlimited Power.

Paparo (Pa-PAR-o) is a Flatonian from the planet Fibrus. He is the alien that the Omnitrix 2.0 scanned to get Paperboy. His eyes have pupils, showing that all Flatonians have them. For some reason, he has red eyes, but other Flatonians have white ones.


Not much is known about his past. He seems to be the dictator of his planet. He has somehow gotten a hatred for all other species, possibly in revenge of the Highbreed attack (they were in the middle of attacking Fibrus when Reiny called it all off). He then tried to kill everyone in the galaxy, or even universe, and replace them with paper version.

Final Plan

When he was thwarted by Ben at first, his hatred of everyone else was increased with hatred for Ben. He went insane and plotted to kill everything in the universe, including himself, if he could kill Ben. He plans to do so by recreating the Planetary Connection. When that failed, he tried to blow himself up along with Primus, but was foiled again and only blew himself up.


His first appearance was in A Visit From Fibrus, but was thwarted and supposedly killed by Ben. He survived, though. He appeared again in Return of the Nanochips at the end. His next one was in The Connection. He "killed" Ben and captured Azmuth, but was again thwarted.

Warriors of Time

He is one of the villains in Dan's Warriors of Time crossover movie.

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